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Hello friends, I’m Cem, finally I started to write about the relationships that I have
lived until today , from the very beginning . No one knows what I’ve been through, except for one or two very close friends . As I write these here, I kind of feel like I’ve poured out my heart and relived those days. My first shared story; ‘I didn’t understand anything about my fucking pussy in a brothel!’ had happened. Age 16 and my first time ejaculating in a real pussy . It was my first experience, whatever it was, it was going to happen one way or another, and it did.

My father was working in a managerial position in a factory. One
evening he said that the factory would move to another city and that we would settle there,
at least until we retire .
I will not be able to give the name of the city ​​and
the district where we will live, which
I hope you will agree with me in my future articles. The time came and
we moved right away as the schools went on summer vacation. My father
was already on his
way to follow the establishment of the factory before. At that time, the house we were going to live in
was rented. It was a small town with its back leaning on a mountain
, with a big river running past it,
and where the warmth and sincerity of the Anatolian people were
not lost. we moved
The house was two-storied, our housekeeper was upstairs and we were downstairs.
Our host had a husband and wife and two children in his prayer
. One of them, brother Murat, was a ready soldier, he was
waiting for his day. The other sister, Ayşen, was 18 years old, did not study after secondary school
, and was a housewife.

The days followed each other, there was
no stranger, I made new friends
. Life here was freer than in Istanbul, there was no traffic,
no crowded people, it was not a big city after all.
As we got on our bikes, there was no place we did
not visit until the evening. Anywhere, anytime could be a ballpark for us.
By the way, we really became like a family with our hosts. We had a very nice dialogue with Ayşen
sister within the framework of a sister-sister relationship .
With the opening of the schools, the routine school
life and hustle and bustle began. If I am at home when there is no school
, mostly Ayşen sister
has finished her work at home, she will come down to us, chat, listen to music.
we would listen. Back then, there weren’t as many channels, internet, VCDs, DVDs on TV as it is now
. I really think it was the best.

We finished our first year and
entered the summer vacation again. After I moved here, my mother started working in the factory that my father ran, so I was alone at home
on weekdays .
I was spending time with friends, sometimes at home.
One of the days when I was at home, Ayşen sister came to us again. By the way
, as I said before, Ayşen sister was 18 years old.
She was a brunette girl, about 170-175 meters tall and 55-60 kilos
It was very difficult to figure out her body lines , as she always wore a baggy bag and a shirt .
And I hadn’t looked the other way in the slightest . While talking again
, he sat down opposite the stereo, turned on the radio and
changed channels while I elbowed him behind his back.

I leaned slightly on the back of the chair, leaning my arms around his shoulders . Even today, I still
can’t understand, it was only 1-2 minutes later, I don’t understand how it happened,
Ayşen sister turned her head towards my face, which was on her shoulder,
and at that moment we started kissing lip to lip…

I was responding between bewilderment and stupidity
. Without parting our lips
, he stood up and as we continued standing, he suddenly
pushed me from my chest with both hands. We were standing face to face when he
gave a big slap and
walked out with running steps. I still couldn’t understand anything
. On my part , I
did not have the slightest inclination towards Ayşen sister.
I didn’t even think about Ayşen sister beyond the eyes of ‘Sister’ . As I came to myself a little later, I thought
that maybe Ayşen sister had
some thoughts or feelings towards
me. But why the slap? I couldn’t understand. That day passed like that, we never met
during the day.

The next day I got up again near noon
. The weather was already hot, I was taking a shower, wearing
only my shorts, my top bare, and I was
preparing something for myself and snacking. The doorbell
rang. When I opened it, Ayşen sister was in front of me,
“You are speechless, what are you doing?” said. And I said, “Whatever, I’m
snacking. Come if you want…” I said. “
Oh, it’s been a year since we had breakfast!”
‘ he said, and there was silence for a few seconds . We were standing face to face when
our lips met again as we approached each other at the same time
. This time it was very different, Ayşen sister
wrapped her arms around my neck and I gripped her waist tightly
. That no one else has touched
I was literally sucking on her soft full lips and
kissing them bitingly. I slowly moved my hands to her hips, started stroking, grabbing her hips
the shalwar. He didn’t object.

We parted for a few seconds and went
into the living room, sat on the three-chair,
started kissing again. We kept going , one hand on my bare chest, one on
my shoulder, and I caressing and squeezing
her hips. At one point, I put one of my hands on his chest.
There was a pause for a second
, startled. But she wanted it too, she couldn’t help her own feelings
. He didn’t react.
I started stroking her breasts with very gentle movements .
I could feel the heartbeat very comfortably in my palm. I parted my lips from his, and began to move down to his
earlobes and
neck with little kisses on his cheeks. I was kissing and running my tongue.
Aysen sister, even if it is low, with a small groan.
It was making mixed sounds.
I was moving my hand down on his chest with very slow movements
He was like a timid gazelle, as if the talisman would break at the slightest thing, it would run away.
At that moment he wants to experience the magic of the pleasant pleasure his body takes, but
in his brain, how far can he go and ‘what if we can’t stop?’
I’m sure they had fears.

slid my hand down his leg first
, continuing to lick, kiss and suck on his neck as it slid down to his groin . I had
touched his whole pussy on the shalwar when he contracted his legs and
closed them tight. He said in his ear, “I
want to experience this pleasure, I want you to experience it too, don’t worry
nothing will happen to your maiden, trust me!” I said. I
looked into his eyes , he looked at me as if he was half ecstatic, and
I felt his body relax.
I put my hand directly on her cunt as I snuggled up to her neck again . He also spread
his legs slightly . I
could feel his warmth even through the shalwar . I started pressing my hand,
grabbing and stroking her pussy
when Aysen sister

Opening it further, he began to stretch like a spring, raising his hips up . I started to press my hand a little more on
her cunt, accelerating
my caresses. Ayşen sister was trembling as if she had a malaria attack, biting
the pillow of the sofa to keep from screaming and moaning…

With my other hand I unbuttoned a few
buttons on his shirt. Her breasts were in front of
me with her white bra. Ayşen sister’s trembling subsided,
beads of sweat on her forehead and even though her eyes were closed , there was a mixed beauty with
an indescribable smile on her face . I was kissing her overflowing breasts from the
top of her bra, stroking her pussy again. By the way, my condition was deplorable , my cock was like iron, his head was throbbing in a way I had never felt before. I pulled her bra down with my teeth as I kissed her breasts . Despite the breasts of that size, the tips were tiny. When I touched the ends of my tongue , Ayşen sister grabbed my head and tucked her fingers in.

He was pressing it through my hair, mixed with a caress .

Now my way was cleared, all his movements were the signals
that he wanted to live, feel something .
I was putting her breasts in my mouth as much as I could
, sucking, kissing, licking. His voice changed again, and his body was writhing
involuntarily, as if it were out of his control . My hand was actually looking for the elastic of the
baggy shalwar
as I slowly moved my hand on her cunt as if stroking it upwards towards her navel .
When I finally arrived, I went downstairs with my hand in it
, stroking it again, and there was only her panties between her cunt and my hand. When my hand came over her cunt , I could notice that her panties were soaking wet . Sucking her breasts viciously

I was continuing and Ayşen sister was squirming.

I was stroking her cunt’s lips from the edge of her panties, slowly running my
fingers over her cunt
. But my fingers could not go any further. With my ready hand
inside the shalwar, I was moving my arm without moving my hand and making the
shalwar peel off. I had to take it off when the shalwar
was stripped down to the level of her panties and
my sister Aysen was already dreaming. Finally
, taking my hand off his cunt, I peeled off the salwar suit in one
fell swoop. I pulled it below the knees,
but I didn’t stop any movement. The only thing that went through my mind was to peel it off slowly
, keeping it in its consistency, unable to object to me
, which was successful step by step.
I was happening. Everything was under my control and it
was wonderful to love and caress her, even the smell of her skin.
I couldn’t touch her maiden anyway.

I straightened up in the seat.
I helped Ayşen sister , who was sitting on the couch
, to get up by holding her hands, and without saying anything, I
unbuttoned the last button of her shirt and took off her shirt.
He had a great body. While kissing the tops of the shoulders, my hands
were busy with the fasteners of the bra,
trying to look towards the hook. It took some
effort, but I finally opened it and took off her bra.
She suddenly covered her breasts with her arms . Our eyes met and I reached for his lips
. I took the straps down while kissing
. I straightened up again and stood up. As I stood
up, his eyes widened and his gaze
locked in front of me. I never counted, my shorts
My dick had set up a tent as if it was going to pierce…

After a moment of surprise
, I took her hands and stood up. His trousers
had fallen to his feet. While we were kissing while standing again, this time I was
stroking her hips and squeezing them. He had a smooth ,
firm, yet smooth complexion. I caught myself well.
Our bodies stuck together,
I’m sure he could feel the hardness of my dick. As I stroked her hips, I shoved
my fingers into the back of her panties and began to pull them
down. We were kissing.
Meanwhile, he took my hand as if protesting. When I gave him a little more strength , I
got rid of him and his panties came off.
As I fell on my knees before he even had a chance to understand, I
directly licked my lips to his cunt.
I pasted it.
Despite running back and pushing my head away , my hands
clung to his hips
and I kept pressing my head with force from there, and I forced him to sit up. Finally, he threw himself into the chair
I slid back into his cunt, which I had pulled over to the edge of the couch, and
placed my body between his legs . In this way, he could not close his legs…

I plunged my
tongue directly into her pussy lips . His cunt was soaked
. I started licking and sucking. But Ayşen sister was
writhing, enjoying
herself, and fighting the taboos in her head on the other . She suddenly came to herself and said,
“Shut the doors and windows, at least!” she said. And I’m like, “I
have a better idea !” I said and took her to the bedroom.
I laid her on the bed and wasted no time in her pussy again.
literally didn’t take my lips off her cunt for maybe an hour . I couldn’t get enough.
I don’t know the number , but Ayşen sister had climbed to the top many times,
and she was sweaty and tired from
shaking and convulsions when she said, “Enough , let me take a breath!” she was able to say.

I lay down next to him on my back,
but my little one was perfectly fine, the tent
standing upright and
pressing down on the shorts, obviously trying to get out. Ayşen sister also saw this, but she did not dare
. While lying on her back side by side, Ayşen’s breathing
began to regulate. But I did
n’t want it to get cold, I took his hand and
put it on my little one, I was holding it over his hand and
pressing lightly so that he wouldn’t pull his hand. I was running my hand over my cock with his hand and
stroking it. I withdrew my hand when I felt it continue to move on its
own. Ayşen
sister is stroking my cock over the shorts and
her fingers are as if feeling its thickness from time to time.
squeezed in between. It was a wonderful feeling, but I wanted to
feel the warmth and softness of your hand.
I tucked one hand into my shorts and pressed my cock against my skin , and with the other I took off my
. Now my scar was famous.
He was quite normal in size for my 16 -year-old, and my two-hour desire-
filled cock was wet and my pleasure
fluids flowed…

Ayşen sister was
turning towards me on her right shoulder and slowly
stroking my cock with her left hand.
The juices of pleasure smeared her fingers , trying to figure out what it was,
“Are you ejaculated?” said. “Not yet,
it’s so full while making love to you that it’s overflowing now, these are the
ones!” I said. “Hmmm, is it too full?” said. Those
were the words I didn’t expect. While continuing to pat her, “Recently, our Hatice
found one of her brother’s videotapes, we watched them with the
girls!” said. “What was it?” I said. “It was so disgusting, the
men in the movie did to women what you did to me, and
women do men’s dicks… you know!” said. “Wasn’t what I
did enjoyable?” I said. “I cant believe
to what we’ve already done!” said. At that
moment, her mother’s voice came, “Ayşen!” he was calling from above. “My mother!”
she got up in a great panic,
close to the apartment door, “I’m coming mom!” she called from inside. She went into the living room and
quickly put on her clothes, put on her scarf and straightened it.
I came to the living room next to him, I was still naked, I was watching him in the middle with
my cock upright like a spike.
He flew away, giving me a kiss on the lips as if
to say thank you.

I was filled with great joy, we were left naked with Ayşen sister and we had
destroyed almost all borders. Although I had no experience in making love like this , I applied what came to my mind from the stories in Penthaus, Playboy and Playmen magazines
that I had secretly read and brought Ayşen sister to the top many times . Now, when he comes again, we can continue from where we left off, I wouldn’t have to worry about what he would say if I touched it here and there, how I would undress . But my cock was still like a pile, I went to the bathroom and leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, Aysen’s magnificent body was in front of my eyes. The smell of your skin is still inside me, I started to draw 31. I was already so full

I experienced the most violent ejaculation I’ve ever experienced without any hassle. It was never ending
, it was as if my balls were overflowing. It was as if my knees
were loosened, my body was heavy on my legs. I took a shower , washed my semen on the floor,
and then put on my shorts and T-shirt. I went into the bedroom
, straightened the sheets and covers, and lay down on the sofa in the living room.
I had a sweet tiredness. So I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of my mom and dad. They had come from work. My mother got into the cooking business
, and my father turned on the television. My father said, “What’s up, what
are you doing? Aren’t you bored at home
?” said. And I said, “What should I do, dad, we’re riding our
bikes with friends, we’re playing ball, time is running out!” I said.
My father said, “If you want, I can take you to the workplace, you can also
wander around the factory, there will be a change?” said. I didn’t have a job, so I had to say no to my father
. She had to say, “Okay dad.” I said…

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