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I had never been so interested in my aunt before, but
when I saw her in a bikini in the summer, I changed my mind. Now my aunt started rubbing
and stroking her
His wife was coming on the weekends and he hadn’t come for a month. I was constantly
looking at my aunt’s free kicks and continued to make her horny by giving her a massage . One
day, while helping her in the kitchen, my aunt was hanging around while she was installing the dishwasher,
and I was watching her beautiful
ass. she bent over and
started rubbing against me. This time she was rubbing against me every time she tangled. So I pulled her
on me.
He said what are you doing, I said what are you doing, he said nothing and he left but he was still
rubbing against me I pulled it again, I threw my hand at your cunt and
started to caress, he sat on my lap now he wanted a room but he
said why not here he said why there are children he said let’s go he said no I said
I would and leaning his head forward I started pressing his ass.

she said ok let’s get ready she said let’s get ready she went to the bedroom I went after her she said do
n’t come i said no i said i want to see
you getting dressed she said ok she had a perfect body
found sexy underwear from the underwear drawer I bought them I said wear them I
said no I started to caress her I started licking her breasts she
said ok we went to us as we entered it stuck to my lips
I said slowly why I asked her to start undressing slowly I was taking pictures with the
camera at that time
the body started to take off the pants, dancing to me
He pulled it out with a thong. His ass with a thong underneath was like a pumpkin. I went to bed,
I started to lick his cunt , I licked his
whole body. So I took off my pants and when I saw mine, he
said, let’s get him, he said, put it in me first
. He said put it on, I made him
horny, I continued to lick him, he was even more horny. I said take it in his mouth,
he said I never took it, then I said it will be the first.
he took it in his mouth obviously never took it he couldn’t lick it I started to press his head back
he said he will choke now he said
put it in his mouth

i was fucking her legs i took her legs on my shoulder i was fucking her leg to the shoulder i lay her down on the
crooked and i started to take her photo again she was posing too
i started licking her cunt by dodging her again she ejaculated twice but
i still hadn’t ejaculated because i took a late
ejaculate . I ejaculated for fuck this started to cry I
clung to your lips because you ejaculated inside of me I said keep it up I said take my dick in your mouth
this time he took me without saying no I sewed it again this time I said I’ll stick it in your
ass he said ok
I wanted this he said I started to put it in your ass I took cream at the entrance I applied it
and I was inserting my fingers one by one and i started shoving it up your ass
I stung it all of a sudden and it started screaming.
After fucking like this for a while, I lay down on the floor and this sat on top of me, after I ejaculated in this way, I put it in her mouth, and she started
licking mine very well . He was calling, he said, I will be late . Now we were going on. I opened her legs to both sides and I started to lick her cunt. She was empty again. After licking her like this for 10 minutes , she started to moan as she licked it. We got up, I hugged her from behind and started to insert her. She told me to cum on my face when I was going to ejaculate, I took it out and I ejaculated in her mouth, I didn’t take it out. swallowed all my semen.bath

We did it in the bathroom and I fucked her by sitting on my lap once she said she’s too tired after the bath I didn’t give her
underwear I didn’t give her underwear I said go like this I said ok I
hugged her back as she was leaving the door I didn’t have underwear in her I put her pants
on but she didn’t want it I said ok and took off we kissed
and broke up

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