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It was 4 years ago.
I asked her not to wear underwear when going out with my girlfriend. I was at the bar all night, and on the way home, in the taxi, my hand
was between her legs. While making love at the end of the night, it was time for the main surprise
: Vibrator! Doomsday broke out. He absolutely refused. I’ve been dating for 2 years
and I still love him so much. I also have other obsessions. I
couldn’t help the urge to watch her make love to other men. She was a very
beautiful woman. I believe that sex and love are different emotions.
It turned me on when men looked at her with desire.
I wanted him to tell me who he was with and how he was together before me while we were making love. When he’s drunk
, he gets extremely aroused and uses slang words.
was telling about it. I think the alcohol brought out his suppressed feelings in him
. Maybe these thoughts are not normal.
In fact, I’m sure most people have these kinds of feelings. All men
like to be admired by the woman next to them, but I guess it’s hard to find a lover like me who encourages her lover to wear miniskirts,
g-strings, see-through clothes and then
enjoys watching the men fall into her
. The interesting thing is that I have been feeding these feelings for 5 years.
I’ve been taking pictures of you making love lately. This makes me feel as if
there are others with us and makes me extremely aroused
. My ex-girlfriend, who was against it before, then
he was posing pornographic in front of the machine. I’m afraid of hurting
her, but I definitely need to realize these thoughts.

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