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The story that I went through is completely true and I wanted to share it with you . I can say that I am
a 34-year-old, 1.60-meter, civil servant in a public institution
, married for 8 years until November 2000, with black
hair, brown eyes, not very handsome, but a nice
talker when it comes to sex. I am a fond man. Especially as a
professional and experienced person, I ejaculate
women many times with my tongue about oral sex. That’s why my marriage
ended because of this sex. I divorced my wife in November 2000.
After the divorce, although I have sexual intercourse with women most of the time
, my sex power is as horny as I can withstand the tool.
I couldn’t find many women. Even though the women I have made love to and had intercourse
with have always ejaculated many times during sexual intercourse, I also
ejaculate, but my dick couldn’t go down, but
after four or five ejaculations, I could lower my dick. Anyway , I
will tell you that I will not iron your head with my own problem. I lived in the beginning of 2003.
Finally, I decided to go to a psychologist. When I asked
my friend at work if there was a psychologist
he knew, I asked him to make an appointment for me. My friend
probably understood that I had a mental problem.
I suppose. Anyway, my friend made the appointment at 9:00 pm on Saturday.
It was a late hour but hey. The address my friend gave was somewhere in Ankara
Tunalihilmi, I left
my house on Saturday wearing the new suit I bought. At a quarter to nine
, I entered the psychologist’s place, and it was his secretary who opened the door. The secretary took me to the waiting
room and told me to wait for 5 minutes. I sat down and
started to examine the magazines on the coffee table. A little later, the secretary
would come and go out
. said, and the secretary packed up and left the
office. So my psychologist was a woman
. How could I explain my problem to the woman that I was getting bored now by the way?
It was 9.30 and the patient inside left. The psychologist
called me from inside, so I shyly
entered and closed the door. When I entered, the scene I saw was a disaster. Her name was Melda. Her name was Melda
. Blonde, green eyes, white skin and 1.60 cm tall, slim
waist, narrow hips, full lips, big breasts waiting to be kissed.
Despite her age, she was a disaster with a rock-like butt screaming to be grabbed, smooth and
straight legs, extremely attractive, well-groomed and gorgeous physique and
feminine all over. She was a really beautiful chick
and I had to get her. Feeling her gorgeous lips
clamped on my lips and horny making love for hours like a bull
I wanted to wear a white shirt with a thin open collar,
it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, her nipples were visible, her nipples were pink
. There was no sagging, she
was calling out to come up and suck me, she had a gray miniskirt under her shirt. I
sat on the seat opposite the lady. In front of him was a glass table and
everything under the table was in the square. It was obvious that there were no panties under her miniskirt
. Until that moment, I was very confused, but when I saw the lady, my brain was completely confused . I reached out
and said my name and said hello, how are you
. While shaking my hand, I said Melda
. Meanwhile
I was thinking how to explain my problem, so he
asked me what is the problem, and now I started to give evasive answers with embarrassment. -Sorry, but I still do n’t
understand what your problem is. I said that it was sex and I didn’t know where to start because I didn’t know how to explain it. He said that whatever the subject was, it was a very natural subject for him. He said that people who had sex problems came to him every day . He was taking a very different care to comfort me, which gave me a lot of encouragement. He asks me questions

I was answering, I started to feel changes in him after each of my answers, he didn’t
even neglect to ask about the size and thickness of my tool
. His nipples were like huge grapes, he almost
jumped out of his shirt. He was asking everything openly and
I was answering it openly, my dick was like a pile, my pants were puffy on the top . He told me that
my problem was that my late ejaculation was due to
muscle locking. He learned the answer to my problem and
wanted the night to last Now. Time flies like water and the warm atmosphere was
formed by itself. When I learned that he was a widower and lived alone, I
was even more encouraged if I did not have any other patients, he would go home.
I offered to leave until the room said thank you, but
this is my home anyway. From time to time, his evasive glances would shift in front of me and I was
spreading myself without the need to hide anymore. The room
started to give free kicks under the table in front of me. I had to show my intentions now
, I didn’t want to waste much time. Then I brought the subject
to her beauty and that it affected me somehow and said that I am very experienced and professional about sexuality and sex
, and I took the bean out from under my tongue
It was obvious that he was both curious and excited about what I had said.
It must have been because of the excitement he felt, that he gave bad kicks under the table .
started. She slowly parted her legs, revealing
the jet-black hair of her lipped femininity between her smooth plump calves
. She went to the kitchen saying she was thirsty for a while.
I didn’t know how to get started. Honestly, his
reaction got me thinking. He was separated from his wife 10 years ago, and
he used this place both as a workplace and as a home, and he lived alone. When she came back inside, she changed the subject and started to get answers from me about what she didn’t know
about sexuality and sex. In response to the answers I got from the questions I asked by becoming completely brazen, I boldly told her how her sexual life was and that her husband told her in her marriage.

I was asking if you were satisfied? He also was answering these questions.
From the answers I understood that she
had sexual problems with her husband like in my marriage but hers was the opposite. The
questions were starting to get more interesting. I asked her
how much her husband’s genitals were
I said I can’t. I told her that she is a very sexy lady and that she absolutely
I told him that if he is afraid of entering, I will please him with oral sex. He suddenly
said I want to see his dick, without any surprise, I got up
and went to him and stood right in front of
I said he wouldn’t lose it, while he was listening to what I was saying
, he tried to look at the size of my dick by throwing his hand on my pants.
I told him that he could not take my tool from the outside and open my zipper if he wanted. He
started to unzip my shyly too, he opened my zipper and took my dick out
. He took my dick in his palms and turned it into measuring and weighing.
He was trying to translate it. “Ooooo!” he said. It’s very thick and long.
I have never seen or tasted such a big cock. She added
that her husband’s tool was very small, they tried to enlarge it with vacuum pumps, that
he could only hit himself once a month, that his tool
didn’t lift properly and that he immediately emptied it. Is
it really me? In response to my question, the room replied that mine was narrow
and half of my yarrag would be left outside. If
you’re that scared, I said I’d have sex there. In response to the question of how we will do
it, I told him everything down to the smallest detail,
but he said that although he had some conditions, I also had conditions.
We agreed to our mutual terms. He showed me the bathroom where I was going to take a shower, and he
went into the other bathroom with a jacuzzi, and I immediately started to watch through the keyhole.
His cheeks were
looking at the sky as if he was watching the stars. His hips were round and protruding, his milky white legs looked delicious, and his body was as shiny
as a slide.
She was glowing. Her pussy had some hair like a shadow on it. The tips of her nipples
looked rosy. There was no sagging at all, it was as if she was calling out to come upright and suck me
, her legs looked delicious. Probably because she trusted the beauty of her body , it was as if she gave me the
opportunity to admire her.
Then, when she got into the jacuzzi and took a shower,
taking a shower i went to the bathroom. After jerking off in the bathroom, when
I came out of the bathroom, very nice music was playing inside. He must
have realized that I had come out of the bathroom, so he called me into the bedroom and when I entered, he was
lying on the bed under the
. There could not be such a beauty !!!
Her breasts were so beautiful and shapely that one could not bear to touch them.
Please leave yourself completely to me, my love. Believe me, it will be very different, you
will enjoy it a lot. I said. This promise gave her confidence, her nipples were
like huge grapes, and her pussy was a wonderful appearance with a clean shave.
It was the first time a man will lick my cunt. He
said .
She was upright as if to say what ‘s wrong with a lick. She licked lightly , rubbing my
tongue lightly on the areas where I felt her tenderness. When I started to lick her breasts
, which were quite plump despite her delicate body,
she was no longer able to control herself .

walking around her legs, shivering as my hand got closer to
her genitals, her breathing changed, as I felt it, I was moving my hand away from her genitals,
she continued to lick, my lips were moving over her belly, she continued to
lick slowly and the moment I got closer to her genitals , it was like saying lick lick but I started licking her legs and calves by not licking
her genitals
Now, I wanted to lose control gradually
and start licking his genitals as soon as possible,
but I liked delaying it even more. I took it further and spread
the cream and honey that I asked him to keep ready.

starting with your lips. I kiss her neck, earlobes, shoulders and
collect the cream from her nipples with the tip of my tongue. Your contractions and groans fire me even more
as you continue the same slowly towards your belly and groin.
I finish off by licking the cream first, then the honey, as if going
crazy, his breathing changed, he seemed to be panting,
-You’re an amazing man, I didn’t expect that much. You have
ruined me .

He was beginning to squirm with pleasure and let out little moans. Melda
began to suck, pulling my tongue into her mouth with her lips. I slapped my tongue off his lips
, as if to indicate that my duty was licking and oral sex, and I swiped
my tongue down towards that gorgeous narrow aim, those
sweet cries of pleasure had begun, now
I put a small pillow under his waist and exposed his cunt more
. Suddenly,
I started to suck her buzzard like a breast. Every now and then, a slice would go in and out of her narrow pussy. At the same time, I was
stroking and squeezing her stone-like breasts with my hands. Every inch of her hips
trembled as if in an earthquake. After a little while
His groans turned into cat purrs, and he was flying with delight.
I was sucking on her cunt like licking an ice cream. His moans were getting more and more
. I had no intention of rushing. I sucked and licked her pussy for minutes
. I was stroking her breasts with my hands and
slowly inserted a finger into her cunt.
I was now moving freely in her pussy with my fingers without difficulty . Melda was now
groaning, completely surrendering herself to pleasure. I was licking her pussy, her ass everywhere, I was sucking. After a while, I
gave up the pussy and started to take care of the asshole. I was licking it with lots of
saliva and trying to soften this hole
. Melda was moaning from the pleasure she got in her ass. Then your asshole
I started to force it with my finger. He understood my intention but did not show any reaction
. I slowly put my finger in it, and I
started to fuck it with my hand using it like a cock. Ooooh, she said you’re great, she was
screaming little. Melda was so hot, her cunt’s lips were swollen and her cunt
was completely wet with pleasure juices . I was throwing small blows. I realized that Melda was going to come out. After a while, he got faster and started rubbing his cunt madly in my mouth, squeezing my head between my legs and cramping. I realized that he was empty and relieved. His shrieks were all over the room.

This time we took the 69 position. Melda took
out a plastic penis from the drawer of the nightstand at the end of the bed. This penis
was shorter and thinner than the thickness and length of mine. At
first I was very surprised when she started to insert the plastic penis towards her pussy, but my task was just oral
sex. I took the plastic penis from her in one move, damn I started putting it in and out. I was just putting a plastic penis in and out of her tight pussy,
where my finger couldn’t even fit .
On the one hand, I was throwing tongue blows even with my tongue
, Melda’s screams were louder than ever and she was
writhing like a snake, I bent down and touched her belly
with my tongue, I drew circles around it, I inserted my tongue into her belly, then from her belly.
slid between her breasts and licked her neck i went up to her lips
after a hot kiss i was making circles around her breasts the
tip was very hard and big it was screaming every time i
touched the tip of my tongue she was screaming every time i memorized her breasts with my tongue and
shaped them with tongue strokes i was stroking and squeezing her hips with my hands i
started to run one hand around her groin,it was
obvious that she was enjoying herself . He couldn’t take his eyes off my large, long penis. Saying that I will have a hard time taking it
inside, he bent down and started kissing and slowly
taking it into his mouth. I gave my dick to her cherry red and fleshy
lips. She understood what to do but from the majesty of my dick
was a little hesitant. Don’t be afraid baby lick as much as you can I called out
and I kept drinking that amazing pussy juices again.
Melda was licking my dick perfectly and was
trying to get almost all of it in. His mouth was burning in the heat of fire, he was melting me. She
was trying to take it all but couldn’t. Our 69 position was still going
on. I started to get more aroused when he took my dick in his mouth.
The throbbing on the end of my dick started hitting my waist
. I continued the language bombardment and
surprised him at what he had been through. Every stroke of my tongue on her delicious hips made
the door of that beautiful temple open like a daisy.
Every inch of her hips were shaking as if they were in an earthquake. She was
moaning with pleasure. He was constantly wetting his dry lips with his tongue, brushing his sweat-
soaked hair from side to side. while he was licking my dick, I turned slightly and
started to mix his cunt. We were both licking each other like crazy. We both
turned upside down without taking my tongue out
. .It was starting to accelerate. meanwhile I was busy licking the pleasure juices flowing from that honey triangle of her, She had such a narrow pussy, It’s hard not to go crazy with pleasure, She was accelerating the pace more and more.

Press your tongue hard, bury it all Insert it all the way!. he groaned. My dick
was slowly disappearing in his mouth. It had completely disappeared when he
began to take it out again and put it back in his mouth. I couldn’t stand it anymore. When I realized that I was going to ejaculate, I took
my dick out of her mouth and knelt in front of her. While she was
throwing more violent tongue blows, Melda took the position of the fetus
in the mother’s womb as orgasm among the screams and shrieks that could not stand it. I squirted semen on Meldan’s cunt. I was so tired that my dick was still erect. Melda sat up on the bed.

With a quick move, he took my dick in his mouth and
started to suck and lick my dick so hard that I grabbed his hair and started to move it in his mouth. He
took my dick in his tiny mouth at the end and he was both
jerking and licking me. It was an awesome feeling. My dick was so tense, he must be
tired of giving me oral sex with his mouth. Enough, come. she was saying she. I was living every second
like crazy.
I ejaculated with a greater intensity than I could ever remember before.
We had very hot and enjoyable moments by clenching as if reaching over him in moans and whistles of pleasure.
We stayed hugging each other for about ten minutes,
after getting up, bathing and getting dressed, with mixed feelings—an unbelievable
Man, I didn’t expect this much. She said you made me miserable -You’re such a gorgeous woman too , I still ca n’t
believe we did it.
-It was a night that I missed for years, thanks dear . We had oral sex with Melda 10 more times in the following months , I never fucked during this relationship, but with the help of her friends, when other women demanded oral sex, I was also not screwing women who couldn’t stand my tongue blows.

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