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Firstly hello, my name is kemal i live in istanbul. I am 20 years old and I wanted to write about what happened to me 2 years ago. We had an upstairs neighbor who had separated from her husband a long time ago. She was my plump and charming fat lady in her 40s. Sometimes when I entered the apartment, I would see her at the door, she liked to wear sexy things, she was a well-groomed chick who took care of herself. I always used to call her sister Fatma, one day, sister Fatma told her that her computer was running slowly, she said, “You’ll understand, come and have a look at it in the evening,” she said, “Okay,” I said, “Okay,” my friend gave me a drop the other day. When he invited me to his house, I was involuntarily thinking if it really had an effect.

Of course, I was starting to think before morning, to see if it would be evening anyway, time passed, I immediately went and made tea and started drinking, he said, wait, let me bring a few things with you, he said, “I’m going to bring a few things with you,” he said. He said, ‘What’s wrong with trying?’ He bent down and his super ass came out. It was great. Mine started to rise, as if I was holding it hard. He pulled a chair next to me and sat down. I noticed that he started to open the dress he was wearing with his hand a little.

The lesbian sex Mine was getting up and it was starting to show now I was trying to cover it with my hand but it was obvious I turned my head for a moment and looked at my dick, what should I see, she was looking at my cock, puckering her lips, I was very surprised, I couldn’t say anything I was looking at the computer, Fatma suddenly asked if I could touch it, how was it then she put her hand on my dick I was surprised but I didn’t stop I clung to his lips and made love to his room. She was moaning ah uh, I started licking her breasts between the sounds of it, the whining started more, she was saying fuck me, I put my cock on her cunt, I put them all in it at once, she shouted ahhh, I was constantly fucking and screaming.

I took the cock close to the ejaculation and ejaculated towards his belly. It was as if he still wanted us to put on our clothes. We went inside, this time I told him to drink pleasure tea in a tea cove. We drank and started to talk about our teas. Fatmam didn’t sleep with anyone after her divorce from her husband. It turns out that she was on fire, but she still couldn’t understand how she was doing it, as if she was saying that I couldn’t stop what I was trying to do. After tea, I got up and went to my house, but now we’re having sex 2 or 3 times a week, it’s like the horny widow has become my prostitute. The next day I thanked my friend for the drop. I didn’t believe it, but it really worked for me, I immediately asked where you got it from, and I ordered one. I’m giving the address I got for friends who want it. See you in newerotic stories.

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