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Actually, my wife and I are a couple with very different fantasies, and after searching for different fantasies for a long time, we finally decided to go to a massage parlor. We had heard that there were different alternative services offered in massage parlors, but even the thought of this was so seductive that I was going to let someone else unload my wife for the first time, and my wife would do the same for me. After all, it was a fantasy and nothing to be envied for us.

We immediately started looking for a massage parlor together, we were able to follow the comments we found, it was essential for us to do what we wanted and to have a decent environment at the same time, and we found a SPA center in a hotel as we were looking for, the comments also mentioned what was done here and we liked it, we made an appointment there. We talked about Saturday night and

We were getting really excited since Friday, and we weren’t together that night, so that there would be a little difference, anyway, it was Saturday evening, we came to the massage parlor of the hotel, when we entered, there was a clean and decent atmosphere that smelled good, a smiling lady greeted us at the door and asked us what kind of massage we wanted. He asked me, and I said we wanted a massage with a happy ending.

I liked this service a lot and we went to a room my wife and I took off our clothes and took a towel and lay down on a bed then a big man and a woman came in and closed the curtain between us the woman started massaging my back with soft blows but the oil she put on my body as if I couldn’t understand it, I couldn’t understand it, as it continued, I liked it and as the woman touched me, my dick was slowly waking up, she put oil on every part of my back and massaged it, then she asked me to turn around, so I lay on my back, the woman was working my way down, her hands were on my crotch all the time and as she touched me, I was enjoying

Now everything was starting to work out slowly and the woman was holding my dick, then she was stroking my cock with her hands so well that my pleasure water was filling up between her fingers, it was like it was beautiful, then the woman took off her clothes and got on the bed I was on, put her knees on the side of my arms and He turned his ass towards my face and continued the massage. His white cunt was in front of my eyes and I wanted to touch it, but he was squeezing it so hard with his legs that he wouldn’t let me get up.

I was trying to put a kiss on her cunt, wherever it landed on her ass it was half-baked, but she smelled perfect all over her cunt. The woman finally couldn’t stand it and she bent over me and started to take my dick in her mouth. This was amazing and I started to make noises, my wife’s voice started to come to my ears and she was moaning next to me and she was moaning next to me, it was obvious that she had a strange taste because when she was fucking with me, she would make the same sound when it got thick.

The woman brought her ass very close to my lips and I started to put my tongue in her ass. It was like candy and it smelled clean. I had never seen and tasted such a pussy in my life. I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible, but she stubbornly did not fuck herself and then suddenly they opened the curtain between us and suddenly they put their fingers into my wife’s cunt I saw the man who bit my wife’s pussy, he was squeezing her breasts with one hand, my wife’s eyes were like big tears and she was squirming with pleasure, apparently finally they brought the two beds closer and we came together with my wife, then suddenly we had a foursome when the man passed to the woman and I told my wife everything was ok now man she prepared my wife for me and the woman prepared me for my wife

Porn stories I also got huge, I put my dick in my wife’s pussy that my wife had already come to enjoy it, and after a while, we both ejaculated so much that I seemed to be making up the savings of almost 35 years, we had a lot of fantasies until this time, but this time this was different and different, then the man and the woman also got ejaculated and went out. We talked to my wife. My wife told me I want the same fantasy again, but you should do the same to me at home again, I said ok and we left.

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