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Hello, vicious men, I am a hot lady who will tell fuck stories and has focused her life on this subject. I can say that all kinds of entertainment and pleasure are asked from me. Accordingly, I shape my life and lead a happy life by doing whatever I can think of. I am telling this to set an example for women and shape their lives. I can easily say that fucking is my most indispensable thing. I’m 25 years old, I live independently, I’m 170 tall, sexy and smooth skin structure. I had a girlfriend one day, but I totally admired her, her body shape was triangular and she knew well what to do romantically apart from her muscular arms. I was especially sick of her having sex after making love for a long time. I went to her one night and after a few passionate hours we went to the bedroom. After undressing, he started kissing so sweetly that his hands stroking every part of my body, and after he continued this, he landed on me. I was enchanted by the way it started to suck from my neck and slowly savored it all the way to my womb. I couldn’t stand it anymore, especially when my pussy was watered by the fact that he put his tongue right into me and continued it for minutes. I climbed on top of him and twisted my hips towards him, taking the 69 position. I took your sweet dick in my mouth but sucked it between my wet lip and enlarged it until it turned into stone. When I was able to sit comfortably on him, I turned towards him and sat on his lap. After taking it in, I lay down and after I clung to his lip, he cupped my hips and rubbed his knees slightly. He started to walk around me, increasing his speed, causing me to pass out when he started to walk inside me between my legs. Oh how beautiful it was, as if words are not enough to describe the taste of it. It put me under your climbing to the pinnacle of all kinds of pleasure. When I got a completely magical flavor by sucking my neck and especially my earlobe, I couldn’t stand it for long and I thoroughly enjoyed it when it emptied itself at the same time. He gave me incredible excitement, I guess that’s why I loved him so much back then. It’s time to have some fun cigarettes. We took our bodies, which were like fire, to cool down a bit by lying on his chest with that enthusiasm. When we started to play the saxophone again after we came to ourselves, I planted that sweet thing on my feet. After I completely thickened it, I bent down in front of it, and after the room settled behind me, I went into a leg search. He shoved a finger into my butt from the back and shoved it into my uterus, but it made me so mad that I started screaming ah yes come on my love, come on harder fast. He became ecstatic with my sex-filled words for this act, which completely took me away from him, and started to fuck even harder. We wanted to continue the happiness we achieved after staying inside me for minutes with pleasure in a different position. He sat on the edge of the bed and laid me on the floor, straightening my hips in front of him. While he was still banging me, he started to orgasm over my womb with his hands. Oh, I say, he continued this movement in such a way that when I reached the peak of my excitement and pleasure after it took a long time, I tensed myself. I had a blast when my water of pleasure in the work of my ejaculation jumped up to his face. But he wasn’t relaxed yet, so I took him between my breasts and started to satisfy him by playing with my hands. After it lasted for a while, I took it into my mouth, grabbed it by my head and kept pushing it around my throat. After a few minutes of so passionately savoring the pleasure with him, a squirt gushed down my throat into my stomach that made me feel great to savor his juice.

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