unbelievable bigo

Hi friends, I am Selin, 25 years old, married and a mother of one child, I am joining from
the city of Almelo in the Netherlands and I wanted to pass on the real
memories of my life with you. Until 1 month ago, I told you about what I experienced in the partner exchange
My wife is a very sensitive person to sex, but I am not as much as her because my wife
cannot satisfy me and fucks me to pieces
, it hurts me all over, so I stay away from sex. We have a family friend
named Mahmut who is separated from his wife, he comes to us all the time, he is
a friendly person, but he is as horny as he is friendly, after
all, a divorced person called me one day and told me he had a job.
He told me, I said ok I’ll do it and I left the kid to my husband I went to his house
, I rang the bell, he opened the door and he took me in, he told me he couldn’t wash his clothes,
so I said I’ll do it and I put his laundry in the machine
, and I went inside and he said I’d have coffee, I said I’d
have coffee, we sat drinking coffee and chatted . Because he was a person who knew our insides and outside
, the conversation froze, he came to sex, he asked about my relations with my husband,
I answered I asked him, when he said he answered, my bottom
started to get wet, but it was obvious that he was also swollen, he was always trying to hide
it, he knew the reason why he spoke openly because my husband couldn’t satisfy me
, he suddenly came to me. he said i like it very much and took his hand
he threw it under my skirt and we started kissing he was playing with
my cunt he was licking my breasts he made me crazy he immediately found myself in the bedroom and started to
undress because I wanted to get bored too, the
room got undressed, his wound turned into a stone as if he was looking at me like it was
a big dick in the swoon and I immediately
licked it off with my tongue I took him to my throat, he was messing my pussy with his hand, he was driving me
crazy, then he suddenly made me go crazy, he was behind me and couldn’t wait
for it to get deep into my ass, as if he left the head
of his dick in my ass hole and a lust came over me while he
was slowly entering my breasts.
I felt it in my stomach and I had a raging inside me until I smelled it, I didn’t have to say mahmut
pulled away and started to lay, he was already getting in and out, I was feeling his thick cock
inside me for the first time. We said and in my stride I thought it was like a volcano exploded , I’m closing my resolve, the doll was flowing from the corner of my lips, it was so full, it turned out I licked and swallowed it, even my husband didn’t even do it when I said it, he put his wound on me again, lick it a little bit, he said it’s not over yet, I started to lick it but it didn’t come down better , it was clear that it was fuller and my back got harder. usd

he put my legs on his shoulder and he was licking my legs and he
was traveling in my fresh pussy and he was hitting me so well that when he suddenly asked me if I could go in he hurts
my ass okay but please do n’t hurt me he
said ok and made me crook Okay, he entered, he said, oh my husband, when I said how much language I didn’t give for my butt, he said it was obviously narrow and he started to go in and out, he occasionally pulls in my ass, he snores , he puts me in my ass . it bubbled in my gotum and

She took the rest of it and squirted in my ass dolls are pouring out of my butt my butt has widened a lot and she said it’s time to have a
relationship with your husband today
, so I immediately went to the bathroom and took a shower, in fact, my two
fingers were getting in my ass easily, I took a shower and headed towards the house
When you said you’re scared, look, it’s raining outside, I said, for the first time, I was so
full of pleasure from sex, my husband
doesn’t know that I wrote this, I opened an e-mail to myself, I can give it to men or couples who want to see you soon , with

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