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Yes, let me continue. We sat at the table and had breakfast together with Derya. Then
she left the cups of tea and lifted the table. She turned on the TV,
we sat on the sofa and started drinking tea . He said that I am suffering a lot about it . I said that I am not angry and my wife is pleased with me. Obviously, I always listen to you, you both have pleasure for 2 days of the mistake, I wake up with my hair. You see, we can’t bring the end together.

He said. Then he took the empty teapot with empty glasses to the kitchen
. He came to me, brother, I was very narrow, he said can I take off my head cover
. I said maybe. She took off her hijab, messed up her hair, she unbuttoned her shirt,
she took off her socks, of course I didn’t look at her while reaching for her socks.
Sorry dude, she said I got too narrow. I said okay. My eyes were
caught on my legs, but it was obvious that her legs were hairy, but
she had epilation. Then she started to sob. What
should I do, brother, I can’t stand it , he said
, what is my ordeal. I put my hand on his shoulder and approached him and said ok
don’t cry and I buried him in his lips and he pulled his mouth and my brother
He said I need it but you don’t have it. I continued without paying attention and stretched it out on the
sofa. I stripped naked. I was madly licking his lips, ears,
breasts and sucking. Then I took off my clothes. I
put my dick in his mouth. He was almost eating my dick with years of longing. Then I licked her
legs and all over her cunt. It was my turn for the final blow. No matter how much I make love, I don’t
ejaculate half an hour earlier. Anyway, first
I put my 17 cm thick but very thick cock around your pussy a little bit
, come on, come on, come in now and my new husband was wailing for you old
. as soon as i entered, i fucked up and started commuting quickly. ahhh
ohh their voices and moans were covering the room and even the house. TV
We turned the volume up to the fullest. I ejaculated 5 times in the
evening and we had sex like crazy. Then when I said if you get pregnant ,
he left the brother. My husband said I’m getting an injection, don’t be afraid , it’s
not possible for me to get pregnant.
We did it. In the following days,
I will write that we put the work into fantasy.

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