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It was 10 years ago, I was 23 years old, I
was working as a sauna massager at that time, I came home from work, my aunt, my uncle
‘s wife, opened the door.

Then she said let me pour tea, so I said it would be fine. I went into the shower, but I
saw a blackout in front of the door, my aunt was watching me, so I started stroking my dick
so that she could see it, I took my shower and left with my bathrobe, I
went to the living room
, so we dressed comfortably, my aunt brought tea and we drank
I went to my room, I was reading a story on the computer, my aunt called me Ayhan, I’m very
tired, can you massage my back, I was satisfied with yesterday, I said okay
aunt, I went to you my aunt, by the way, she was 29 years old, I said let me have a
on the floor. sister-in-law
I said it’s not comfortable like that, I said take off that bodysuit and I’ll make it comfortable. She was satisfied with
yesterday, she just took off the bra, but because it
showed her black breasts when she was wearing it, I started rubbing her back. I went a little further , I unclipped
the bra and it didn’t make a sound. she started to enjoy it from time to time I was putting my hand inside her skirt and stroking her hips I said sister can you take off the skirt she said ok she said ok she had black panties under her it was a bad thing I untied the belt of the robe I released my dick I started massaging her feet and hips she had stony hips slowly

dick I have başladımanla rubbing his hips AcAkki little feet
were hungry for more, but this should put into the cunt my dick to me was not enough
, I slide the panties under the pretext of massaging his hips a bit since then what a beautiful
pussy was me, me cock my waiting was amdudak up açılmıştıbiraz
in başladımyaragımı to massage his back sliding between her thighs
began to touch am putting feet slightly open
he was officially inviting me i couldn’t stand it anymore and i slid my dick into your cunt
I made a sound
ahh in your mouth i even started to turn around and stick to my lips i said you are giving a nice massage sat on my lap i was pumping your pussy and your breasts like stone
I was licking. The nipples drove me crazy. They were brown and very big
. They understood that I was going to ejaculate. He said don’t ejaculate inside of me and he immediately took it in his mouth and
started sucking. I ejaculated in his mouth convulsively. By the way, it was already
empty by the way, we did it in the bathroom and took a shower and went out.

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