Hi everyone, I’ve been following this site for a long time, and
I was satisfying myself by reading stories every night,
so I decided to write my real story
4 months ago, we made an engagement with my girlfriend of 4 years, Ayse, and it was between the family
, Ayse, our sex life was fine and we were in love with each other, we
went through everything without getting her maiden, and so-called Ayse’s aunt. we met
Ayşe’s uncle , her name
was Pınar everyone’s eyes were on him, including

pointy toe boots on a black miniskirt and a strapless
bodysuit, my god, it was like a sex machine, but my eyes weren’t seeing
anyone other than Ayşe, but I was looking away because it’s good to look at beauty,
and every time I looked at it, they were always on me, the
rings were put on, the games and stuff, the young people were drinking in the kitchen
. We were going to the kitchen from time to time so that our shyness would go away, she
was there at the spring and she started talking to Ayşe Pınar, then the spring turned to me and said, “Ayse is
very handsome in the groom,” I said, “Good luck , sister-in-
law,” and she laughed and suddenly she was calling me Ayşe Pınar, I said why did you laugh
, she said I don’t like it, she said, “I don’t like it, die, I
can say Pınar, okay, then Pınar sister ” I said this time
I said he laughed, I think he’s good, I think he’s funny, he said, “You
‘re cute,” she said, “By the way, her aunt was taking care of her daughters, I said she’s cute
, we talked a lot, we laughed, my blood got very hot, but I didn’t look at it with that
eye, then I said don’t ask, my uncle didn’t come
” He said to congratulate and said stop, I’ll call, he took out the wire, he called, and then he got
red, shut the wire angrily, before I could say what happened,
the animal again said that there are bitches with him, I’ll be crazy, he went to Ayşe’s room
crying and I explained the situation to Ayşe, she came to her
after 5 minutes and I said what happened. my uncle said to us when he said he had done something wrong again
they called us to play we were playing the spring came to us and
started playing as if nothing happened, he was constantly looking at me, he was staring at me from length to
time Everyone dispersed. I was driving everyone to their homes . My work is done. I came back home. Aysen’s father said it was a lot of trouble for you, but Pınar said, can you leave the spring with your aunt, of course, I said dad, the spring was laughing without hesitation

She wanted a room, Ayse, my dear, and I said I’ll leave the spring and stay with
friends in Karsiyaka, I said we’ll have a little drink, her father said okay,
Ayşe broke down a bit, but she never thought about it like that.
Anyway, I convinced her and said, sister, let’s go, I won’t be
late for my friends, she laughed slyly
and got into the car on the road she was always doing beards, ayse is very lucky, don’t cheat on her when she gets
married, she found a handsome sweet person like you, don’t worry
, she said do everything before getting married she said it’s your right, my muscle
was hardened like never before she said ayse sexdede will be very
lucky she said why I said yours has a fairy tale
i said i’m super really lucky ah it would be
And I wish I had a husband like you, what I wouldn’t give when talking , his
skirt hurts more, his black garter was evident, and when I was trying to make a joke, he squeezed my
hand too hard, he said too hard and he held it again, this time he wo
n’t let me go, fuck me, what would you do, put this dick in my ass, my ass, my mouth
, all over me, don’t tell me to stop He unzipped my zipper before
I got it, he started licking it saying it ‘s super or something crazy . I said stop
, we’ll have an accident, he said, fuck me at home, okay, I said okay, you’ve
screwed me up, my love said, I’ll give you a night you’ll never forget, I’ll give
you all my holes, I said okay and as
soon as you enter their house We started kissing when my tongues danced in our mouths
he was walking by licking coffee from my lips slowly to my neck and my ears he was walking by sucking coffee
with his own hands
he said come on, peel me off he said licking and biting everything I stripped him off with his ankle
boots and suspenders because I’m sick of boots
I love to fuck with boots he knelt in front of me he was so sucking he was so
hard I could hardly hold myself to the ground
What happens after you lick your pussy, fuck me now, my love, fuck your aunt, okay, bitch, I’m going to fuck
you more and more when I cursed you, I’ve spent such a time offffffff
ayyyyyyyyyyyy my love is faster fuck my husband he was moaning saying yes I
was doing such a pace that we were both dying of pleasure 5 minutes
After I pumped it, I took it in my lap, it flowed like a waterfall, I ejaculated 3
times, I can’t believe it
, you
are amazing by the way, the room got tight, so please don’t get out, we collapsed, we collapsed, we lit a cigarette, you’re a maniac, you’re super, you’ll fuck my ass, I said stop , I looked at the phone, I said 22 missed calls, I said, I ate the quince, don’t make a sound, I said ok, where are you, my love, don’t be angry , Pınar bent down and started licking my dick I like it very much my love aysem vallahi

We drank a lot, the spring is in its mouth, ayse, I was going to go crazy on the wire, my love
, everyone has leaked, I’m sleeping
too, don’t worry, I was looking into the eyes of the spring when I said I love you so much , I said the shaking is
over and I grabbed the wire, I fell in the spring so much that I can’t explain it,
please get in my ass, fuck me in my ass, I gave it to your mouth a bit, it made me
wet I took a load offfffffffffffff ayyyyyyyyyyy my love hurts but
continue ayyyyyyyyyyyy my man was screaming when he said my husband
1 minute later he got used to it yes honey yes my love super
I fucked him for about 2o minutes I ate the brush the next
but Pınar is great, lots of fucks to everyone

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