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My wife came from Ankara, I threw her on the bed as I hugged her. And we started
making out crazy . he was licking me like a pile. Then I took him in my arms and started pumping his cunt . After a while I couldn’t stand it and told him I was going to ejaculate. He immediately took my cock in his mouth and started pushing it all the way into his mouth. I started to move back and forth and press his head against my dick. I started to ejaculate while he was in his mouth . My wife doesn’t move at all, it’s like my dick

my gushing semen went straight from her throat to her stomach
. Even though she moved back and forth from time to time, she
never took the head of my dick out of her mouth and swallowed all my cum. And I immediately pulled my wife and
kissed her on the lips because of this magnificent saxophone pull. My wife said, do you
miss me so much. I said to my wife, wouldn’t she miss a
sex goddess like you. And I told her
about my experiences with my friend Tolga’s wife, Ebru. My wife was very horny while I was telling
her, she took my dick in her mouth and licked my dick like
. I promised.After a few minutes I’m going to mess up and fuck my wife.
I started And we both ejaculated convulsively.

The next day I called Tolga and invited them to dinner. When Tolga said ok
, I immediately gave the good news to my wife and
told her to get ready for the evening. I was thinking about how to tell this request to Tolga. And
in the afternoon, I went to the fetishturk channel on the internet and
read the stories. In one story, it was written that the man put drugs in the guests ‘ drinks and
got them drunk and set the scene. I immediately
started making plans. I decided to announce this event to Ebru and
called her. I told Ebru that I told my wife what happened. At first she got angry with me and
asked what my wife said. I told Ebru that you want to fuck with Tolga in my wife
. Ebru was surprised, but my wife’s request was natural.
I said to her, dress sexy for the evening, make Tolga hot with my wife, and help
me when I bring the subject to sex in a drunken environment
. Ebru said that there is no need for such incidents because when we were
having sex with Tolga, we usually wanted you. So I told
your husband that you told him he was sleeping with me. No, but he knows that I like you . He said that
your wife is crazy about you. This conversation put me at ease and
made our job easier.

In the evening, I told my wife everything at home and we prepared the table together. And
my wife changed her clothes. She wore white thong underneath. The black hair of her pussy was
sticking out around her. It’s not too long, but it was visible from the white thong. She didn’t wear a bra
and her nipples were visible through the T-shirt.
A mini skirt underneath Then our guests came. Ebru, like my wife,
wore a miniskirt and a shirt. At dinner, we drank a lot and chatted
. Then my wife and Ebru went to the kitchen. By the way,
we got quite tipsy with Tolga. I said to Tolga how
do I watch porn channels at home once in a while. Oda said to me, one of our biggest
fantasies is watching porn. we watch, but in the meantime
I said it would be good to make an application. When Tolga said how, I
said like trying positions in porn
. I immediately opened it and we started watching. Just then
, there was a movie about group sex on the channel. Tolga turned to me and
said how can we try them. Tolga’s question encouraged
me and I told him that sometimes we have the opportunity. Tolga
said again, how is it, and I told him that sometimes my wife and I desire other
couples and we are with some couples. Tolga was surprised at first, but then encouraged by my speech, he said that they also have
such fantasies .
. Then my wife and Ebru came through the door and my wife is here.
He said, “Why are you looking at a porn movie when it has creatures?” So I said everything
is for fantasy and I took my wife in my arms and started kissing. I peeled off my wife’s
skirt and started to caress her butt and pussy. Ebru and Tolgada
started making love. And after a short time, everyone was naked. And my wife started to play the saxophone to me, Ebruda to her husband. My wife said
to Ebru, you come
here, and they changed places . And he started to put it in his mouth. I immediately put Ebru on my lap and started to fuck. His pussy was burning like fire, he was gripping my dick . My wife was still playing the saxophone and Tolga was holding my wife’s hand.

He came over to us and sat my wife on his lap and started to fuck.
Our wives were both sitting on big cocks and
kissing each other and stroking their breasts. I was pumping strangely from the bottom,
Ebru was screaming orgasm. Then Tolga came
and started to get in his wife’s ass and we started to fuck Ebru from both sides
. Meanwhile, my wife was making me lick her cunt.

After a while, my wife told me to shove those dicks in and immediately Tolga
I got into her ass from the bottom and I from behind and we started to fuck . Our wives
had orgasm after orgasm, but we hadn’t
ejaculated yet due to drinking. And I came out of my wife’s ass and sat on the couch
. Ebru immediately started to take it into her mouth. He put Tolga on the couch
and started to give blowjob. Occasionally, they would change places. When I said I was going to ejaculate
, Ebru put my dick deep in her mouth and I
squirted my whole cum deep down her throat. Ebru swallowed it all
. By the way, when Tolgada says I’m coming wheezing, I’m going to cum
, my wife said, my man, I want them all in my throat, and he rooted himself.
He put his big cock in his mouth until Tolga started to ejaculate. It took so long
that I thought my wife would suffocate. Like Ebru, my wife swallowed it all
. And they started kissing with Ebru. And I, Ebruyu Tolga,
took my wife in our arms and kissed. My wife said to Tolga how long you haven’t ejaculated, your
balls are full of sperm. Ebru said to my wife that she is always like that. Once you ejaculate,
your mouth can’t be seen from your face. And the four of us
took a shower together. The night had just begun for us. These fucks lasted until the morning
and Tolga had my wife’s face and breasts
thrown each time. And every time, as if water was pouring from the tap, it was gushing into
my wife’s face. Until morning, my wife and Ebru were alternately
we fucked. we were happy with our wives too

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