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My sister is a very attractive girl
I am writing from samsun. I am 20 years old. I have a decent physique.
My name is Hasan. A woman named Sevgi lives in our neighborhood. She is also our neighbor. She is an accountant. She is married. I know her husband well. She is an accountant.

We met with her husband, Murat, in the neighborhood a month ago. She
told me that she would go to Ankara this week if she wanted something. I
would help her if she
needed it.
I asked. He said can you buy me shampoo and bread. I said I will buy it. What do you
mean.. Anyway, I went to the market and bought what they wanted.. I went to your house…

He thanked me. I was just going down the stairs to the staff when Hasan behind me said I forgot my bag,
or can you take it? We said yes to him. He handed
me the key and said I can be in the bathroom, if you come, leave the
bag inside. I said fine. I took the bag and I came. I came in. I came in. The
sound of water from the bathroom was opening. .devil fell icime.already, no
one is at home..I approached the bathroom.

I started looking through the hole in the door . It’s impossible to have a body like dick went upright.I took my dick out of my
pants and started rubbing it.She’s a
crazy woman.I knew she was going to come out of the bathroom.I immediately went to the living
room.She doesn’t know that I’m inside of course.she put her clothes in the living room
too.. unlike me there I was there. God just came in.
I’m sitting on the sofa. The woman was weird. She was naked . I was seeing her pussy. It was
obvious that she was embarrassed.. She took the towel and wrapped it around her.

She said are you here . I said sorry, sister, I brought the bag.
She couldn’t say anything. I immediately went after her. The woman’s face was uneasy . I said to my sister, believe me, you are very beautiful.

The weather was with a towel. I approached you. I said look, no one will hear
me . I said you took it, I said you’re the culprit. I hugged him by approaching him. He was fluttering . I said don’t scream. I cling to his lips.. he was breathing like crazy. I threw the towel.

I started kissing your cunt. I was licking my pussy like crazy. I was sucking on my pussy lips . I was
squealing. I was just ejaculating. I was full of ejaculation. I emptied it with all my strength . ..I started to fuck her. She was screaming… I grabbed her breasts with both my hands and ejaculated in her pussy…

We made love for 2 hours..then we went to the living room..I said for the last time..he didn’t let himself go to
me anymore..we smoked a cigarette..I sat on the couch and took him in my
lap and started to was awesome minutes..we were making love like crazy..I squeezed his body and ejaculated
again… I was back in my seat. I
started licking his ass.. we were

my dick was like a pile.. I started to push him behind him.. I got in it even though it was hard.. I emptied myself in a crooked state.. we both
got tired..then
we got dressed..agreed..I left
their they are on seems that I can’t stand it and hang again

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