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Hello, I want to start my story directly. I live in Antalya. I’m 1.85 tall and 80 kilos, my brown hair. There was a girl I knew in Antalya and I liked it very much. I had to open up to him and the time came, I opened up to him that the
room liked me and we started dating. A little while later, he invited me to his house and I couldn’t understand why he did such a thing. We communicated and I went to his house. He was waiting for me when I got home. He came in, gave me a cold drink and we started chatting. Looking to my eyes when chatting. Not even five minutes passed, he started kissing me right away, I said what’s up 🙂
I replied back to him then he started to undress me nicely, took off my boxers and started sucking on my penis he sucked for ten minutes. Then it was my turn, I started kissing the whole body, I went a little crazy and said enough is enough, he said to me. I brought my penis closer and I started to insert it slowly and he started shouting and all of a sudden I started to come and go.
We continued like this for about 10 minutes. I took it out and put it in his mouth he started sucking again and I ejaculated into his mouth. He said I want you to come in from behind, he brought the cream. After applying it well, I got to work, but this time I made a hard entrance, not a slow one.
We went to the shower without getting dressed, and after making love there for a bit, we dressed and went out. The next days he called me again and he was satisfied. have a good time everyone

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