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I want to share with you what happened to me a month ago.
My name is Eray. I live in Istanbul. I am a 20-year-old young man
. We went to my aunts for a month, and my aunts live in Gebze . and then this conversation turned into erotic on the one hand while we were chatting we are always laughing my cousin always puts his hand on my pants while laughing I couldn’t stand it I squeezed his breasts we went to his room I put him on the bed we started kissing his cousin hotly I took off his v-neck shirt oh my god he had beautiful breasts like soft cotton but my cousin’s breasts

her breasts started to harden as she caressed, then I plunged my hand through the skirt, I
looked and my hand came to a space, I put my finger in and out of that space
, I licked that little cave of my cousin, my cousin then
started to caress my little ottoman, he took it in his mouth and
started to lick my dick watered then my cousin said come on, what are you
waiting for? He said hit it, I hit it at exactly 12, I’m
accelerating so much that I stepped on the gas and I can’t help myself my cousin is slowly
hurting ah it keeps whining and then I lay on my back

He sat on my dick and my cousin started jumping, he was jumping,
he said, how nice, let’s do 69, we did 69, then we went to the bathroom, we had a nice
sex in the bathroom, then we went to bed, we said the street from the butt, but I wish I
hadn’t put your ass in it because the neighbors above and below heard it, I said, what is it,
merve sister? I said you’re screaming, he said, you hurt me
a lot, he said, you hurt me a lot, he said fuck you tight and hard, my cousin said how he is 25 years old, but I’m 20 years old, my cousin
was 25 years old . In the future , thanks to my cousin, I will meet my cousin’s friends and fuck them too

nice guys, take it easy girls, I don’t need to say take it easy
because you’re always bored, you don’t give a fuck but your jumping is killing

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