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Something happened to me two years ago and I still can’t believe myself for doing such a crazy thing, it’s best to talk about it and relax. I was in my third year of college and it was the craziest time of my life. I was living in the same house with my best friend, the two girls shared the same house and we were really close friends. We ate, drank, cried, laughed together, and shared all of our secrets. She had a boyfriend whom she loved very much and was madly in love with, her name was Cem. Cem was constantly talking about him up and down, saying how much he loved him, even when they had a fight, he wouldn’t even eat and he would cry for days without leaving his room.

I would always console him, I would always be there for him, because I really loved my friend very much, and later on, we started to be friends with Cem and he started to come in and out of our house frequently. They were staying in the same room with my friend and I was witnessing their making love sounds. He was fucking my friend so much that the girl was going crazy and how many times he reached orgasm by groaning under him. I have to say frankly that I was suffering too, after all, there were two people in my next room making love and enjoying themselves like crazy, at that moment I was thinking that he would fuck me too. What would it be like to sleep with Cem? But in case I would betray my friend later on, I gave up these thoughts and just masturbated.

My friend’s moans and making love every night were making me very tired now because I was starting to get bored and I wanted a man now. I had a few men in my life and dated, but I certainly didn’t enjoy making out as much as my friend’s. Now my mind fell on Cem, but the boy never looked at me that way because my friend and I were madly in love with each other. Now I somehow decided that I was going to fuck this Cem at least once at any cost, I was going to find out why my friend was moaning like that. One day, while the three of us were sitting at home, I pulled my friend into the room and said that I had my period, my stomach hurts, and that there were no pads at home. He said he will go to the market and get it right away, but don’t worry.

I said I would be too ashamed to tell Cem. He said ok and went to the market naively, so I approached Cem and gathered all my courage and said that I heard them every night and that it hurt me a lot. Cem’s eyes looked like they would pop out because he didn’t expect such a thing from me, he knew that we were very close friends. “What do you want me to do?” she said, her voice trembling, and I said make me make the same noises. He just looked me in the eyes and said ok. At that moment, we immediately made a plan and when my friend went to his hometown, we would come to our house and have sex in their bed. My friend came right after and our conversation was cut short.

Weeks passed and my mind was on Cem because I could still hear the sounds of making love and even masturbation didn’t stop me anymore. I was looking forward to my friend going to his hometown, then that beautiful day came and my friend went to his hometown, the cem was up to me. I immediately called him and told him to come, half an hour later he came to the door and as soon as I opened the door I was glued to his lips. I took him by the hand and led him to my friend’s room, laying on my friend’s bed, and he was right on top of me and was quickly undressing me. He was kissing my lips very passionately, then I split my legs and he started licking my vagina. He was really hot and in less than a minute he immediately inserted his manhood into my vagina. He was fucking me so fast and hot that my legs were shaking, I felt like I was on the clouds.

I was passed out and I was moaning just like my friend. It was the first time a man made me feel this way. It was at that moment that I understood why my friend was making such noises. He also had a huge, thick penis, which gave me a lot of pleasure. He was doing such different movements that he understood very well the woman’s soul. He fucked me like that for I think for 10-15 minutes and then he asked for a change of position and stood up she. I, on the other hand, passed out and was like dough. He leaned against the wall and started to come and go, so I turned around and kissed him and wanted him to fuck me more, I wanted these moments to never end because I was enjoying it so much that I was flying.

I think I had two or three orgasms because I had passed out and lost all sense of time. After continuing like this for a while, he came out of me and emptied, I was very upset because he fucked me perfectly without hurting me, he tried many different moves and positions, I really didn’t want these moments to end. Later, he called me to his side, took me in his arms and said that he already liked me very much, but that he loved my friend too, if he wanted, he could fuck both of us. I accepted immediately, of course, my friend would not know.

My friend stayed in his hometown for a week and we just made love for a week without leaving the house. Cem and I were fucking each other like crazy and I was really happy. I never wanted my friend to come, but unfortunately he came, and when he came, they continued their talks. I was hearing their voices in the next room and my friend was reaching orgasm one after the other, but we were still acting formally with Cem. I should have been in my friend’s place, but I couldn’t. Later on, we started meeting at the hotel and became sex friends. Whenever I was low, I would call Cem and he would fuck me.

We kept talking like this two or three days a week. He always fucked me for a year, he made both my friend and me happy. This boy was really amazing and fed both women. After a while, I couldn’t stand that they made someone happy in my ear while we were meeting in hotel rooms like this. I made a plan to let my friend find out that we were having sex. The girl was really shocked and upset when she heard, she broke into crying fits, but it was up to me to calm her down again. I told him exactly what I wrote here, that they had forced their way into my mind and that I was very impressed by their moans.

fuck stories At first he got very angry and cursed me a lot, after a few days he started to give me credit and admitted that a man like cem had an irresistible charm and that any woman would desire him. I apologized to my friend a lot and removed Cem from my life, but now I separated them too and I was happy about it. Fucking Cem was not lucky for both of us, but he made both of us very happy for a short time. After school was over, my friend and I both returned to our hometowns. I chat with my friend from time to time, but our old intimacy is gone. Cem was already living in that city, and as far as I follow on social media, he continues to meet with girls. I’m sure he’s insanely fuckin’ with every girl that comes into his life, this guy is really the number one in it like he was born for this.

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