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One day, I went to the famous Kemeraltı bazaar, it was crowded
there. I was constantly rubbing women from behind while walking in the congestion. But
there was one of them. My book was a disaster. Even though she was 40 or 45 years old, her breasts were straight, her
hips were big and she looked very fresh. I was interested so I followed him
. Everywhere he stood, I was walking behind him, for a while he turned and looked at me,
but I didn’t give a shit, he
realized that too, but he couldn’t say anything, this gave me courage. I started to hold on well
, after a certain time, he started to respond, and he started to caress the 17 with his hand , by
the way. He came after me and I
started following him. We went to a cafe, we talked for a while and he asked me what I wanted.
I said I want you too, she liked it. He told me that he hasn’t been fucking for a
long time, we went into the cafe’s wc sinwe, he
took the 17th bottle in his mouth without wasting any time, he was licking it so well that I almost ejaculated before he put it in his ass.
Anyway, this time I started to lick him, I almost licked
his whole body, especially I licked his cunt and
his ass hole
. it was obvious he didn’t give it from the ass well I licked his ass well and I
opened it a little bit but he was scared he said don’t fuck it but in vain I
have fucked that ass
After pushing hard, of course, a big scream broke out, but I did n’t
stop and started to go back and forth, now he started to enjoy it too

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