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I have a 63-year-old mother-in-law, she is really beautiful, even though she is at this age , my
father is dark and tall and handsome
. passed by in front of the house I saw my father I was surprised he pressed the bell and entered the house my father-in-law was out of town he went for a walk with his friends I was still in shock 15 minutes later I entered the house with my key silently I looked at the rooms there were voices from the bedroom

He got up waiting for my mother-in-law, who was so beautiful, she was making my father lick his cunt, who had
shaved it . he said me and my father put his majestic donkey on my mother-in-law’s cunt he started to get inside of me it was a whirlwind as my mother-in-law got inside finally my father put his dick to the bottom he was mad under my mother-in-law he was raging under my mother-in-law he was shaking his ass from one side to the other he

I don’t remember how much it ejaculated, I was unintentionally 31 in this
scene, I ejaculated my father also emptied as if water was
emptying with a bucket, the sheets were filled with sperm, my father did not come out of it immediately, my father-in
-law slept on it for 10 minutes, my father said my
dick is burning in my pussy, my father said my dick is warming my pussy, they got up, I couldn’t
escape to the other room I hid my father got dressed and went to the bathroom my mother-in-law
went to the bathroom she was wiping my father’s sperm on her legs I looked at the bed it
was soaked my mother-in-law came out of the bathroom she went to the bedroom
I said I just came I went to the right bedroom my mother-in-law
was dressed in a hurry my father’s sperm was still flowing from her pussy she was surprised
when i saw me, i forgot the phone, i said i came here for him only
i saw my father when i was leaving here i said he was even more surprised he didn’t
say anything i will talk to you in detail later i
said effectively i said don’t talk about this to my dad and left of course i will do it without
.eyvallah Aslan my father fuck you, my father and mother
-in-law have been married for 21 years since they got married, I learned that they were having sex.

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