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The company I work for has been exporting to South Africa for years. We were running our business there through a local company. However, due to some problems, we decided not to renew our contract with the company. When he decided to open a representative office there, the issue of one of the companies moving to South Africa and settling in came to the fore. I was the closest candidate. It was as I expected and I soon settled in South Africa. I’ve been here many times before.

My local guide and advisor was a man named Kwanele. He was my hand and foot in the establishment of the company, the opening of the representative office, the recruitment of new personnel, the business with the chamber of commerce and the municipality. We had become very close friends. He invited me to his house a few times as a token of our friendship, but I couldn’t go because there was a glitch every time. But at last I went to his house one evening.

Kwanele was a man with 6 children. He lived in a one-story, shanty house in the garden. However, since I knew more or less about the living conditions of black people here, his house was considered modern and clean. His wife was a short-haired young woman named Amahle. If the woman didn’t wear a skirt, she would be mistaken for a man. Kwanele was just 30 years old but already has 6 children, and he said his 26-year-old wife is pregnant with their seventh child. Amahle was a very neat and orderly woman. She had made good meals. I got used to local flavors in this country where I came from a lot, so I didn’t have much difficulty.

Beside Amahle was a young girl helping him. The girl named Shavina was Kwanele’s sister-in-law. They lived together. He said that Kwanele Shavina is studying at the university. Shavina was in law school, she said she wanted to be a lawyer in the future. She was an educated, cultured girl. Despite her brother-in-law’s incomprehensible English, hers was fluent and smooth, she. He had long curly hair, while his sister had short hedgehog-like hair. The black beauty was like a tall, thin sapling. With this physique, she could have been a model in Turkey, but led a simple, poor life in South Africa.

At dinner, I asked him if he could work part-time at our firm. He could advise me on legal matters. Kwanele was very happy with my offer, while Shavina did not take kindly to her on the grounds that she might interrupt her classes. However, “You decide when to come and go, you set the working hours according to yourself!” She agreed when I said. At least he would have gotten some money. Shavina started working a few days later. It was a little difficult since it was her first work experience in such a company, but she got used to it in a short time. She was a farmer with her parents living in rural South Africa, a girl who knew how to face challenges.

There was a huge difference between my life in Istanbul and my life in South Africa. I had work here all day and night. There were constant meetings, travels, meetings. I was handling the relations not only with the Republic of South Africa, but also with other countries in the south of Africa. We were planning to export there as well because…

The thing I missed the most was women. I haven’t touched a woman yet, even though I’ve been here for a few months. I was living alone in the villa the company rented for me, watching pørnø in the big house and making lots of jerks. Since AIDS is such a widespread and huge problem, I could catch the disease from a woman I would pick up on the road and bring home. It was common for young black girls and women to point to my car every evening on my way. I finally asked Kwanele for help with this.

Laughing, “I would have helped if you had told me earlier!” said. When he said that he knew a few white prostitutes, he said, “I want a black woman, not a white one!” I said. I wanted to fuck a nigga in this country I’ve been coming from and settled in for years. My words didn’t seem strange to him, on the contrary, he said that a black woman was better in bed than a white woman. That’s when I learned that he had a girlfriend other than his wife, and I was very surprised. She said without hesitation that she was an 18-year-old girl, and that she was the daughter of a neighbor and close friend. “I’m giving 10 Rands and fuck it!” she said, showing her sparkling white teeth on her pitch-black face.

What he said 10 Rand wasn’t even 5 lira. I was even more surprised when he said that there were Congolese or Zambian women who came to South Africa to work illegally and that he would fuck them for a meal or a can of Coke. “Do you know anyone, someone you can set me up with?” When I said that, he waved his hand in the air like a Turk and said, “There are many, I will send it to your house tonight. You give as much as you want to give, but don’t be too generous. Then they will try to use you!” he said, patting my shoulder amicably. Of course, he also said that I should use a condom. “The girl I will send is clean, do not be afraid, but she must not get pregnant!” he said in a statement.

There was a knock on the door of the house at about ten o’clock in the evening. I opened the door with great excitement. A young girl stood before me. He was pitch black, tall, thin, with short black hair just like Amahle. If it weren’t for her erect and bulging breasts, she was no different from a man. He was wearing a red T-shirt with black tight jeans. He had flip-flops on his feet. The whites of his eyes shone like a lighthouse illuminating the night on his dark face.

He looked at me shyly with his hands clasped in front of him. I invited him in. He walked in without saying a word. He looked everywhere carefully, as if he had come to such a house for the first time. “Sit down!” I said, pointing with my hand. He sat in the big white chair. “What is your name?” “My name is Dayana!” she said, spelling it out. “Where are you from? How old are you?” I asked this time. She is from the Congolese and said she was 20 years old.

Did Kwanele send his fuck girl in exchange for a meal? “A minute!” I went to the kitchen and called him. When he picked up the phone, he said, “You sent a Congolese girl, is this the one you fuck for food?” When I said, “Yes, but I’ve never been with him before. Another friend set it up. He said that because this girl needs a lot of money. But she is also a good girl, Congolese are very good, you will be satisfied!” she said. “How long will it stay, how do they work, is it an hourly account?” When I said, “It stays as long as you want, it stays until the morning if you want. But don’t spend too much money and don’t get used to them!” she said. “Well okay!” when I said, “Have fun, boss!” he hung up the phone.

When I got back, Dayana was sitting just as I left her. “Are you hungry, do you want to eat something?” When I said that, he shook his head. For the first time in my life I was going to be with a black woman. Therefore, I was experiencing great excitement, but I also had a slight scratching. I didn’t know if Dayana was clean. I thought it would be better to wash it before going to bed. “Do you want to take a bath?” She didn’t understand when I said it. And when I pretend to wash my hair, “Okay!” he said and got up.

I showed you the upstairs stairs. Upstairs was a large bathroom, a large bathroom with both a shower and a tub. I asked him to open the door and let him in. I drew the curtains of the big window. When I asked him to undress by pointing, he took off his pants. She was wearing a pink panty. When she put it down, her cunt covered with thick black hair appeared. She took off her shirt and unbuttoned her white bra. She put all her clothes on the cupboard next to the sink. He was naked in front of me. Her breasts were like large oranges, their black fleshy tips pointing upwards. He had no hair or feathers on his legs, stomach, or arms. Dayana was a dark chocolate girl.

It was the first time in months that I saw a naked woman. Compared to the girl’s black body, her cunt’s fleshy and big lips were even blacker. When I asked her to go under the shower, she got in. He turned on the water himself. Meanwhile, I was undressed. While the hot water was running over us, I thoroughly soaped and shampooed the fiber I brought from Turkey. “Can I do it?” I said, pointing to the fiber. Shaking her head, I started soaping her black body. Of course, meanwhile, my dick was like a stake, hanging in front of me.

Her black body turned white as she gently soaped Dayana’s thin, delicate body. His skin wasn’t as soft as a white’s, it was slightly lumpy, or so it seemed to me. It had a unique velvety texture. I soaped and cleaned her pussy and the hard and upturned cheeks of her ass. I stroked her nipples while washing her short hair. When I touched her nipples, as black as her cunt’s lips, I passed out.

As we finished our bath, I took the robe and held it out. It was well established with it. We took her hand and went to the bedroom. A woman Kwanele arranged would come to clean a few days a week. She had come that day and had tidied her bedroom beautifully. I opened the top of the big bed. She lay back on the bed, her black-formed body standing on the white sheet. I lay next to her, kiss her cheeks a few times, then start kissing her black fleshy lips. He wasn’t good at kissing, but he wasn’t acting cold either. His right hand was already starting to caress my cock that had slipped down.

I fucked her right hand while I sucked on her upright meaty-tipped nipples. It was the first time I touched a nigga’s pussy. His thick, thorny hairs were prickling my hands as he pressed his fleshy lips. When he opened his slender legs, I inserted my middle finger into him. It was no different from a white woman’s pussy, it was warm. Despite the darkness of the outside, the inside was rosy pink. I noticed that he was slightly tensed when I started to bring my finger in. I was sucking and biting both of her breasts. My finger was starting to get wet as I went back and forth in my pussy.

My wound was upright. Dayana was stroking my dick unprofessionally. Then he fidgeted, said something, but it wasn’t in English, it was in his native language. When I took my hand off her cunt, she straightened up, pressing me by my shoulders and making me lie on my back on the bed as she slid down to her knees and took my cock in her mouth between my curious gaze. He grabbed my upturned cock and started an intense blowjob. Dayana wasn’t good at kissing, but she was good at blowjob. He shoved my dick in and out almost up to his throat. However, there was no expression on his face. He was doing it without feeling, like a machine.

With her hands on the bed, she lifted her head and continued her blowjob while I couldn’t wait to get your fuck off. He lifted his head when I told him to stop. “Okay, that’s enough!” when I said, “Okay!” he said, and bent over all fours quickly. I opened the condom I had previously put next to the bed and put it on quickly. The condom produced for African men was long but a little tight for my cock. I just got behind it anyway.

Dayana had her slender waist bent and her legs apart. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it on your cunt for a while. I grabbed her black ass cheeks and slowly inserted her inside. It was a delicious feeling, my dick was fucked by a young nigga. After waiting like that for a while, I started to come and go slowly, feeling and feeling. Dayana still remained emotionless. His pussy was taking my dick to the bottom of it. It was as if he had turned into a bottomless pit by eating the arm-like cocks of Africans. However, I liked the narrowness. His pussy was tight, causing my pleasure to double.

I kept stroking and squeezing Dayana’s ass cheeks as my movements accelerated. In the middle of his cleft was his hairless, black, and narrow asshole. I pressed her ass with my thumb, I wanted to fuck her in the ass too. With the excitement of not having fucked a woman in a long time, this first fuck didn’t last long. I ejaculated as if I lost myself. When I took my dick out, Dayana sat up quickly and lay on the bed. She looked at my semen-covered cock and smiled. For the first time since arriving, she was smiling. He asked me, “Do you like it?” when he asked, “He’s gone!” I said.

I went to the master bathroom and took out the condom and threw it away. After peeing and taking a short shower, I went back to bed. I asked him if he could stay until morning. Without hesitation, “Okay, no problem!” she said. He hadn’t said anything about money since he arrived. Maybe Kwanele told him not to make that a problem.

He laid his head on my chest. I asked him what his job was, when he came, if he had seen his family. He said in his broken English that he had been working in the packaging department of a factory here for 2 years, that he lived in a small village in Congo, and that his family was still there. She was sending them money every month. When I asked him how much he was paid, he said that because he was a fugitive, they gave very little money, and he received 400 Rand per month. It was really low money.

When Dayana said she was hungry, she said, “Okay, let’s eat then!” I said. She came downstairs naked while I was wearing a T-shirt with shorts. There was ready pizza in the fridge. She was looking around as she put it in the microwave and warmed it up. A few minutes later, I put the pizza in front of him and gave him a Coke. He attacked the food like a hungry wolf. In a short time he swept them all away.

We went back to the bedroom. When I asked him if I wanted to fuck him in the ass, if he would mind, he shrugged, “Okay, no problem!” she said. I liked her carefree attitude. However, to the women I’ve been with in Turkey, “I want it from the butt!” When I said that, I didn’t get beaten by most of them.

This time, Dayana lay on her back, spread her legs wide, and lifted them into the air and threw them back. My dick got hard because it was going to get in the ass of a black woman. I put a red condom on my cock and opened it with both hands and started to press it on his ass, which he revealed. Dayana’s narrow-looking asshole suddenly began to open. My scar slowly disappeared into it. It gave him more pleasure than his pussy.

Dayana’s lips began to tremble, biting at them, as I began to pace back and forth in her tight asshole. She might have felt some pain, but still, it wasn’t too much, evident from her same emotionless self. Grasping her slender legs by the ankles, I started pacing up and down her ass. Dayana had an elastic body, as if there were no bones in her. His ass hole was taking my dick all the way through, just like his pussy. I was enjoying it very much.

As a result of premature ejaculation a little while ago, I was now comfortable. I was feeling this pleasure to my bones without muscle. Dayana’s asshole was rubbery, expanding and contracting with the movements of my dick. The expression on his face slowly began to change. His emotionless, seemingly feeling nothing was replaced by an expression of pain. He had his eyes fixed on me.

He started making wheezing noises as he rooted himself in his asshole. Voices were pouring from his lips. Still, he wasn’t telling me anything to get my dick out. Clearly he hadn’t been fucked in the ass before. His black pupils were dilated, and the whites of his eyes were red. Dayana was starting to squirm now, but I had no intention of getting out of her ass. I did not want to miss such a pleasure.

I threw her legs over my shoulders and pulled her closer to me. I quickened my movements. In response to his moans of pain, moans of pleasure began to come out of me. He was looking at me without taking his eyes off me. It was like he wanted me to ejaculate and get out of his ass. His pitch black face was sweaty. However, there was still time for me to ejaculate. Still, I took my dick out of her ass so she wouldn’t suffer any more. She opened her mouth as if feeling relief at that moment. His black ass hole had opened up, enlarged, revealing the crimson inside.

I told him to curl up just like before. Without saying a word, he straightened up, bent his legs apart. I went behind him, the long condom was stuck to my cock because of his narrow asshole. I spit in his asshole a few times. I pressed my dick down as my white spittle poured down the black hole’s mouth and disappeared into the red. Dayana spread her arms wide and pressed her face against the bed. I gripped her ass cheeks tightly and started to run up and down her ass. My spit seemed to work, now Dayana was making no sound. I was able to move more comfortably and quickly in his ass. It was getting into my balls again.

My heartbeat started to get stronger. My breathing was getting stronger. Finally, I cum on your ass with more pleasure than before. I felt a wonderful feeling with my whole body. I stayed a while longer in your ass, I just waited. Dayana didn’t make a sound, but I could see her thin ribs moving with her breaths. I finally got out of the ass. The mouth of the hole was widened, as if it was opening and closing on its own. Dayana slowly straightened up, let out a small groan, and lay down on her back on the bed, legs wide apart.

I went to the bathroom, took off the condom and threw it away. I was under the hot water for longer this time. Dayana was standing the same way when I walked in. “Do you want me to stay until morning?” when he asked, “Yes, stay with me, I’ll take you to work in the morning!” I said. “Okay!” she said and went to the bathroom. While he was bathing in the bathroom, I lay on the bed. I had done well to come here, a new page had opened in my life.

A little later, Dayana arrived. He placed his head on my chest and hugged me. After a while, “Are you going to fuck again?” when he asked, I shook my head, “No!” I said. I fucked two mails, that was enough for a start. My answer must have made him happy because he kissed my chest and said, “I’m sleepy!” she said, laughing. “Okay, I’ve already arrived!” I said. We slept hugging each other.

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning to Dayana’s poke. She said she had to go to work. “OK!” I got up after saying that. We got dressed and prepared together. His eyes widened when I pulled out my wallet and handed him $50. “This is too much!” she said, but she stretched out her long, slender fingers and snatched the money from my hand. I had paid him more than a month’s salary. She gave me her phone number she said I could call whenever I wanted she said. Dayana, who had acted emotionless last night while kissing her lips, responded this time. I downloaded it where it said. As I got out of the car and waved away, I continued on my way.

When I went to work, Kwanele came up to me and said, “How was it, boss?” he asked laughing. “She was beautiful, thank you, she was a beautiful girl!” I said patting his shoulder. It made him proud that he had pimped for me. When I told him that I would lose my job again in the coming days, he said, “Always the boss!” said…

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