Hello, I am a 32-year-old teenager living in a small village in Turkey, knowing everyone’s diagnosis, but 24 years old at the time of the incident. Since everyone knows each other where we are, so we have such a nice neighbor and relative relationship, we don’t look at anyone badly or I thought so until this incident happened to me.
I’ve been working for as long as I can remember, even when I was studying, I used to work after school, so I didn’t stay in our village very long. I spent most of my time at school and work. I would come home late in the evening, sleep, and go back to work.On holidays, I used to walk around with my lovers. One day I got very sick and with the exact instructions of the doctor, I was going to be injected for 15 days and just go to bed. In the first week, I never got out of bed because my condition was bad, but after the first week, I came to my senses. I could easily stand up and walk around. My father and mother go to the field early in the morning and usually spend most of the day in the field. In the evening, they come home and take a bath, then they usually sleep after a few hours of rest. On the 9th day of my illness, I was in bed and watching from the window. Uncle Emin and aunt Zeynep lived next to our house. My window is looking right at their house. While I was watching around, I saw the village headman there. Uncle Mustafa came and was talking to someone from the window. I guessed that uncle Emin was saying something, but 10 minutes later, aunt Zeynep appeared behind. Uncle Mustafa was not around. I watched aunt Zeynep go and she entered the ditch a little further and did not come out for about 10 minutes. That ditch is like an empty pit with nothing in it. I wondered about aunt Zeynep, actually, did something happen there? As we approached the ditch, male and female conversations were heard. I slowly got closer and couldn’t believe my eyes. I pulled back suddenly, Uncle Mustafa and Aunt Zeynep were making love. Uncle Mustafa had taken off Aunt Zeynep’s shalwar, wrapped her around the woman, and was going back and forth in whichever hole she was in. I wanted to look again with curiosity in me. When I lifted my neck slightly, Aunt Zeynep turned her head back to Uncle Mustafa at that moment and saw me. Our eyes met, I immediately ran away, but I could not enter the house. There is a small barn behind our house, I was going there. This time, I saw my mother, she had entered the barn, she had finished her work in the field or had come early to take care of the animals. While I was entering the barn, I had the second biggest shock. Even my fat, chubby, rounded mother was in there with her uncle sure. After waiting for a while, I looked for a place to spy on them and was stunned by what I saw. Uncle Emin was lying on the straw and my mother was jumping on him. First Uncle Mustafa and Aunt Zeynep, then Uncle Emin and my mother, I wanted to take a walk to get over my confusion. Unwillingly, my feet had brought me to our field. I was looking for my father around the field, saying that I should look after my father, and what happened, I was ecstatic and I was so ashamed that I have never been ashamed in my entire life. My dad has his dick out and my sister is lying on my dad giving a blowjob. By the way, my sister is married and has 1 daughter. I watched them in shock. My father fucked my sister for about an hour, they didn’t stop, then my sister straightened her clothes and left. My father also took the things and started walking towards the house. One short day had a great impact on me and I had memories that I would never, ever see in my life. I entered the house close to dark, and my mother was angry with me, she was sick, why are you walking outside, she was sick, stay at home, my son started to whine, take care of himself. I said I will take a bath, I am not hungry, I will not eat anything, I will lie down and I left them. While I was taking my bathroom and lying on my bed, the needleman came and gave the injection and left. At that time, my sisters came, as soon as I saw my sister, I remembered what they had done during the day and I was suddenly warned. My dick is starting to come off. I immediately pulled the duvet over me, my sister sat next to me and chatted with me, and my 8-year-old nephew was trying to play with me… My dick was starting to hurt because of the pressure he put on me. I had to ejaculate, after all, I hadn’t had sex for a long time, at least I wasn’t even masturbating. I was very full and had to ejaculate. After about 20 minutes, my mother came to my room and my sister made a cake and brought some cake and a cup of tea while she was coming. I was just watching her figure while my mother was coming and going. A round woman, big boobs, big ass, what man would look at that, while I was thinking, a desire for my mother arose in me. Uncle sure left his beautiful wife and what did he find in my mother..He had arranged for her strong woman, but my mother wondered how beautiful this round woman was and I started to desire. As for my older sister, I have a beautiful sister who has always preserved her beauty despite giving birth to a child. Today I saw her partially naked and definitely a very beautiful woman knew her job in my father. Her daughter was very beautiful, but still she was her daughter. While I was thinking how to do this, my mother came to my mind and my thought backfired, she would definitely do it because I started to desire my mother too much. That night just ended and the next day I woke up early in the morning, I was looking out the window. Aunt Zeynep was sending her daughters to school. She has two daughters aged 12 and 16. There is no school in our village. That’s why we go to the other village a little further away. Anyway, aunt Zeynep, after seeing her daughters off, suddenly turned her head towards my window, our eyes met, I missed my eyes, the room entered the house, my parents woke up and they were preparing to go to the field. My mother was still standing in her nightgown, walking past the door, putting the food she was going to take to the field in the basket, and their conversation began. You go to my mother and father, sir, I will come around noon. I have work in the barn and my father said it’s ok, but don’t come late, I’ll hit the hoe, I can’t finish it by myself. My father left without waiting. My mother had not noticed that I had woken up yet, she was preparing my breakfast on a tray like every day, in fact, I would not have noticed that I had woken up. After all, I was very curious about my mother going to the barn. Will Uncle Sure come or will they fuck again? My mother had finished her work and went to her room to change. I understood that, and I stood up to silently spy on him. I was the only one in the house and I was sleeping, so the door of his room was open. She was stripped naked, what the hell, this woman was standing naked, full round, how could she find a pussy through those thick legs and huge belly, I was more curious what Uncle Emin was finding in this mother. What is the room, my mother opened the chest and took off a thin black panty and a thin black bra from the bottom and put it on, I said wow bitch, wow, is this woman doing it in fantasy, I said, I will give it to Uncle Emin and I took my place again. I immediately got up, put on some clothes and started walking towards the barn. They stay in the shade, and his face was not visible at all, and suddenly they reached the barn. At that moment, my youngest uncle was making love to my mother. Look how many people fuck this woman other than my father, and most importantly, what do they find in this tank-like woman? I started..

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