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We are in Mersin
and it was only a few months since we married Jale. After a two-year dating period, we concluded
our passionate love for each other in marriage . We
really loved each other and had a very happy
sex relationship. We were not free in our dating years because of our families
was happening.

Marriage brought us total freedom. We made
love late every night and woke up on weekends. We had an unlimited, taboo-free relationship.
We lived everything that could happen between two people. We both had fantasies. I wanted to
have sex with two women at the same time .
was to take all three men at once.

For a long time, these remained a fantasy for us. Because
we were jealous of each other and there were no people around us to realize these fantasies. One day we sat and discussed this issue for
a long time . We decided to fulfill our fantasies for once. After all , we were not cheating on each other, we were doing it with the mutual consent of both of us. But how would we find those people? That was the problem.

A coincidence opened the doors to fulfilling our fantasies. We
went on vacation to a coastal town in the Aegean. It was the third day of our holiday. We were sitting in a tea
garden. There we met my wife’s old friend Dilek and her husband
Güven. They were very close friends with my wife Dilek.
We bonded quickly with her husband. We returned to our hostels
after a drink at night. The hostel they
stayed in was a block or two behind us. My wife gave her friend
the tape of a sex night we shot with the camera
He left it so that we can hang out with the group if you want.

My wife’s courageous attempt bore fruit at three in the morning. Dilek and
Güven came. Everything happened at once and nobody said anything to anyone. Dilek and Güven lay on the
bed and started making love. We went to the other bed and started making love. Dilek was sucking
her husband’s cock in her mouth.
.The dick was majestic as well.

There was at least 20 cm and even my insides was gone. My wife was licking my
dick too, but her eyes were on them. I knew she was inside. My wife was going
to gather all her courage and get up when Dilek came to us and
started stroking the jale. He said, “Let’s make love so you can watch.” I
got up and sat next to Güven. We were watching them and
stroking our dicks.

.jale and Dilek took the 69 position and licked each other’s pussies. They were ecstatic with pleasure, they almost
forgot about us. My eyes were on Güven’s majestic dick. I just wanted to put it in my mouth
like a woman and suck it out. Just when I was thinking like that, Güven got up and turned to me and squeezed his dick. He put it in my mouth. I hungrily licked it and sucked on it. It was simply amazing.

Now I understood better why women love
to suck a dick. By the way, Dilek was fucking my wife with the fake dick she wore around her waist. She wanted to
take Guven’s big cock in my ass. He got inside me and started to fuck me.

Now both my wife and I were getting fucked. We were experiencing unforeseen things
and it was very beautiful. Then Dilek left my wife and got under me, lay down on her back and
took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I started
licking her cunt and fingering her
ass . He started licking his cock and balls coming in and out.
The inevitable end was getting closer and closer
. Everyone was ecstatic. First, Güven emptied,
after my wife licked the sperm from my asshole, she started licking mine together with Dilek.
Güven was relieved and stepped aside. Not long after, I ejaculated in
my wife and Dilek’s mouth. They were alone again and
eventually They licked each other and relaxed. After a few minutes
They left as quietly as they had come.

After getting over the shock of what we had experienced, we sat down and evaluated the situation.
Neither of us was jealous of each other. Everything we did was very nice
and enjoyable. We did not regret and it
was important to taste all the pleasures that sex can give to a person. We decided to continue our relationship with them. In the
meantime, we had experienced unexpected things.

I took a man’s cock in my mouth and fucked him myself. My wife also had sex with a
woman. These were not in the account, but it was beautiful. The next morning
, after breakfast, we went to the sea. We
talked openly about last night while having lunch at a fish restaurant on the coast. It was not the first experience for them
. However , not a group, they did it as a trio with Güven’s military friend

We asked Güven to invite his friend to join us . He called and invited his friend from mobile. The invitation
was accepted. His friend would
only be able to join us tomorrow morning. Thus, with his arrival, my wife
would have fulfilled her fucking fantasy with three men. We
made a program for that night. Twelve at night. Between six in the morning and six in the morning,
who would fuck whom more?

The race started at twelve. First everyone fucked their own wife. Then we had sex by changing the wives
. The result was that Güven had fucked six times and I had a full
seven. At six in the morning, we slept for a while to rest. Then we had our
breakfast. While we were returning to the hostel, they
went to meet their friends.

They returned soon after. After meeting with Tuncay, we immediately undressed and got to work
. The three of us switched places and started to
fuck my wife. Finally, I got in my wife’s ass and Tuncay got her pussy, and Güven put it in
her mouth. Almost at the same time, we had my wife’s cunt, her ass, and her mouth.

Dilek, who has been fingering her cunt since just now, cleaned
the sperm that had spread all over my wife after we ejaculated and piled up like ingots with her tongue
. We spent the rest of our vacation fucking hard. These
things happened about six months ago and have been going on ever since.

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