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I am 23 years old and my mother is 39 years old and she is a pretty plump
wife. My mother started to take an interest in my mother. My mother always
wore a skirt with me and one of her plain red panties at the bottom, and of course
she always curls up when it comes to skirts and when she gets tucked I lie down under
her and of course her beautiful cunt and of course. I used to watch her ass, my mother
wouldn’t say anything because I was small, I always wore it by looking at her panties and I always fucked my
mom. Now I will tell you that you fucked my mom 2 years ago . They show me without hesitation, sometimes they don’t wear panties, anyway, I came home early from work one day.

when i said it was early, it was daytime i was a little uncomfortable i came home there
was no one at home i knocked on the door my mom opened the door i
went in and lay down for a little bit and slept for half an hour my mom
was sitting in front of the tv watching tv ma said
can you bring me some water of course my son said after drinking my mom said Again, she was
wearing thin trousers underneath and she didn’t have any panties on, of course, the back of the trousers went inside her ass
and my dick was like a stone
again the dick is rearing even more when i see him what should i do and fuck my mom

My mom said that there will be a guest at the house, so I said what time is it at 9 pm. She said I will make a
cake or something, can you help me, because our kitchen is a little narrow, I said yes to my own cat, here is the
opportunity, and we immediately got to
work .
I was going back and forth and of course
I was rubbing my dick on her ass and after a couple of times
I realized that my mom liked it too my mom was now pushing herself back towards
me and rubbing herself against me she acted like I didn’t know I could n’t stand it
anymore and I finally turned my mom back to me and I stuck to her thick
lips and it was 15 We just made love for a minute and I took my hand
I wrapped it around your ass from behind and I was stroking your ass and I told my mother I want to
fuck you and my mother undressed in a snap and I
wanted this son let’s go to
I licked it and put it on me, my son, let’s
have fun in your mother’s pussy, and I shoved my mother in my mother’s pussy without waiting, my mother
hurt me
with slow stings. she started
and my dick was fucked again on my mom mom fuck your ass
I want it without any objection, my mother said, “Get it yours, son,” and he got full immediately,
so I put it on my mother’s ass without waiting, my mother
was crying, the animal is slowly breaking the bone in my ass, I’m constantly putting it
in and I’m getting faster and faster my mother screams of delight
and I ejaculated on my mother’s ass come on get up Let’s take a bath , I
‘ll send a mail there before anyone comes, he said ok and got up but he couldn’t walk
I took my mother in my arms and we went to the bathroom I put my mother in the water I
got in and we started making love I stared at her ass again and I made my mother crooked there and I
got in her ass again and I ejaculated again that day we fucked all 5 times
with my mom and I got what I wanted
she got pregnant and she had a daughter from me of course my father knows himself
but unfortunately she was my daughter

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