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benim hesabım Hello Dear Readers Of Sex Story And Fuck Story I Will Tell You The Most Beautiful Sex Story That Has Happened To Me, Sit Back And Take Your Napkin, I Hope You Enjoy The Good Reading Friends, I Took The Picture Secretly, If You Post A Comment, I Will Share My Sister-in-Law’s Instagram And Other Pictures With You In The Comments, Good Reading Friends

Friends My Name Is Wind 24 Years Old My Brother Ercan Oda 32 Years Old His Wife Didem Oda 28 Years Old White Skin Beautifully Groomed And Hot Woman I Didn’t Look At My Sister-in-Law This Way But Really A Sex Machine Officially Friends Have A 4 Year Relationship With My Brother They have Been Married For 1 Year But My Sister-In-Law Has Just Got 5 Months Pregnant So I Think My Sister-In-Law Is A Fresh Pregnant Sex Machine My Brother Is A Little Meticulous Obviously My Sister-in-Law Is Horny And I’m Starting The Story Friends I Won’t Tell You In A Little Detail While Reading Too Long Don’t Get Bored With You

I Go to My Brothers on Weekends, I Stay With My Brother, My Brother Is A Spindle, We’re Like Friends, Not Brother, Brother, So We Drink Alcohol, I Smoke Together, Don’t Mix, And So We Have A Bond, I Went to My Brothers on Saturday, But My Sister-in-Law Started That Evening, Everything Didn’t Look Before, We Set Up A Nice Raki Table With My Brother, Drank A Double, My Sister-In-Law, Or Husband And Wife, They Go And Drink Somewhere, My Sister-In-Law Made Nice Meat Dishes, Snacks, Fruit Plates, Etc. We’ll Have A Nice Night, Obviously, My Sister-In-Law Would Have Been Better If She Wasn’t Pregnant, She Had The Opportunity To Get Drunk, At Least Because She’s Pregnant, A Double To Accompany The Environment. He Drank We’re Drinking Like SpongeBob With My Brother At Midnight, We’re Really High, We’re Having Fun, My Brother Got Up In The Toilet, My Sister-in-Law Asked Me Or Something, Did He Ask How Are Things Going, Did Your Lover Open A Conversation By Saying Someone You’re Talking To, And We Started Talking, I Don’t Want a Lover, I Don’t Have A Sister-in-Law, He Said I Don’t Have Girlfriends, But The Topic of Lovers Seems Ridiculous To Me, I’m Already Doing The Same Things With My Girlfriends, When My Sister-in-Law Said, Have Fun With Girls, Have Fun, Etc., I Don’t Want a Lover In My Life, Or Something Like That, I Started Saying, No, I Don’t Have Girlfriends, I Don’t Have Girlfriends, But I Said, I’m Already Doing The Same Things With My Girlfriends, When My Sister-in-Law Said, I’m Having Fun With My Sister-in-law, I’m Having Fun With My Sister-in-law, I’m Having Fun With My Sister-in-Law. He Lifted One of Them Up, What Kind of Things Did They Say, So What Did You Think, Sister-in-Law, I Said, That Is, I Said, Are You Having Sexual Conversations With Your Normal Friend, He Said, Yes, I’m Seeing a Beautiful Girl, I Said For 5 6 Months, He Makes Me Happy, He Doesn’t Need to Be a Lover, I Said, But My Sister-in-Law’s Look Changed That Evening, So My Brother Still Hasn’t Come From the Sink

Something Caught My Attention My Sister-in-Law’s Only Hand Was Always Under The Table, So I Wondered, I Pretended To Scratch My Foot, I Bent Under The Table, And My Sister-in-Law Was Squeezing Her Pussy With Her Hand Between Her Legs, I Don’t Know Why, But She Was Separating Her Pussy’s Lips With Her Hand, I Wondered If It Was Something About The Child, But My Sister-in-Law Was Officially Horny, I Wondered If She Was Wet From The Pink Sweatsuit She Was Wearing, She Was Horny, How Do I Attack, My Brother Came, He Played With His Hair In The Toilet, Decked Out For Minutes, Obviously, My Brother Was On The TV, And Stretching Out His Feet, Looking For A Movie, I’m Still Story I Pull And I’m Drinking My Brother Closed His Eyes For A While, I Think He Started Leaking My Brother, I Didn’t Make Any Noise So He Slept Nicely, I was Thinking About Ways To Adjust My Sister-in-Law, My Brother-in-Law Called Out Ercan Ercan on The Couch, He Passed Out, But There Was No Sound, My Brother-in-Law Was Asleep, My Sister-in-law Got Up And Took The Remote From His Hand And Covered Something On It, I Saw That His Back Was Wet, My Sister-in-Law Bent Down To Take The Remote From My Brother’s Hand, My Sister-in-Law’s Pussy Got Wet, Took The Remote From The Bedroom, Put It Back He was Going To Buy A Blanket, Sister-in-Law, I Think You’re Sitting Somewhere With Water Pouring On You I said, Why Did My Sister-in-Law Come Back, She Said.

Auntie, There’s Obviously Wet Behind You, I Said Because It’s Pink, My Auntie Started Saying to Herself, So What Am I Going to Do Or Something, Auntie, I Said To Myself, The Clothes I Wear at Home, I Don’t Always Have Nightgown-Style Sweatpants, She Said, Put Them On, I Said, I Don’t Know, My Auntie Is Lying On Her Feet, You’re Not A Stranger, She Said My Auntie Went In, I Wanted To Watch Her From The Door of The Room, My Auntie Intentionally Did It, Or Seriously, My Door Was Left Ajar, I Don’t Know, But It Was December, So I Leaned Towards Watching Secretly, I’m Standing My Sister-in-Law Started Taking Off Her Top Because One Amk Had Such A Great Body, I Didn’t Even Imagine It Like That, I Saw My Sister-in-Law Bending Down To Get Her Nightgowns From The Bed, And In A Domestic Way, I See Water Flowing From My Sister-in-Law’s Pussy, I Don’t Know How Bad It Was, When My Sister-In-Law Was About To Put Her Hand Towards Her Pussy And Touch Her Wet Pussy, She Suddenly Became Strange, Closed Her Eyes Or Something, And Playing With Herself, I Wonder If Sex Is Forbidden, My Brother Doesn’t Touch Such A Beautiful Gazelle, But I Can’t Forgive, My Wave Suddenly Got Too Hard, I Suddenly Entered My Sister-In-Law’s Hand In Your Stomach He Loves His Child, And He Was Touching Her Wet Pink Clean Pussy With the Other Hand, And Suddenly When He Came In, My Sister-in-Law Tried to Close It With Her Hands, But I’m Drunk And I’ve Been Very Bad, Aunt, I’ve Been Watching You For Minutes, I’ve Been Very Bad, I’ve Been Saying To Me, Be Quiet, Your Brother Here, Get Out of The Room, Look, He Misunderstands, Aunt, I Started Moving Towards Him, Saying I’m Very Bad, Sister-in-Law, I’m Touching My Hand, I’m Walking Around A Little, My Sister-in-Law, I’m Trying to Jul Him Up By Saying Such A Beauty, My Brother Doesn’t Touch My Sister-in-Law, It’s Not Good, Because My Sister-in-Law Is Falling Out.

She Said We Can’t Have Sex Since I Got Pregnant, So She Said I Satisfy Myself By Reading A Sex Story And Watching Porn, When You Talked Like That, The Youth Thing Came To Mind With Your Brother, She Said I’m Bad, So She Said Now I’m Going To Heal You, Sister-in-Law, I Opened The Button Of My Pants, And Holding My Sister-In-Law’s Hand, Touch Her Alive, Satisfy Yourself With This, I Said My Sister-In-Law Stood Up, Went Inside, Checked My Brother, Locked The Door Behind And Knelt In Front Of Me, Opening Her Legs, Took My Dick In Her Hand And Examined It, It’s Huge, It’s Thick And Veiny, And Sem Hard, Asking If This Would Hurt The Child He Doesn’t Give Half As Much As His Brother Does, But He Said As If He Could Give It, And He Was Kissing Licking My Homesick Baby Dick, He Officially Tried To Take It All And He Couldn’t Do It, It Was Making A Lot Of Noise, And It Wasn’t Going Too Big, I Couldn’t Stand Licking My Aunt, Playing With Her Pussy, I Told Her To Get Up, And I Asked Her To Lie Down On The Bed, My Sister-in-Law Stretched Out Her Legs, And I Licked Such A Pussy In Life, I Opened Her Legs, And She Smelled So Clean And So Good, I Bent Down To Lick Her Pussy, And I Collected Her Wet Water In My Mouth, Vacuuming It All, My Sister-in-law Is Officially Freaking Out, She Kept Saying, Honey, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking, She Kept Licking Jul She was Hurting, I Stayed While All The Pleasure Waters Were In My Mouth, And Going To Her Lips, Poured Her Own Pleasure Waters Into Her Mouth, Emptied Her Mouth Into Her Breasts, And Started Playing, I Was Continuing With Them, Licking, I Stuck My Tongue Halfway Up Her Pussy, It’s Burning Hot, My Sister-in-Law Called Out To Me, Saying Get Up And Get Inside Me Immediately, I Got Into My Sister-in-Law, My Sister-in-Law Tore My Back, Pushed Herself Towards Me, And She Took It All In, My Sister-In-Law’s Eyes Turned To Say, If I Had Slept With You, I Would Have Said Before It Started, My Sister-in-Law Began to Pass Out Now I Don’t Have A Baby Anymore, I’m Hitting Hard, Like On Your Stomach, I Lost Myself, I’m Trying To Push Your Legs Towards Your Head With The Addition Of A Little Alcohol, To Stick More, My Sister-in-Law Said It Hurts, I Left It, There’s No Point In Scorning To Do So, We Fuck My Sister-In-Law For A Few Minutes, I Lifted My Sister-In-Law Up, And I Want To Touch Both Her Stomach And Her Breasts, I Want To Touch My Sister-in-Law, But My Sister-In-Law Got Up, Went Inside, Looked, Came Back Running, Took My Sister-In-Law On My Lap, But She Got Up, She Looked At Me, She Licked My Penis Dec Dec, Without Sitting On My Lap, Then Sat Down And Look At Him Jumping Holding It’s A Different Beautiful Pleasure That My Sister-in-Law Is Trying To Scream While Jumping Like Crazy, I Put Her Own Thong In Her Mouth, Don’t Make Too Much Noise, My Brother Is Inside, Because I Lifted My Sister-in-Law And Got Into My Sister-in-Law, She Gives More Pleasure Like This, Harder Dick, Saying Please, My Sister-In-Law Drove Me Crazy, And I’m Hitting Her Hard, Holding Her From The Waist, I’m Fucking, My Sister-In-Law Is Crazy, I Said I Can’t Stop My Sister-In-Law, And I Ejaculated Into Her Sister-in-Law, Thank God I’m Pregnant, She Put Her Hand In Her Pussy And Took Those Cum In Her Mouth The Next Time My Mouth He Said To Make Me Throw My Tits In It, I Got Dressed Saying Okay And As If Nothing Had Happened We Went Into The Room, My Sister-in-Law Is 7 Months Pregnant And I’m Still Fucking Her Very Hard Mercilessly.

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