pequeña tango

My coworker introduced me to his wife at the bar. His wife, dreamy, was sitting
next to him, wearing a sexy open-back one-piece dress .
Then I started dancing with his wife Hülya. Dance slow…

My hands are wandering around Hülya’s back… I’m slowly going down.
Her hips are great. I caress with my hands a little harshly.. Meanwhile, Hülya is
responding to what I have done by bringing herself closer to me… I look at my friend out of the corner of her eye
, it is quite pleasant… I insert my hands
through the décolleté on Hülya’s back towards her hips… My fingers
are looking for the hole of your wife… By the way, my dick is pretty hard..

She puts pressure on Hülya’s stomach through her pants… She
tries to open my zipper too.. I bend down and
whisper in her ear to go to the toilet.. We go slowly. First me,
then Hülya enters the men’s restroom. We are sure that there is no one
inside… We enter a cabin… I make Hülya’s hands put on the toilet seat..
I lift her skirt.. I don’t pull the panties off the thong.. She tries
to scream a little…
Pulling Hülya’s panties to the side… I put my dick in her cunt…
I pull it to myself by holding her crotch. She pushes her hips back and
makes me fit inside of her… We’re coming and going now… Quickly..
She’s trying to scream lightly.. But.. We cover her mouth with a handkerchief.. The two of us
We are emptying at the same time.. By the way, I hear the door open… Then it
is locked from behind.. I look at it by opening the cabin, my friend has arrived..

I’m opening the cabinet door more for her to see.. Now>
dreamy sits on the toilet and licks my dick… I hold her hair with one hand.. I stroke
her breasts with my other hand.. Imagination takes
my dick in her
mouth until the end… … He gets up.. I sit on the toilet…> dreamy spreads her
legs and her back is to the door…

She lifts her skirt and sits on my dick.. My hands grab her hips from behind ..
Slowly rising
and falling … we come out of the cabin… And dreamy sees her husband.. Then we go to their house together…

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