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I’m YESIM, I live in Germany with my family. I’m 26 years old. Even though I’m not very beautiful, my body was very sexy, my hips and breasts were alive and the size of a melon was attracting everyone’s attention.. especially the fact that I was wearing a headscarf made me even more attractive. I got divorced thinking that it was to end this marriage by talking to my parents who were bothered by the fact that he was drinking and on top of that, gambling and our sex life was terrible..
now I live in my parents’ house, work and support my family and I was not alone.. I am the only daughter of my family.. and I was doing what I wanted. I was comfortable with my family. I found myself free and free.. my parents were working and we could only be together on weekends.. everyone works in shifts, of course. . I signed up for a dating site. I thought maybe I would meet someone and get married again.. I put a different picture on my profile.. that is, I wrote three years younger than my age.. I like mature men and so on..

One day, someone wrote to me.. I replied.. He said he wanted to meet and his intentions were serious.. He was a very kind and handsome guy, as seen in the picture.. We were getting a little more sincere every day we wrote.. I was asking what I liked and I was answering. When you asked my name, I gave you a different job.. nobody can be trusted on the net.. I asked if you were married after a lot of writing.. the room is yes, but he said he wanted to meet someone else and continue my life only for the weekends to bury my he wanted a friendly life, he said he couldn’t divorce his wife.. I said no first, I said it’s not suitable for me and when I said let’s finish here, he said think first.. I can give you everything you want. I won’t deprive you of anything.. He promised a lot of things.. But how was I going to trust you.. Then I thought about you I said I’ll let you know and hung up..
A week passed and I thought, I moved at this age and I’m a widower. he was waiting for me.. we talked and said we need to be open this time.. the room is ok..
i asked him what things do you like.. but i said everything is included.. the room he said to go to go places with my wife love him in bed sorry i want him to have sex like a bitch he said. I like it too.. I was married and my husband used to fuck with me maybe once every two weeks.. the man said if you want, I’ll fuck you twice a day.. he’s a host for me..
I was shamelessly thinking, all or nothing.. if we talk, let’s talk about everything somehow, neither he sees me nor I him..
I asked if you could send me a picture of your dick if I asked.. the room asked why you don’t want to see it in real reality.. I want to see the shape of your dick too and don’t be afraid. I don’t play games.. he said ok.. but I will send it to you tomorrow he said.. so I can send a picture of a cock from the calm net I said don’t worry.. he said don’t worry, I’ll send my dick and I want a picture of your pussy and your breasts.. I said ok, we’ll both talk pictures tomorrow.. I closed it in the afternoon and waited for tomorrow.. I went to the bathroom and made my pussy hairs shaped and both my lips parted and I said, I took a picture.. our time came and we were on the net.. he sent a picture of your dick, first I really felt drunk and immediately water came out of my pussy.. I sent pictures of my pussy and my breasts.. here is the room, he said I like such hairy pussy.. I love it..
I also want your dick in my mouth and in my chest.. I said it can be in my ass if you want..
then, according to our agreement on everything, he said let’s meet for real.. I said okay where and when.. you decide.. I thought it would be a place where no one can see us at least it should not be familiar..
There is a lake about 25km away from us, that is, about half an hour away. I told it, the room said ok.. I said let’s meet there around 2 o’clock. I was excited and impatient.. I got there, I parked my car, I’m waiting in the car.. there was no other car anyway.. I already said that my car was red.. a car came and parked next to me.. I looked at my father’s car.. what should I say to my father now? He got out of the car and opened my door and asked my daughter what are you looking for here.. I met someone and I said we were going to meet here.. I asked my father what are you looking for.. my daughter knows I can see your mother on weekends and she says she is always tired. She goes to bed now.. so I can satisfy myself now I was going to the bathroom and checking 31..

Now we wrote each other, I think it’s noon.. did you send me a picture, daddy.. yes, a picture of mine. Didn’t you say you sent a picture of your amen.. I said yes with shame.. you have a very nice amen, that nameless guy you divorced didn’t know his worth at all.. I’m glad you divorced..
I asked him what’s going to happen now.. my father said I don’t know, but he will tell you something.. I loved it, I’ve been shooting 31 times since yesterday, and my dick is watering while your dick is talking so sweetly. I realize that I like my father.. I look at my father’s trousers.. but from the picture I didn’t really want to see it.. I said dad.. the room is yes girl.. I want to see your dick, will you excuse me? he zipped up and he took out his flap.. I said great.. can I touch it? He said if you want to touch the room, it’s okay.. the moment I took it in my hand, I felt that something was flowing from my stomach.. I was aroused.. I said I would like to take this dick in my mouth and then feel it in my pussy..
my dad said to me too He said he would do it, it pissed me off even more..

Daddy, I asked if you want to fuck with me.. how will it be? your shift is different with my mother anyway.. when my mom is at work, we’ll make love and fuck together and you won’t be without a dick and I won’t be left without a dick.. okay, what will happen if your mom hears.. we’ll explain it too and we went home.. i was glad finally he will fuck me and won’t cheat on me and i’ve known for years I found the man.. we arrived home, my mother was about to come, and my father was about to go.. we had to leave the boredom for the second day..
finally my father came from work and my mother left.. I prepared myself for my father when my mother left.. I wore very sexy things and took off my turban I’m going to take a shower.. after I got out, she just came in a shorts and continued where she left me.. she put her hand under my skirt and caressed my big butt.. she could reach my ass right away because I was underpants.. the water was flowing the moment I took her dick out of her shorts and picked it up.. it was like a stone. I’ve been cuddling for a long time, I took his faceless cock in my mouth and I took it in my mouth and I was sobbing.. my father liked it and he was holding my head and he was coming and going around my mouth.. a certain time passed and this time he put me on the bed and put his mouth on my pussy, sulking and licking the running water..It was as if my father, who hadn’t seen a pussy for years, was squeezing so well with his tongue that I was ejaculating and holding my father’s head, I was pressing on my pussy.. he says what are you daddy, my love, I was murmuring why I haven’t seen you until now and I was reaching the peak of my pleasure.. I was thinking that it can’t be a pleasure in the afternoon. . he finished his fucking job with his tongue and it was time to come to his dick.. come on daddy, now I was saying this beautiful dick.. my father gets into my puckered pussy easily and starts to fuck.. the man’s energy was enough to finish me, it was really undescribable.. the commute was getting harder and faster and a half hours had passed, our making love and having sex.. I felt my father’s contractions and I wanted him to ejaculate inside me.he was piling on me, kissing me on the lips and saying that I will not leave you without a cock.. I will be your wife to him, if my mother can’t fight you, I will do it, dear daddy..

the longing for both of us, and because it was for family, a different sex was emerging.. and it turned into an incredible pleasure.. we were fucking as hard as we could.. except for the weekends of course..
I didn’t have to look for a husband anymore.. I was happy thinking my father was both reliable and would not upset me.. my father was also happy

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