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I am a 28 year old woman living alone and frankly I love being with married men especially. Because they don’t haunt me or run after me, I can leave them whenever I want. Yes, I think you know me and I told myself because I have a story that I can’t share with anyone, at least I want to tell it here and relax. The whole event that I am going to tell now is real and something that happened to me personally. I work in an automobile company, so I won’t give too many details, and about 30 people work on the same floor. There is a man in a higher position than us on this floor.

He is so handsome and master that he really does not look at anyone, including me. The reason I say including me is because I always wear low-cut clothes and I like to show my body. I like the looks of men, so I like to expose myself and I can say this openly. Anyway, I’m still going to work wearing low-cut clothes, except for this man, everyone is hitting on me and they want to live together. My co-worker, who I’m obsessed with, has a ring on his finger and doesn’t look at anyone, but I’m determined to fuck this guy myself. One day when I was very beautiful, I especially wore low-cut clothes so that I could attract her attention.

I wore a tight-fitting blouse over a miniskirt, revealing my entire upper body. On the bottom, there are high heels, so I was in an extremely sexy look that no man could say no to. I started waiting for him next to my car, especially I put my car next to his car. Everyone’s shift was over and there was no one left, but even if this shift was over, he would pick up their last job and go out like that. All my colleagues had left, it was just the two of us left. I was out too, but I was waiting for him by the car. He came and I pretended as if he had just gotten into the car and I got out of the car like I didn’t see him and said how could it be something like that angrily. He was already getting into his car, he asked what happened, so I said that the car key was left in my friend’s bag and he went out of town.

Anyway, we talked a bit and I convinced him. Then he said I’ll drive you home, I said thank you very much and sat in the front seat. I especially pulled off my skirt and almost my whole leg was in the square. While on the road, I saw him looking at my legs a few times, he was sneaking glances anyway, what man could resist such an image? I was also making extremely sexy speeches, or I was sure that I had turned him on. I’m sure he wanted to be with me, but he was restraining himself. When I got to your house, I said come on, let me offer you a cup of coffee, you’ve done me a favor. He didn’t want to, I insisted a little, I looked into his eyes, I think he understood my intention now, he said ok. He parked the car and we went upstairs together. I always tried to walk in front of him and show my hips, I wanted him to get horny.

We went home, I went to the kitchen, I made him a coffee, I was going to approach him soon, I hope he wouldn’t reject me, I would be really upset about it. But now that he had come all the way home, I think the room couldn’t take it any longer. I made his coffee, I went to him and sat next to him, he was drinking his coffee, now let’s talk about everything openly, I said I want you to fuck me. I’m engaged, I’ve never cheated on him, he said I love him, so of course, keep on loving him, we’ll only live together once, what do you have to lose? Don’t worry, what we’re going to live will only be between the two of us, I said I want you very much, I’ve been dreaming for months and looked into your eyes.
He didn’t say anything, he just looked at me so I slowly moved closer to his lips and started kissing him.

He was responding softly to me, kissing my lips. I started to accelerate while I took off his jacket and sat on his lap, throwing my leg directly over him. I put his hand on my waist and made him caress me. The room had accelerated now, and he had gotten over his shyness. His breathing quickened, he licked my lips, and I wanted to move quickly because I didn’t want him to regret it and leave my side. I had to piss him off, rubbing my vagina against his penis, kissing his lips and making love to him at my hottest. Afterwards, I immediately lay down on the sofa and pulled him over me. On the one hand, I was undressing myself, and we were all naked, it was perfect to feel his warmth.

What a lucky woman her fiancé was. She said no, not as hot as you. This word pissed me off, and holding his manhood, I suddenly pressed it inside, I was on fire, I said, let’s put out my fire, and he started to fuck me. He was banging me so violently that he was coming and going fast and I was kissing and sucking on his lips and licking his neck. We were in a missionary position, but we had to do something crazier. I immediately fell to the ground and got on my knees. He came behind me, bent his knees slightly and entered me, that’s how I felt his manhood fully and he started to fuck me in a doggy position. I was enjoying it very much, my moans increased, the room was enjoying and moaning, our moans were mixed together.

We lay on the ground and remained motionless on the ground for several minutes because we were out of breath. I asked him to have the second sex in the bathroom, he said with great pleasure and I took him by the hand and took him to the bathroom. I mouthed his manhood under the shower and gave him a great blowjob. I’m sure her fiancé would never have done something like that because I saw her she was the loser type, not a hot guy like me. Later, I took his manhood between my breasts and gave him a blowjob under running water, I was going to keep all the fantasies alive. He had gotten very angry, and now he was blind. I immediately bent down and offered my womanhood to him. She started to fuck me harder than the first, she. I love guys who act tough anyway, so I was moaning and enjoying the way he fucked me under running water. Every now and then I would straighten up, place a passionate kiss on his lips, and bend over again.

fuck stories He fucked me like this for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, I immediately got down on my knees and took his penis in my mouth. I wanted Cim to make a cif, I wanted him to pour his semen on my face and enjoy it. I immediately started to bring pleasure to him with my tongue. While I was licking her balls, I was biting the head of the penis at the same time. He couldn’t take it anymore and he ejaculated on my face. It made such a loud noise as it ejaculated that he was ecstatic and experienced it very violently. He came to me and said I have never seen a woman like you in my life, so I’ve been waiting for you for months, this is the fire of it, I said. Later, the next day at work, we acted as if nothing had happened. He formally begged to meet with me a few more times, but I refused. He even said that he was going to leave my fiancee for a while, I didn’t mind because I got what I wanted.

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