PRIMA bigo

Hi, I’m Yakup from Bursa and I’m going to tell you the incident happened to me 1 year ago
and it still continues. Perihan aunt broke up with her husband and broke
up. She is 37 years old, 1.70 tall, and weighs 70 kilograms,
blond woman, mother of 2 children. We often meet with Aunt Perihan.
I am enchanted by her plump hips.
My husband said a few times that he misses his masculinity and he is very horny
. I was thinking of fucking before someone else fucks. When Perihan Aunt came to stay with us at the weekend , she
had a basket of drinks, fruits, and when I said auntie,
we’ll have fun tonight, I said, I think you don’t mind, I
said whatever you want, it’s a perfect table.

When we started, Perihan aunt started to talk tactlessly under the influence of alcohol . I’m in my heart, son, here’s the chance, fuck your dick tonight and let your
masculinity go. After a few glasses, my wife leaked, we continue with Perihan aunt
. He started talking about how she is horny and if a man finds out
that he will immediately throw himself under him, I said to my sister-in-law that if you want,
I’m here, oh dear, that’s why I came here for this, my
wife’s drink is left with medicine, she immediately clung to my lips so that we could be alone, she
started sucking, I haven’t been touched by a man for 3 years, the fuck burned me .
He was begging to feed me. it was out of business now, I immediately
started to take off the clothes. to kiss and smell those beautiful breasts
I started. “Don’t be in a hurry, there is a way until the morning, don’t be afraid as soon as you wake up,” he said.
He took my dick with his hand and took it into his mouth and started to vacuum, saying I missed it very well
, Bunn, he was sucking. I ejaculated in her mouth ohhhh ohhhhhh
she swallowed all the semen by saying ohhhhhh it’s so beautifull she swallowed all the semen it’s my turn I put my head on her pussy
I started licking she had a very nice cunt believe me she was getting more beautiful as she licked
. Yakup said, “Enough, come inside me” and I said “Okay, sister, whatever you
want” and dived deep into your cunt. it started ooooohhhh
ohhhh ohhhh fuck me and beg by saying ok aunt I said I’m going to fuck you until the morning
I’ll put an end to your bullshit.
my beautiful tits were playing hopphooppp with one hand
I was squeezing her breasts while smacking her buttock with my other hand and fucking.
I said I’m going to ejaculate, ejaculate, he said, i’m protected. I ejaculated while drinking all my semen Perihan sister-in-law was suffocating all the
time oohhh oohhh
my love, thank you, you blew me away. I’m sister-in-law, it’s not over yet. She’s
beautiful. When I said I’ll fuck your ass too, I said ok, husband, whatever you want , I’ll take
the cream out of your bag and she gave it to you so it wouldn’t hurt too much.
I rubbed my kerm all over her butt, widening it with my fingers, and then I started to rub it in
my dick and press it into her ass.
After pushing it for a while, he was helping me by saying come on, my love, I want all of
them, so I’m going to blow you up in your ass.
I rooted and took it all in and after a bit of a fuck I ejaculated in his
ass. ” Enough, let’s not finish it all today, there will be many good
days ahead of us,” he said, and he placed a kiss on my lips and went to the bathroom. Now
I fuck Perihan Aunt every chance I get. The room is satisfied, and I am satisfied with my
life, soon we will take my wife with us and we will have a threesome. Perihan aunt
is making the calculations.

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