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Greetings, I am a 25-year-old young person living in Ankara .
I would like to tell you about this very sweet memory that happened to me 3 years ago. I
came to Ankara to study 7 years ago, after having won the university.
After graduating from university, I decided to live in Ankara.
My father told me to come to his village one last time before he moved for good. So
did I. 3 years ago, in the middle of July, I finally returned to my village.
My fathers moved to the house they had built and the farm hut was
left to my grandmother. The night I arrived dinners eaten, songs sang. When it got really late
, my father said, “Your room has not been whitewashed yet, you better
stay with your grandmother tonight, and the lady misses you.” OK
I said I hadn’t seen her for 4 years, I was going to stay with her for the last time.
We came home with my grandmother, she prepared a mattress for me and she went to bed herself.
I also went to drink water. I went but I couldn’t find a glass.
I went to my grandmother’s room to ask her what to see, my grandmother was
undressing with her back to the door. The 65-year-old woman’s ass was still like a stone.
My dick was huge. I slowly stroked my dick
and watched her until my grandmother put her nightgown over her naked body and went to bed, then I went back to
bed. I couldn’t sleep, of course, I had n’t
had the slightest chance with girls in Ankara anyway .

I went inside when my grandmother was undressing again. It was like a pile, I couldn’t stand my dick again and I approached my
grandmother, who was wearing only one panties, from behind, I held her on the one hand, and I hugged her waist and started caressing her sagging breasts on the other hand, I said, “Ohh my grandmother, I missed you so much”. My grandmother said “stop my son, let me get dressed” hastily but I insisted “I want you naked” My grandmother looked at me with a shocked expression on her face. I made him fall on his knees by pressing his head and I took my pants down and forced my dick into his mouth “I’ve been crazy for years, you’re going to comfort me now” I said my grandmother started to saxo desperately . it was great.

I took my dick out of her mouth and put her on the bed I started licking her tits
then I took her panties off and spread her legs and fucked her.
I fucked my grandmother screaming for minutes and then I ejaculated inside.
I fucked her every day for 2 weeks until I came back to Ankara. The poor woman
didn’t say anything to anyone. Last year, I went to the village again. She fucked my
grandmother without even protesting

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