Hello, I’m Okan, I’m 22 years old. The event I am about to tell happened when I was 18 years old
. I’ve always kept it a secret until now, but now
I felt the need to share it and I do. I had a cousin 4 years older than me
, her name is Sema. She wasn’t very beautiful, but she was very arousing to me even at that age
. I knew other people had fucked her in the ass before
. This drove me even more mad. Anyway, one day I was with my
uncles, only my cousin Sema was at home. He is a very warm blooded
person. Despite being 4 years older than me, we got along well.
Our conversation was pretty good. That day, he wore a tight-fitting turtleneck sweater
and tight jeans underneath. All body lines were clear.
I was very aroused while talking about it, whatever happened, my dick suddenly
got up, I couldn’t control myself. Oum Okan, I said this is the opportunity
, there is no one in the house, anyway, I wanted to want and
fuck him once in the ass . But she was my uncle’s daughter, I could
n’t make it fit for me . But the devil in me
wanted me to fuck him. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I got closer to him, I put my hand on
his leg and wanted to caress. What are you doing to me, Okan
said, come to your senses. I can’t help myself either, I
said please, I want to fuck you once in the ass. Oda said don’t be silly to me, are you a pervert,
I don’t do dead things. Don’t try to fool me, what the hell
I said I know you messed up. This one’s face
turned red all of a sudden and asked me how I knew. I said don’t worry, if
you want, I’ll tell your family the names of those who fucked you with that beautiful ass one by one
. In the face of my helpless threat
, the room accepted, albeit reluctantly . He said ok, come on, let’s go inside, but you will send a mail,
there is no other, I accepted, but I
did not have an eye to leave with 1 mail, I found it, can I leave the fresh crispy?
We went to this room, we were sure no one would come. This immediately pulled off her jeans
along with her panties slowly down. His sanity would
satisfy me that way, and he would be done after one post. I don’t get her
I said, first we’ll make love, then I’ll fuck your open ass.
He objected at first and said, “How can I make love with you?” I immediately approached this and said
, “You’re a dead lover, I’m beautiful, even you will be happy
. ” After all, he was afraid of his family, which was a big trump card for me.
He agreed and we started kissing then I slowly started to take off my clothes, the room took off my clothes and we were naked
for the last time .
When he saw my 20 cm dayga, he
said, what if it’s too big, don’t sting them all. I said don’t worry, big cock always
gives more pleasure. We immediately started kissing and making love like crazy with
it. What happened when I stuck my tongue in that unspoiled cunt?
it has already happened. I saw that he liked it very much, but he
was disgusted with oral sex, I knew it, but I
wanted to put it in his mouth. I offered to do the 69 position, he said no
, he said, “I’ll get sick and throw up.” I said, I said I don’t feel sick while I lick your cunt
and pour the water of pleasure on my stomach. Everything
is mutual, I said keep up with me in sex and you have to do whatever I say
. Buddha said go to me then wash your dick and the smell of perfume makes
me feel good, I accepted and I said do the same thing then
. Then we both washed our genitals and sprayed perfume
. This drove me even more crazy while licking her cunt than I’ve ever been
I don’t remember enjoying pussy licking. Then we came out of the 69 position
and I put it in her mouth again, my purpose was to ejaculate in her mouth, but she didn’t know I was going to
do it. He hungrily licks my cock in his mouth and I was
holding its head. That’s enough for me now my jaw hurts, please fuck
me and it’s over. I did not come to the full consistency, I said a little more patience
, and while he was in his mouth for 1-2 more minutes,
I grabbed his head and exploded in his mouth. I thought he was going to suffocate, he wasn’t breathing. What
did you do when you took my cock out of his mouth, he said haywan and
started to vomit. God drove me crazy. She washed her face and
came back to me, this time I tucked her in and tried to get in her ass. But fuck
he wasn’t getting into her ass. Although he was fucked in the ass before, he was still
very tight and this surprised me a lot. I said fuck it, let my dick get a little
slippery, then I’ll sting it, and the Buddha agreed. I started rubbing his Pussy
, his eyes were closed, when I saw that state of it, I got even more
ambitious and placed his head on his pussy. He said don’t do this to me, girl, you are
playing with my life. I said don’t worry, I won’t do anything,
after all, you are my uncle’s daughter, do I want you to stay on top of me, I said, am I
stupid? I was slowly putting his head in and out of heaven’s ass,
it was an incredible pleasure and my relative had a dick in his pussy, I was so
excited. For a while, whatever happened, I couldn’t help myself and all of a sudden
I pushed my cock into it, tears came from its eyes and started to cry.
You ruined my life, the animal said, I trusted you, but you destroyed me. I
still didn’t care about his words and kept going back and forth.
After a while, the room began to enjoy the pleasure under me helplessly and
we were both ejaculating, I ejaculated before I could get my cock out
of it. I enjoyed it immensely.
I fucked it 3 times that day, then we took a bath and got dressed. It was telling
me what am I going to do now. I was comforting him so that we could find a way to worry
, but we were both helpless. I regretted it later, but it was too late
. This relationship still continues. every opportunity
I fuck her as I find her, now she’s become my wife, but I have
no business in life marrying her. But I’ll fuck him every chance I get, that’s it for the rest of my life
. I wish you many hard days…

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