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i live in germany we live in block houses in a big city we live in only 2
turkish families we and a married couple for 1 year their age ahmet 25 ayse
26 yes ayse, 1 year older than her husband, married from Turkey for 1 year
our next door neighbor ali always works at night I am 32

My wife, Fatma, is 29 years old. Everything started on Saturday. I woke up at around 1 am. Strange
sounds were coming from the neighboring bedroom .
I asked my wife, what are these noises? What did it mean if she had a feast?

I was going to question my wife; what did you mean, so that Ayse could have a feast in the evening;
room laughed looking at me
; I said why does he get bored once a week, stupid Ali. ; No, my dear
, people can’t get stuck in the bed.
The poor guy was putting a dick in his mouth once a week and shouted like that for him,
he said. So we closed the issue.

1-2 weeks have passed, I came home from coffee at around 11 on Friday evening, there were
voices in the living room, I guess they didn’t hear me coming, the
conversation was just like that.
; Fatma sister, if the real forehead scar is that thick, of course, what should I
lie to you:
I went in at that moment, Ayse got up; she
said it’s too late, I’m going home now, and left.

I immediately said to my wife, ;what if that girl entered my dick race; Fatma said what happened, when
I came, you were telling Ayse that my dick was big or something
. The room laughed and said that it was a lie and came to me and
started to take my dick out and sucked it as if I hadn’t sucked at all

I asked my wife again, tell me, what are you talking about while I’m away , Fatma Ayse said that she
was not satisfied, her forehead was always on her mind, money was always on her mind, and
unfortunately she was as tight as two fingers. She listened to us every night and fingered
herself at that moment.

I’m surprised, I don’t know if my wife seduces the wife.

Then I said to the bed, we are in the audience, Fatma laughed, she said come on, there is something you need to know, she said, “Ayyse
has been listening to us for 3 months,
I have news.”

Well, what else are you
hiding from me ?

Satin, I’m divorced once, my wife licks me like crazy, sucks
me, gets on me from the back, from the front, I know that Ayse was listening to us
, I fucked my wife until I hurt my wife’s cunt that night.

In the morning, Fatma brought me my breakfast to my bed and said, “This is your reward.” At
breakfast, of course, the subject was Ayse. My wife started to get jealous, stop talking about it
I was saying that I would do both of you at the same time.
A week passed. I don’t go out much anymore . I
take care of him whenever he comes

He was making an offer to my wife and I was saying that I would do both of you at the same time. My wife
has some homosexual veins. While watching porn movies
, she always said what beautiful girls believe, how can they
lick their asses. but he always turned it back.

I had completely given up hope, I forgot, one day, Fatma said to me, “Ayse’s
greetings to you,” I said, “What does it mean
? ”

I arranged it on Sunday, you will pretend not to know, I will give him the key, he will watch
us from the hall, show that we agreed, show yourself in the business
, so come out, pretend to catch him,
if you can take him to the room, he said. Of course, my mother has 3 more days to the market

came on sunday evening we waited for her husband to go if he was 10 we went to bed fatma
at work again we heard the door open slightly i stand up fatma
licking my
Ali brother said he froze, Fatma Ayse said and came

Ayse covered her face, I’m ashamed, Fatma said nothing will happen, Fatma said sit down
, we sat in the living room as if I didn’t know, they told me everything again
I got up and sat next to Aysen , I said let’s
get that ozam, I’m curious, I said, take it in your hand, Ayse looked at Fatma and said what to
do Ayse
started rubbing my scar with her tongue without saying her forehead

Fatma said, “What are you doing, girl,” she said, “Look, I’m showing you.” She took my scar , as if
a lick would drive me crazy, then I
started licking Fatma
‘s beautiful cunt, I said, “Come on, it’s your turn to lick it
.” we didn’t leave

ayse domaldi I fuck ayseyi from behind ayse sucks fatma’s cunt I fuck fatma ayse licks both my scar and fatman’s cunt we did it until morning
that night and now we are fucked
once a week now we are waiting for 10 o’clock again
today sunday

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