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First of all, hello everyone. My name is Meltem. Currently, I am an 18-year-old girl going to the first year of university. I am originally from another city, but I am currently in Istanbul for university.

My introduction to sexuality, like many girls, was with pørnø. I was in high school 1 when I watched the first pørnø. One day, when we were alone with my best friend Başak, we had skipped school and were watching a movie at home. I remember it being an artistic movie. It was a movie about two young buddies’ plans to fuck their cousin’s wife. I saw my first phallus in that movie, except when I saw my cousin Batuhan shooting 31 in my room at the summer house. I can’t even forget that two of my friends in the movie took their dicks off and shot them by the pool. Of course, he had caught the attention of two young girls who had just entered puberty and had gone through everything together. With the end of the movie, I officially saw what sex was with the first pørnø site we found on the internet, or rather entered, and caused my anger to increase, which is a feeling I have actually had for a long time. Without knowing,

I said I started watching pørnø in the first year of high school. Once or twice a week, usually when I was alone, I would open and watch, spread my legs in bed, caress my newly feathered pussy, close my eyes and think that I was in the place of those fucking women, and I would Orgasm like crazy.

By the way, it wasn’t my girlfriends. However, I didn’t have much experience other than holding hands until my first girlfriend kissed me on the lips at the cinema. The kisses had given way to neck sucking, caresses, and touching. Now I was meeting with sex seriously and enjoying being sucked and caressed for minutes under a man.

New pages were opening in my life. I was growing, developing and becoming a full woman. Especially in the summer of High School 2, my hips no longer fit in my tiny panties. One day I went out and bought myself new clothes, sexy clothes. I came from a wealthy family. I shopped as I wished and then tried them on in front of the mirror. I was a really beautiful girl. My round, prominent hips, a tiny stringy pussy (pink inside, by the way), boobs overflowing from my school shirt just because I’m here, attractive lips, and pretty features. I’m still proud of myself, I was proud of my body back then.

I broke up with my boyfriend at the beginning of high school 3. I couldn’t come to myself for a long time. He went out with her for exactly 2 years, during this time he went to bed 5-6 times, he was the first man to fuck my ass. I was depressed for a while, but then I got better.

I was taking advantage of the benefits of the internet more and more. At night, when everyone was sleeping at home, I was opening my laptop in my room. I was reading all kinds of porn and sex stories, and I was passing out. Then I discovered foreign Webcam sites. People were going to these sites, usually men, showing themselves by getting their big cocks jerked. At first, I was holding the camera so that my face was not visible, watching the men who were shooting 31. I was turning off my webcam when they asked me to undress. But there was one dick that I still can’t forget. He was an Italian man, I’ve never seen such a shapely and beautiful dick. I undressed him for the first time on the webcam. I showed my boobs, pussy, asshole, everywhere to that beautiful dicked Italian. She ejaculated, stroking his big cock.

I wanted more, I opened a fake Social Media account and gave it to him. Now I spent every night chatting with him. We officially became lovers online. He persistently asked me to show my face and my nude photos, but I was afraid that my photos would go viral. Then I thought, 7-8 billion people live in the world. My name is fake too, my country is fake too. I sent my nude photos. But what photos, you wouldn’t believe. Photos in every way, in every position.

I was done with it. He was doing very interesting things, for example, he was printing my photos out of the printer and overtaking them. She was throwing her offspring at me. I was enjoying it immensely, every time I got horny I was writing, ejaculating with photos and virtual sex. After a while, my Italian man disappeared. I write, no answer. I also have fear in me, in case my photos go viral. No problems so far. But officially my photos that would not look like a pørnøstar were in the hands of someone…

Later, my time started to pass, especially on Turkish websites. I was doing virtual sex lovingly and willingly. But they always wanted my Webcam, phone or Social Media account. Frankly, I wasn’t eating my ass either. Then I opened another fake Social Media account for myself. We were adding from there, but since the place was usually full of hanzo, I was deleting what I added…

I met my first man there. His name was Jalal. According to what he told, he was 27 years old, from Bursa. At first we were having normal virtual sex. He didn’t receive any photo requests from me as he knew I was 17 years old and a virgin. About 4-5 months, we fucked on the phone with incredible fantasies. We were doing all the fantasies you can think of, rape, groupsex… everything with her. Something caught my attention. He went crazy with pleasure when I brought other men into our fantasies. He really enjoyed sharing me. I was always against this idea, I could not understand it. But later on I started to like it too. Now I was texting him (My love, he fucked me today, that one raped me, that one did that…).

Everything was going so well that one night he said to me, “Even my wife is not a bitch like you!” she texted. When I learned that he was married, I was in shock. I immediately cut off communication, I knew it was wrong to do such things with a married man, even if it was virtual. He was texting me but I was not giving a face. But no one was like him. Now, every night, I would find other virtual fuckers, practice all my fantasies, some nights I would undress in bed and make 2-3 men ejaculate in one night by looking at my body.

One night, I was a little drunk, I texted Celal, and I attached a photo to the message. In response to my message, I received a photo of a dick like my arm. I immediately put my hand on my ass. I threw out my nude photos, not caring about my face being exposed. Jalal to me too. I had my nude photos now.

I texted in the morning with fear. I said that I was drunk at night, that I did it unknowingly, that if he spread these things, I would report him to the prosecutor’s office. He explained at length with all his understanding that there was no need for such a thing, that he deleted the photos, that he would never harm me, and that all this would remain a fantasy. I was relieved, but there was still fear inside me. It had happened, there was nothing to do.

We continued to talk again for 3-4 months. I learned everything about his life. That he’s a shuttle driver, that he’s married, and his sex life without his wife, his wishes, everything. He was ass crazy, he loved anal sex. Because I knew this, every time I went to the bathroom or was alone, I immediately took a picture of my asshole and sent it. I now have a virtual husband. When Celal wanted to shoot 31, “My love, send me a photo!” he says, I was sending it right away and it was driving me crazy. Now, we started to video chat at home at night, when one night, my sister busted me in my room. But, “We’ll talk in the morning!” He immediately left my room.

I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t look at my sister’s face. “What were you doing at night? Look at me, you’re not making a webcam for the public, are you?” when she said, “Don’t be silly sister, am I a maniac, I wanted a little bit at night, I satisfied myself!” I said. He also told me that the internet is not suitable for this or something. Also, my exam year was approaching and my mother and I made a joint decision and removed my computer from my room. My sister asked, “Did you tell my mother?” I asked. My sister said, “Don’t be ridiculous! Look, girl, these are normal things, I do it too, but in your exam year, you will be distracted, don’t do it too often, you will get tired!” he gave me lessons.

Now all I have left is my phone. I could not give up, I was pouring everything inside me to Celal. We talked for months. I trusted him immensely. The crazy fantasies we had were driving me crazy. He was going crazy too, I know. I sent him hundreds of photos. Including videos…

It was April. The weather was getting warmer, of course, I was starting to open and scatter. I always went to school in a tight shirt. I started to wear tights outside. My round big ass was getting everyone’s attention, I knew it. I was wearing a sweater over it, but my ass was still showing and it was driving me crazy when people looked at my ass…

Again at night, while I was caressing myself in bed, I got a message from Celal. He asked me if he’d come here next week, that the company has a seminar, that he’ll be serving him, and if I wanted to see him. I was shocked. I’m sure this wasn’t an innocent request for a meeting. So he might want to fuck me. I asked for time to respond. But I couldn’t help myself, “Okay, let’s see, but how will it be?” I said. We were making plans. He said to me, “I have a friend there, we’ll meet at his house!” when he said, “Absolutely not!” I said. I couldn’t go home, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. “Are we going to the hotel?” when he said, “No way!” I said, I could be mistaken for a bitch.

He said to her, “I will let you know!” I said and kept quiet, but the excitement consumed me all night. Finally, it occurred to me that he was the service driver. If I left as if I were going to school at 7 in the morning, if he would come and pick me up, then we could go somewhere. Frankly, it was on my mind. I immediately texted, “You will pick me up at 7 o’clock because my parents are waiting for me to get on the bus. If the service says why they are different, I will call my mother, I will make up a lie as if the service has malfunctioned and you came as a spare vehicle!” I said. “You’re so smart, okay let’s do it!” When he said, “But remember I’m a virgin, I blow the most!” I said. “Okay, we’ll see!” he said and he fucked me for a good night virtually.

The seminar was 4 days, the 3rd day was a free day for them to visit the city and the 3rd day was Friday. And it finally arrived, in the city where I live. I still couldn’t give myself to the lessons, wondering whether I should give up or not. He texted me on the 2nd day, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow, we’ll fly with pleasure, High School!” saying. But he was not alone, there was someone like the assistant of the service with him. He asked me, “Can you make him happy too, baby?” when he said, “No!” at first. I said. But then I thought, why not. I was suffocating with excitement, I was literally dying. Tomorrow, I probably haven’t seen a dick in a year, what would I do with two dicks.

And it’s Friday. I hadn’t slept all night anyway. I got up in the morning, I washed well. I took the razor in my hand, I cut the hairs on my cunt, went to my room naked, I creamed myself well. My hands and feet were shaking. My parents invited me for breakfast afterward. I wore a black thong inside. I placed my breasts in my black bra. Then I put on thin stockings, pulled my skirt up to my knees, buttoned my shirt, and a black cardigan over it. I put my cigarette in my bag and a cream, just in case. Though I only agreed on blowjob, but I thought maybe they’d fuck my ass.

While I was having breakfast, my hands and feet were shaking, my mother realized, “No, Meltem?” she asked. “Mom, I have a very important exam today, they will also try in the classroom, I will leave early, if they call you from school, tell me!” I said. Which wasn’t a lie, I actually had a try. I had his plan. He was going to send a message to my mother, just because he didn’t try. Trial was at 17:00, I was leaving school at 15:00. I was going to come home early, eat outside and tell my mother that I had diarrhea, that I couldn’t take the test, and I would run to the bathroom at silly moments to make it believable. In short, my plan was working perfectly.

I went down at 06:55 to wait for the shuttle. God, I couldn’t believe it, my mom was at the window. I falsely opened my phone and said (Oh, okay, okay bro…) or something. Then I called my mother, “Mom, the service is broken, another service will pick us up early!” I said. My mom said, “Okay girl!” she said. And at 07:00, a shuttle van with Bursa plate stopped in front of me. As soon as the service door opened, my knees buckled. Celal said, “Good morning princess!” said. The assistant next to him was about my age and the fattest man I’ve ever seen. I got on, waved to my mom. My mother also waved, thinking her daughter was going to school. Actually, how funny it was, he was officially sending his daughter to fuck. I immediately took the back seat, it’s always my place.

We advanced a little and Celal said, “Come with me, princess!” said. I took the seat next to him and sat down. He placed a kiss on my lips and said, “You’re finally mine, I’m going to blow you up today princess!” said. I was still afraid. He understood my fear, “Look baby, everything is as we want…” he calmed me down. “Have you had breakfast? Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” he was asking me questions. I was kindly thanking them all, it was pure comedy.

“Where are we going?” When he said, “Yesterday we went for a tour of the city, we discovered such a forested area. No one bothers us there, we can finally be with you!” when he said, “Okay!” I said. We are on a portent, we are going to the apocalypse. I took it out, lit a cigarette, offered it to both of them. Both burned. We were out of town. We didn’t talk at all, or rather they asked me questions, I didn’t answer. I was literally being taken to fuck!

We entered the forest area, climbed quite a hill, and finally stopped. It was a very scary place. Celal pulled the brake, “My love, there is no one here, we do what we want, we light our barbecue at noon, drink our beer, and steal a day from hell!” said. I was relieved, nothing was getting worse so far. He took my hand, “Come on, let’s go to the back!” said. “Now?” I said. “Yes my love, or don’t you want to?” said. “I want, very much, I want you today!” I made a silly sentence. Celal said, “Don’t forget Mesut, if you don’t want to, we will drop you off at school immediately, nothing you don’t want will happen, I came here just for you, you know me, I will never do anything bad to you, everything will be under your control!” I was quite relieved.

I slowly opened the door of the service, to Celal, “My love, I can’t do it at the same time with both of you. You come first, then let Mesut do it!” When he said, Mesut broke down slightly. But it was not coming out. Celal said, “Okay darling, whatever you want! Mesut, my son, you get off, May my breeze be at ease!” When he said, Mesut said, “Brother, what should I do in the forest?” said. “Damn it! I’ll call you when I’m done, don’t worry son, Meltem will blow us both away, right, Meltem?” when he said, “Yes my love!” I said. Mesut said, “Okay brother!” he said and got off.

I went behind the service. Celal came right behind me. I sat in a chair, by the window. “Meltemm!” Celal immediately smirked and started to inhale my scent. So I slowly removed my neck so that he could smell it well. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment for months, darling…” he started to turn me on. I was biting my lips, Celal slowly put his lip on my neck. She started to suck lightly. “Umm, ahh!” I was groaning low. He gently grabbed me and laid me under. It landed on my lips. We were kissing silently, he was sucking my lower lip, pulling it to himself as if he wanted to taste it. I was also watered down. His hand began to roam my legs. He lifted my arms and took off my sweater. I was enjoying the moment with my head thrown back and leaving my body in Celal’s big hands.

His hands slowly went to the buttons of my shirt. One button, two buttons, the third button, when she opened the top of my breasts came out of the bra. I was perfumed all over. He started to knead my breasts. “Ohhh, Meltemimm, my lovemmm!” He was licking the top of my breasts now. I slowly opened my legs and Celal came between them. While he was rubbing his dick, which looked like it was going to burst out of his jeans, on my cunt over my panties, he took my left breast out of my bra and started sucking it. I have always been affected by the licking of my breasts. My moans increased, “Uhhhh! Ohhhh!” I was pissing Celal off by saying that. When I removed my other breast, that docile, gentle Celal was gone, and a horny animal came. He was biting my breasts. “Ahh, my love, it hurts, ahhh!” I said. “Shut up bitch, you’re under me, I’m going to fuck your ass so hard that you won’t forget!” when he said, “Ahhh!” I replied with a groan. Now Celal was exploiting my breasts like crazy. I knew you liked to talk like that, I liked it too. Every now and then he takes his mouth off my nipples, “Ohhhh!” he was buried again.

I’m not exaggerating, he licked my breasts for 10-15 minutes. Now I could feel the juice of my pussy through my panties. Celal got up, immediately put his hand on his trousers, took them off in one fell swoop. When he took off his boxers, my eyes were wide open, a cock the size of my arm was in front of me. God, I thought I’d die for this beast. He got on me, “Open your mouth, you cunt bitch!” When he said it, I opened it without hesitation. He buried his cock in my mouth so deeply that it was up to my throat. And some of it was still outside. “Shut your mouth, shut it, vise well, damn it!” I hung up. Now I was like a Robot and I was going crazy. He started pumping into my mouth, every time he pumped his dick’s head was touching my throat and I was gagging. He told me, “Ohhh, em my love, em my bitch! Ohhh! You are great! I’m fucking your tight mouth, my Meltem! Ohhhh!” he said, squeezing my mouth. I was trying to get rid of I was now nauseous. ‘Gluk, gluk!’ I was making noises, I couldn’t control my saliva. It was shining brightly thanks to my cocky saliva.

“Ohhh, did my bitch miss the cock? What will I lick you today, you are mine today, Mesut and I will fuck you so hard that your ass will expand!” and all these curses were driving me crazy. I couldn’t speak, so I gently pushed him to stop. “Get it, alll!” he put it in my mouth, but he didn’t know that I was nauseous. It was sticking it up to my throat, but what would I have licked if he let go? And finally I punched him, he took his dick out of my mouth. I immediately got up, opened the door, and threw up. “Animal bastard! You are an animal!” I was throwing up. Jalal was smiling. “My love, how beautifully you vomit like in our fantasies!” when he said, “Fuck off, give me a napkin!” I shouted. He gave it, I cleaned my mouth, I got on the bus again. He closed the door again. This time he sat down in the chair right next to the door. He spread his legs. I waited for my stomach to settle a bit. We had these fantasies, make me vomit with your dick. He had succeeded.

With his hand he pricked up his big hairy cock, “Suck that bitch!” she commanded. I immediately fell to my knees. I gently grabbed his dick, “Now leave it to me, don’t get involved!” I said. “It’s yours, bitch!” When he said that, I spit well first, then slowly started to suck on that dick with my tongue, starting from his head. “Meltemimm, ahhh!” he was holding my head. And I took it in my mouth. That big cock was slipping on my tongue, I was good at blowjob. I still shoot well. I was showing all my skills to that big-cocked man. I was sucking as I sucked, moving my head back and forth, putting that big beautiful dick in my mouth, taking it out and making a jerk from time to time. Then I started sucking his big balls. “Ohhh, you’re the prettiest girl that ever gave me a blowjob, bitch! Come on suck, suck my love!” he said, putting his balls in my mouth. In the meantime, I would stop sucking and hit my dick with my tits.

Something occurred to me that I had never done before. I held my breasts with my hands and brought them together. I put his cock between him and gave a good spit. Now Celal was going back and forth between my breasts. Ohhhhh! What a pleasure it was to feel that big cock between my tits. Celal’s moans also increased. I got really fast. When I realized that it was going to ejaculate, I immediately took the head of his cock in my mouth, pulled the rest of it with my hand, and started licking it, making circles on the end with my tongue. He suddenly grabbed my head, “Ahhhhhhh!” he squirted his first cum on my tongue. I immediately opened my mouth, but since I only used my tongue, some of the offspring landed on my shirt. He emptied all his remaining semen into my mouth. It kept coming, it didn’t stop. I was also swallowing those warm semen with pleasure. Celal emptied them all. He still had his dick in my mouth, and my mouth was soggy. He squeezed her cock with his hand,

I took the big, bright cock out of my mouth. I smiled. And I swallowed it all with my head back. Celal had died of sweat and was still shaking in the armchair. At that moment, the door opened. At that time, I was busy swallowing sperm. Mesut said, “Brother, I’m going to die from anger, haven’t you fucked the wife yet?” When he said, Celal said, “Fuck you, fuck you now, don’t come back before we’re done!” yell. I was smiling looking at Mesut. I was a complete bitch. Mesut slammed the door shut.

Celal said, “My breeze, you know, this idiot has never fucked a girl so far, brother begged me to come too!” he smiled. I laughed too and said, “Love, fuck him first if you want to?” I said. Celal said, “Fuck you? Was it just a cocksucker?” said. “I won’t know anymore!” I got up. I took off my sperm-smeared school shirt, skirt, socks—all of it, only my thong remained. Celal said, “Ohhh, look at that!” he said and took his phone. He turned on the camera. He took all kinds of poses for me, so I covered my face. He got up and put on his boxers. He held out his cigarette, took one, lit it. We had a nice cigarette together.

For a moment, his eyes fell on my panties. “Look at my bitch, how watered down!” When he said that, I gave a mischievous smile, got up slowly and turned around. He spanked my thong ass, my big ass swayed like pudding. I bent down slowly, or rather, sticking out my ass. Slowly, I took off my panties. My pussy and my asshole were in front of him now. Would it ever stop, he immediately laid me on the couch. Opened my legs. He snuggled right up to me, he was smelling it. I was stroking his head with my hands. Finally she said, “Ohhh, tight, succulent, warm, beautiful pussy is my bitch!” he started licking my clit. I was out of breath at that moment. He was rubbing his beard, it was driving me crazy. I got really tight, “Uhhh!” I groaned. I was enjoying the way he was running his tongue on my pussy. Celal said, “Ohhh, my wife! ‘ she said, parting my lips, and starting to stick her tongue inside. “Em fucker, em, ahhh!” I was giving tempo. He started licking and stroking my pussy like crazy. He was sticking his tongue in it, throwing it left and right, driving me crazy. My contractions increased. I put my head to the side, my hands on his head, “Ahhh! Ohhhh!” I was licking my pussy with their voices.

When he put his tongue in my asshole, “Please lick my pussy, please!” I said. He laughed, and without hesitation he thrust his tongue into me again. Ohhhhhhh! God, I was flying! Not for a year, my love has been exploiting my untouched, fresh pussy to lie down. He increased the pressure on my clitoris, he knew I was having a Clitoral Orgasm. Now his hand had taken the place of his tongue. Now I was throwing myself up and down on the sofa, I felt my future. My legs were closing, my stomach was cramping. I was hot, sweating like crazy thanks to the wave of pleasure coming from my pussy. And my waters gushed. He immediately opened his mouth, sighed. He stuck his tongue. I was still shaking, struggling to open my eyes, having the best orgasm of my life and going crazy. When he saw me in this state, he pulled his tongue. I immediately covered my legs, put my hand on my clitoris and continued to caress. But my waist was in the air I was kicking the seat with pleasure. Every time my stomach twitches, “Ihhh, uhhh!” I was making noise. I finally collapsed.

Celal said, “Wow! I’ve never seen a girl have such an orgasm in my life!” said. “Fuck me!” I screamed involuntarily. He immediately plunged his tongue into my asshole. My waters were still draining. He parted the cheeks of my ass and stuck his tongue in my ass. No man (and only one man fucked my ass) had never done this to me. I was ashamed, after all, it’s ass. But Celal happily stuck his tongue in my ass and was blowing me away with his tongue. I was in hell. Celal said, “I’m going to fuck your ass, I’m going to fuck this beautiful ass!” he licked my ass.

“Do you want to fuck me in the ass?” I said. “Are you crazy, cheddar, of course I want it!” said. At that time, Mesut stuck his head in and said, “Celal brother, while you fuck the girl, let him at least suck my dick, I’m going crazy!” said. Celal said, “Ask my breeze!” said. “OK!” I said, I felt sorry for the child.

In the back, the windows were tinted, nothing was visible. But the same was not true for the windshield, it was immediately covered with a sun visor. We went to the back, all three of us. We undressed. Mesut was so fat that his dick had shrunk, probably from excitement. But my Celal had never lowered his dick. Mesut sat with his back to the window, spread his legs. He had a hairless, thin, short cock. He started stroking it with his hand. Celal immediately pressed me on my back, twisting me so that my eyes met with Mesut’s dick. And I immediately fell into Mesut’s unsteady dick. For the first time in my life, I was licking a slumped cock. I guess Mesut wasn’t enjoying it yet.

Celal passed behind me. I pulled Mesut’s dick out of my mouth, “My love, I have cream in my bag!” I said. “Oooo, look at the cheddar that came prepared!” he laughed. He took the cream out of my bag, and I pulled my ass well back. Opening my ass with both hands, she said, “Ohhh, look at that, pink, hairless… She’s prettier than in the photo!” While he was complimenting me, I enlivened Mesut’s dick and started giving a blowjob. He began to slowly feed the cream into my butthole. As he rubbed it up my ass, something awoke in me, my cunt was watering again. Every now and then, he would take water from my cunt with his finger and feed it to my ass.

“Immm!” a voice came from me. Celal said, “Warm, ohhh!” He began to slowly enter and leave with his finger. The dick in my mouth swelled up and Mesut started to moan. Every now and then, he touched my breasts as much as he could. Now Celal’s second finger was in my ass. He enlarged my ass hole quite a bit with two fingers. Then he pulled his fingers away and pressed the head of his dick. “Slow down!” when he said, “My love, I’m going to sting you in a moment, he’s used to it, don’t be tense!” said. And when it suddenly loaded and poked its head in, my eyes opened, “Iaaaahhh!” I screamed. Celal, on the other hand, said, “Ohhh, here I am, my Meltem, I am in it, ahhhhh!” he was saying.

It was as if a tree stump had entered my ass, not a dick. God, my asshole was on fire. Mesut was holding my head well, he was blowing his dick back and forth, but tears were coming from my eyes. I wanted to shout, but the dick in my mouth wouldn’t allow it. Celal pushed hard. I was literally crying. “Ohhh, my tight-ass bitch, whore, ohhhhh!” he was pushing, as if the man’s dick was not ending! my god! I was dying! I wanted it to come out of my ass, fuck my mouth for hours, make me vomit, but get it out of my ass! But I couldn’t speak. Mesut also increased the tempo, now he was squeezing my hair and squeezing my mouth…

Celal, “You got it my love, you got it, I’m in your ass!” he began to walk back and forth slowly. When Mesut took his dick out of my mouth for a while, “Ahhhhhh!” I screamed and “Please come out, please, I can’t stand it!” I said. But Celal said, “Mesut, shut up!” said. Mesut immediately put his dick back in my mouth. Now Celal was coming and going with pleasure behind me. Every time he entered, my ass tensed, my hole involuntarily contracted. Mesut took Celal’s phone, he was filming my pørnø. I was speechless from the pain, but after a while, my pleasure started to increase as Celal put his hand on my cunt. Celal had been pulling my ass for months, now he was fucking my ass without pity and this time he was surrounded by cries of pleasure. Yes, I was enjoying it like crazy, but I’m pretty sure that the reason I enjoyed getting my ass fucked was because his dick was inside of me. It wasn’t like having an orgasm, but it was enjoyable…

Celal started slapping my ass. Mesut also accelerated and said, “Ouuuhh! aaaah! Ahhh!” he started pouring his semen into my mouth. So I pressed his cock well in my mouth, he was squirting his cum, I was swallowing it. I swallowed them all. I was mad with pleasure. Mesut was still 31, but he was down right away. Celal, on the other hand, was constantly pumping my ass…

After fucking for like 15 minutes, he slowly took his dick out of my ass. I can’t help but let go of a solid fart. He’d like it if I farted, I knew. I never took it. Celal said, “Ohhh, I’m fucking you fart, my wife!” When I said that, I turned to him, “Fuck me darling, smash my ass, feed me today!” I said. It turned me right away. Mesut got up too. The field was very narrow. Mesut sat on the other seat, and I lay on the other seat. Mesut lit a cigarette. Celal took my legs on his shoulders, “My beautiful bitch!” he said and suddenly rooted his dick in my ass. “Ahhhh!” I screamed. Now that Mesut didn’t give me a blowjob, I could shout freely. While Celal was fucking my ass fast, my breasts were shaking. So I put my hand on my pussy, stroking my clitoris.

Celal bent towards my breasts, sucked them both in turn and started biting. They were livid from being sucked, bitten. By the way, I was flying with pleasure. “Ohhhhhh! Fuck me Celal, smash my ass, fuck me man, own me!” I was moaning. All these groans had excited Celali, and he started pumping it with all his might. My ass was split, I wasn’t in control of my hole, I kept farting involuntarily as I accelerated. my god! Actually, I was ashamed, but Celal loved my farting. I liked it too. He left my breasts for a while and stuck to my lips…

“Wifemmmm, ohhhh, I’m comingmmmm!” when he said, “Pour it into me! Pour it in my ass! Asseeee!” I started moaning. Celal accelerated, accelerated and stopped. Her semen started pouring into my staccato ass. It was pouring like crazy, as if it was pouring from a glass. And I ejaculated stroking my Clit. He hugged me without getting out of my ass. Meanwhile, Mesut had also lifted his dick, waiting for his turn. Celal waited for his dick to get smaller, then he took it out of my ass. The fertile had infiltrated the seat. My ass was slippery like crazy, my asshole was aching like hell. My first girlfriend who fucked my ass had a big dick too, but not this much.

Jalal said, “Ohhhhh!” he slumped into the chair. He picked up the phone, lifted my legs again. He took a picture of my butthole with his hand. Then he said, “Look what has become of your asshole my love!” He said and showed me the photo he took. I’m really scared! The cheeks of my ass were clawed, red, and the inside of my ass was showing. My asshole was huge! I put my hand in my ass, two fingers were getting into the hole without any problems. When I lowered my legs and gathered myself a little, Mesut said, “Stop girl, I’ll fuck you too!” said. “Are you going to fuck like this? Will it stomach you? Wait a minute, let me clean up!” I said. Just as I approached Celal with love and in the manner of a bitch, I was treating Mesut as nervous and commodified. Because I didn’t want him to fuck me, but he would, I couldn’t say no.

I took some napkins in my hand, got down, I was naked. I crouched under a tree. The sprouts that flowed from my ass flowed down my ass cheeks to the ground. Of course, my farts didn’t stop. It was like air was coming out of my ass. I put my fingers in my ass, I pulled out all the seeds well. Then I cleaned it well with a napkin and made it ready for Mesut. When I got in the car, Mesut had his dick up and couldn’t wait to fuck my ass. “Let me rest for a while, my ass is on fire, let’s have a cigarette!” I said. We lit cigarettes right away. When we finished our cigarettes, I curled up next to Mesut and took my ass out. He didn’t need to cream, Celal had already made my asshole huge.

Mesut got behind me. He quickly shoved his thin dick up my ass. Lie, “Ahhh!” I groaned, but I got it right away. He started to fuck me fast in my ass. I was playing with my pussy again, trying to have fun. Celal was sitting in the driver’s seat, turning on heavy arabesque music, and opening a beer, cigarette in hand, watching us. Mesut said, “Ohhh, broiii, thank you so much, ohhh, it’s my first time ass fuck, ahhh!” he thanked Celal. Celal said, “Son, thank Meltem, not me!” when he said, he immediately bent down, “Ohhh, what a beautiful ass you have, beautiful girl, ohh, how beautiful you are!” he started talking funny. It’s like he was complimenting me.

“Brother, please jump on me a little bit, I’ve always wanted it!” I laughed and said, “Mesut, you are fucking me, fuck me as you want!” I said. This one came right out of my ass and he lay on the couch, and I sat on his dick with my breasts in his face. Now that my ass could take everything, I started to get up and down. Mesut was moaning under me, as if I was fucking Mesut. He was stroking my breasts, squeezing them out. Their moans increased.

He said to her, “Open your mouth!” I commanded, pressed my breasts to his mouth, and snuggled up against him. I was getting your dick better this way and getting my tits licked was driving me crazy. I slowly pulled my head back, I wanted to enjoy my pussy, I took Mesut’s hand, brought it to my pussy so that it was right on my Clitoris and said, “Don’t stick your finger, I’m a virgin, come on, caress my love!” I said. When Mesut started to caress my clitoris, I got a lot of pleasure, now I started to moan too. It was quite smoky. I started jumping on Mesut with all my might. Mesut’s moans increased and he suddenly started to squirt his semen into my ass. I’m deeply buried in his dick, so I made him squirt all his cum. My ass was overflowing, probably all the way to the very bottom of my intestines. I got off it slowly.

We were there for about 3 hours. 1.5 hours of that had passed with them fucking my ass and I didn’t want to be fucked in my ass anymore. Because my hole had become huge and I was afraid now. So I sat in the other seat, if you could call it sitting, because my asshole was on fire. Then I thought of the sprouts in my ass, I got out of the car again so that it would not flow on the seat. I squatted, farted farts, sprouts. Then, “Celal, is there any water?” I asked. He gave me a bottle of water. I immediately poured it on my hand, thoroughly washed my ass. It hurt and it was really big. I dried myself with a napkin and got back in the car. I lit another cigarette. I was still naked and a very heavy Arabesque song was playing. I was literally feeling like a bitch and that gave me a lot of pleasure.

When I finished my cigarette, I put on my thong and skirt. I didn’t wear a bra, I just wore my shirt, but there was a semen stain on the chest of my shirt. I deleted it as much as I could. Celal and Mesut got down and set up the barbecue. I stayed in the van until they cooked the meat. It smelled like meat. Meanwhile, I fixed my messy make-up and tidied myself up. I put on my sweater and got off.

I was hungry right now. Beer and meat were excellent. Of course, I’m in Celal’s lap, he puts meat in my mouth, we were having fun and eating our dinner. Celal said, “My love, normally I don’t fuck this hard, but we did it so hard because you like it, I hope you’re not offended?” said. I laughed, pressed a kiss to his lips, “You drove me crazy, but you can’t fuck my ass any more, you’ve made it too big!” I said. Celal said, “Oh, but it didn’t happen, now we would have fucked another post!” He said, “My love, I’m seriously scared now, so my ass has gotten so big and my farts haven’t stopped, but I’ll give you both a good blowjob again!” I said.

Celal said, “Well, come on!” she said and took off her panties. “My love won’t be here, bullshit!” Before I could say it, he stuck his dick in my mouth. I took it out, “My love, someone will see!” I said. But who is listening, “We had it in our fantasy, come on, my love!” said. “What the fuck are we going to eat if someone comes along?” I said. “Oh no, come on down!” said. I collapsed. Mesut also sat next to me and said, “Brother, it will not be like this, there is a blanket in the car, let’s lay it out!” said. He went and brought the blanket and laid it on the ground…

Two men had slept with them now, and I was giving blowjobs to both of them. But mostly to Celal. Celal, too, enjoys watching my blowjob, collecting my hair that fell in front of me, “Ohhh, Meltemimmm, ohhh!” he was moaning. Mesut suddenly got up and walked behind me, trying to shove his dick in my ass. I throw my hand back and say, “No don’t, I don’t want to!” I said. Celal said, “Look at me, bitch, fuck you now, you’re out of your ass, you’ll come to your senses! Take the boy’s dick in your ass!” when he said, “No, you can’t fuck my ass, that’s enough, cum in my mouth!” I said. Celal was angry, “Damn bitch, don’t make me crazy, I’ll fuck you 10 people over there!” said. I was pissed too, “No blowjob for you either!” I said, quickly got into the minibus. As if I had a place to run! Celal got on the minibus, and Mesut came right after him. Celal said, “Come on, don’t be coy bitch, we’re going to fuck your ass one more time!” saying,

Celal, “You’re itchy cunt!” He laid me down on the armrest, and Mesut held my arms. “Stop what are you doing?!” Before I could say it, Celal opened my legs and peeled off my skirt. “Duuuur!” I was shouting, punching. But Celal said, “Bitch, what a precious ass you have, can’t I fuck your cunt now!” saying, ‘Caaartt!’ she tore my panties. “Don’t fuck with me, please don’t do it, okay, shove it in my ass!” I didn’t have to say it, he spread my legs wide. My pussy was like a pumpkin now. “Please my love, please don’t do it!” without saying “Ohhh!” a voice. Incredible pain. And yes, blood was dripping from my cunt. There was a moment of silence. My pussy went numb with the effect of the big dick that got inside me. Celal said, “You’re mine now!” said. Yes, I was a 17-year-old woman now! Celal broke my maidenhood, which I was planning to marry one day and give to my husband.

He grabbed his bloody cock, he tore my shirt, my breasts were in the middle, all the buttons were ripped off one by one. I was crying too. Everything had started very well, but now it had turned into rape. I didn’t want to, “God gave me my trouble! I was thinking, “Look, you’ve lost your virginity from chasing dicks.” He wiped my virginity blood on my shirt. And now my pussy was open, his hole was slightly red, I was no longer a girl. Celal put it to my ass without thinking. It started doing it back and forth, but my walls were struggling. He was sucking his dick like a vacuum. After a while, I started to enjoy it. “Okay, my maiden is gone, I wanted it, I’m itchy, at least let me enjoy it.” I was thinking now. I started moaning.

“Look at the bitch bro, how she enjoyed it when she ate the dick.” said Mesut. They were laughing like animals. “Fuck! Fuck it! Get my pussy together! Come on guys!” I started moaning. Mesut started stroking his upturned cock. “Ohhhh look at the pussy, how narrow it is, I’ve never had a maiden in my life other than my wife, ohhh!” he began to say. God, I was dying of pleasure. If I had known it would be this fun, I would have given it away beforehand. No, what my husband will say, or if my family finds out that I am not a virgin, the thoughts are completely gone from my head, now I was enjoying the big cock that pierced me and made me explode with pleasure.

My phone rang. “Wait, my mom is calling!” I said. Mesut took my phone out of my bag and gave it to me. Jalal was still pumping. “Stop my love!” I said but who is listening? “Open Open!” he said, I answered my sister on the phone. “Where are you Meltem?” when she said, “Uh, sister, I’m with my friends, what happened uh” I said. “Why is your voice gasping?” When she said, “Sister, I’m catching the bus, tell me quickly!” I said, “What can I say, look, my pad is gone, I got my period, buy me a pad, you know, those ultra thin ones!” she said, “use my pad!” I said. “Don’t stop saying pad on the street, I saw you don’t have it, you have money anyway.” and hung up. So I threw the phone away and concentrated on getting fucked again. I was motivating Celal by saying “Ohhh my man, fuck my pussy, my husband…”.

It came out of me, “You take it inside!” said. I just sat down, straightened my hand, sat down and the phone again! This time Damla is my best friend. “Where are you my daughter?” said she, “I’m not hanging out!” I said. “Your sister called me to see if Meltem is with me, I said, I don’t know what the fuck you are doing, but just so you know!” he hung up. I just kept getting fucked. My boobs were shaking like crazy. Celal’s moans increased, he started to say “I’m coming, I’m coming”. I immediately took it out of me, I emptied Celal by stroking it with my hand. His sperm had landed in his belly. “Ohhhh!” he sighed. I immediately jumped into his belly, bent over, turned slightly to the door, and started licking the semen in Celal’s belly. In Mesut, he thought it was his turn, he immediately spat on his dick, and in one move he shoved it into my pussy. “Ayyy!” I was startled, because I wasn’t expecting it. Mesut was now going back and forth in my cunt with pleasure. So I started licking Celal’s half upturned dick. “Ohhh, Meltemmmm em your husband’s dick!” Then, just as the wave of pleasure started in my cunt again, Mesut pulled his dick, and he emptied his semen towards my waist. It didn’t take 5 minutes for him to fuck me in the ass. But he fucked my ass for close to 15 minutes. He must have been excited. He rubbed his dick in my asshole and cleaned it. So I emptied Celal once again with my mouth, it wasn’t fully upturned.

I’m stuck. It had been 5 hours. Fucked in my pussy, mouth, between my breasts, I was no longer a virgin. I took another napkin and wiped the semen off my waist. But there was no way for me to go like this. My panties are torn, my shirt is in blood, insemination on my skirt. If I was raped, it would be so bad that I did, but I wanted it. Celal got down and lit a cigarette again. There was no limit to the cigarette I smoked. Mesut and I stayed in the service, we lit cigarettes. In the meantime, I was wiping everything with my hand with a napkin, I had to take a shower as soon as I got home. My head was smelling like cigarettes. While Celal was outside smoking a cigarette, I straightened my skirt, put on my bra, and put on my black cardigan.

“Are you mad at me?” said. “Yes, I was angry, I wish you hadn’t taken my virginity, but it happened, it was beautiful.” I said. “I lost myself, sorry.” he said, “Okay, it’s okay, and I took all this into account when I met you, I knew what was going to happen to me.” I said. “Did you like it?” when he said, “Yes, everything was unforgettable. I said. We walked for a while, “Actually, this Mesut job got on my nerves!” He said, “Hey, why did that goods come? I thought I would be with you!” I said. “Don’t ask, your boss’s son is a piece of shit. It’s pretty annoying, if he knew I was going he would have told the boss for sure.” I understood it. “Anyway, the child has become a national, my love.” I said. He kissed my lips, “What if I feel bad.” when he said, “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s over, I’m not a virgin anymore, it’s fine, what if someone else raped you?” I said. Look at work, it’s like Celal who was raped. “I couldn’t help myself, I’m so sorry.” He said, “Okay, it doesn’t matter, but let’s go now please, I’m late.”

We got in the car, Mesut was dressed. “Let’s stop somewhere my love, I need to buy a new shirt.” That said, we found a place. It occurred to me when Mesut was going to get it, and I told him to get a box of Peds. A few minutes later he came back with a bag in his hand. Pad had it too. But I can’t explain how tight the shirt is. There is no bra anyway, my nipples have become clear. While driving to my house, he said, “I don’t come home in the evenings by shuttle, drop me here, I have to walk.” when he said, “Okay, but be careful, there is no skirt underneath, your ass is in the middle, go with a razor.” I laughed when I said that. “OK!” I said, he opened the door, “I’ll call you in the evening.” said. They kissed my lips one last time, and I got off. “Your panties are here!” when he said, “Let it be a memory.” I said and laughed.

I entered the house, but my cunt was still aching. It really hurt, especially my ass. My sister was at home. “Why did you come early?” When she said, “Don’t ask, we ate before trying, but sister, you can’t believe it, I have diarrhea like crazy, don’t be silly, I’m going to piss me off!” when he said, “Did you get a pad?” said. “I got it, in my bag!” I said, running into the bathroom. I took my top off first. Then slowly my cardigan. I took off the tight shirt, my breasts were purple. Teeth marks and bruises were mostly around my chest. Then I took off my skirt, but I couldn’t put it on like this, it was dirty, there was a big sperm stain. I thought about what I should do, then I immediately threw it into the sink, I turned on the water, but it was clearer. I had nothing to do, I washed by hand the skirt that Celal impregnated.

I looked at my neck in the mirror, partially bruised. Then I turned, my ass red and fingernail marks. It hurt when I touched it. I slowly pulled it apart with my hand, I said oh my god, my hole had become huge and was still trying to close. I meandered to myself, but even with the twitch, there was still a clearing. I was thinking that I hope it would be okay, I would apply a nice ointment after the shower, I was thinking to myself that it would be like I wasn’t fucked. My pussy is still thin, but of course there was a redness on the tip, I think it was irritated, because Celal had taken my pus without diluting it, and it had stinged with dryness. I had to take a shower as soon as possible, I got into the shower right away. I was sweating like crazy. I took a good bath under the water, massaged my holes with some cold water. I went out and put on my bathrobe. I covered the bruises on my body with foundation. It’s a strange feeling to be raped, but I wanted it I lost my pussy when I said I was going to save my ass. It didn’t matter anymore, I enjoyed it once! All my doors are now open.

I went out and went to my room. My parents had come, I went into my room, got the ointment, put it on my ass, pussy, nipples. I was literally fucked, my ass was blown. I put cream all over me, then I never wear it at home, I wore a bra, one comfortable cotton panties so that it wouldn’t show. I was wearing gray sweatpants, a white T-shirt, and we sat down to dinner. During the meal, I remembered what I had experienced all day. My mother said, “What happened, girl, you’re stagnant?” he was saying. “Nothing, my stomach hurts, what I ate before trying it today broke my bike, bon appetit to you.” I said and went to my room.

I lay on my bed. I closed my door. I opened my phone, it was Celal who texted. “My love, believe me, I did not enjoy it like this, but again, I’m sorry, I can make up for my mistake, if you want I can even marry you?” was writing. “Don’t be silly, but please don’t text anymore, I also trust you, please delete my videos and photos!” I said. He sent them all to me, especially in my video I was moaning so much that professional bitches fucked me up next to me! “I deleted them all, I didn’t want it to be like this, I couldn’t help myself because of the beer, I’m sorry, I also talked to Mesut.” said. “Okay Goodnight!” I said. He never texted me again. I couldn’t sleep all night. A little bit of pain in my pussy and ass was gone. It was like 4 in the morning when I slept, but I was exhausted.

The next day I got up, as if the semen was still in my ass, I had such a feeling, I couldn’t trust it, I took another shower. The bruises were gone. It was on my neck too. I put on my school uniform, but I have a strange feeling, I went to school. I felt like everyone was staring at me all day. It’s like they knew I was fucked. It seemed like they knew everything about me not being a virgin anymore. I had to tell someone. I could have told my dear friend Damla, but not as it is. I was bored in the afternoon, I had an exam in the afternoon, but I had already forgotten today’s exam because I was busy being fucked yesterday. At noon, to Damla, “Let’s go!” I said. “Girl, are you worth it, there is an exam!” said. We had to take the exam. My exam was also awful. There was no classroom at the exit. We went to a park and sat down. Damla was dying of curiosity:

“You have something, Meltem, tell me!”

“Ya Damla, I think I did something bad…”

“What did you do mate?”

“There was a boy named Celal in the other high school, we were texting, anyway, he came yesterday and picked me up with his car…”


“Well, get it!”

“How so?”

“Oh, he fucked me!”

“What’s wrong with your brother, did he really take your virginity?”

(Damla was shocked!)

“He took it, he fucked it from the back, front, mouth and everywhere!”

“So what happened?”

“I think you don’t understand my droplet, I say fuck it! Look!”

(I slightly showed the bruise on my breast!)

“Oh, what an exploited animal! So how was it, did you give a good fuck?”

“Damla, fuck her virginity or something, get rid of it. You’re enjoying it like crazy, I just passed out!”

“Oh actually uh…”

“Did you give it to Doğukan?”

Damla had fucked himself too, he explained in detail with a smile. Then I told him, but not that I was fucked or raped in the woods. I never talked about Mesut, I just told how Liseli (!) Celal fucked me by adapting it myself…

After that day, Celal did not text me. I was no longer a virgin and life was just beginning 🙂

Lots of sex everyone!

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