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Our Passionate Love With My Stepmother Long Incest Story
My stepmother is a very hot woman. Land sales specialist in a large company. She’s sweet and flamboyant enough to get the idea of ​​making love to any normal man as soon as they see him. His laughter abounds. She is a flirty woman who throws her head back and laughs when talking to men. While he is talking about something, his hand runs around his neck and hair. While talking, his eyes are smiling and his sexy ways are hypnotizing. Her dressing style is very sexy. She doesn’t have a low-cut dress, she usually wears a skirt.
In the environments he is in, the attention of both men and women is on him. With its charm, it easily sells its trillion-dollar lands to horny businessmen. Although she dresses openly and sexy enough to be considered exhibitionist, she is never bothered by looks and frankly, she likes to turn men on. It is a complete disaster with its fishy, ​​well-shaped body, big breasts, chubby and prominent hips. His skin is white, smooth and creamy. From my childhood until today, when women are mentioned, I think of her with the best example

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Real Picture Of My Stepmother I Taken While ‘She’ Was Sleeping I Wanted To Share With You.
Since the formation of my sexual world, the most important sexual figure has always been my stepmother. Most of my masturbations always have him in my dreams. The biggest factor in this being the case was my mother’s provocative femininity. For as long as I can remember, I loved to touch him, I would try anything to be close to him. She has always been warm and understanding towards me too. But she had always ignored, sympathized with, and even liked my many gestures, which were more tolerant, broad, and almost courteous than a standard mother. Two years ago, I finished high school, I was going to the classroom. I could not win a department I wanted in the university entrance exams. My situation was not very pleasant and I decided not to go to university and to work. I was going to go to the military as soon as possible. I was going to leave the house after 1 month and the idea of ​​being away from my mother was giving me a little trouble. this to him
It was out of the question for me to open up about it. I was feeling stuck. My days and nights were spent masturbating thinking about him. I was touching, hugging, kissing and masturbating thinking about her at every opportunity. My mother probably felt it too and never blocked me. Whenever I slipped into courtship in my movements and speech and implied anything that connoted sex, he would quickly change the subject with a deft manoeuvre and hit a joke. He knew he was provoking me, but he always glossed over it. But I was also persistently doing my best to let him know how I felt, and that excited me a lot. Then the day of separation came and they were sending me to the army that day. The suitcases were prepared, my father prepared the car, my uncles arrived, everyone was waiting for me downstairs. I took the elevator with my mother.
increased, and I pressed the button for the basement floor, not the ground floor, with absurd hope. We got down and when the door opened, he was surprised to see the secluded corridor of the basement floor in front of us.

Thinking this might be my last chance, I opened the elevator door and grabbed my mother by the waist and led her outside. My mother was very surprised. While she was looking at me in surprise as if to say (What’s going on?), I gathered all my courage and walked over to her, hugged her tightly, put my hand on her hip, palmed her and pressed her against her lips, looking right into her eyes. My mother was shocked. Although it was like pushing at first, her sex storiesremained under the influence of shock. His eyes were wide open. Then I grabbed both of his hips with my two palms and lifted his feet off the ground, getting between his legs and leaning him against the hallway wall. I kissed her lips like crazy for about 15 seconds. I pressed my groin tightly to his groin. I could feel her skin very well through the thin skirt she was wearing. Finally, he said, “Son, are you crazy? What are you doing?” he got off my lap. “I’m in love with you!” I was able to say and did not prolong the work so that nothing unpleasant could happen at the last moment and headed for the stairs to go up. My mother was following me, panting without making a sound, pulling herself together. His face had turned red. We went to the door, got in the cars and went to the bus station. When the time came, I said goodbye to everyone to get on the bus. When it was my mother’s turn, I kissed her hand, hugging her in my ear, “You naughty boy!” saying, she was smiling sweetly. Frankly, this compassionate approach made me feel very comfortable and hopeful. Obviously, this would not be the last. On the bus, I kept thinking about my experiences until I reached Ankara. The smell of his lips was coming from my breath. My hands felt different as I cupped her hips. In the military, I used to talk to my mother often on the phone. Although I was a little shy at first, it was comforting to see my mother act like nothing had happened. I was happy to think that the fact that he didn’t say anything about that moment and that he didn’t get angry meant that he accepted it. Over time, the conversations became obsolete. But my dreams were far beyond that. After days and months, I came home after 5 months, taking leave for the Sugar Feast. I came on the eve of the evening, the next day was a feast. I almost woke up at night by turning on the computer, chatting with friends and, of course, reading sex stories on sex sites, watching porn videos. On the morning of Eid, I woke up with my father’s voice calling for the Eid prayer. Oh, is this done? Even though my father was not very keen on prayers, he did not miss the Friday and Eid prayers.

Anyway, I got up and washed my face. I think there was someone in the bathroom, the sound of the shower was coming. I went into the living room and lay on the sofa in my sweatpants. Dads must be getting dressed. My brother was already prepared, he was walking around. Sleep was flowing from my eyes. I got up from the sofa at the sound of my father’s voice. “Come on, hurry up, we’re going to be late!” he was saying. He came to the living room and said, “Come on, Umut, you are not dressed yet!” said. Just when I was about to make a mess, my mother, who was behind me, saved the situation, “Oh my God, leave Umut alone, the child is tired, he came to celebrate the holiday!” He smiled and bent over me and kissed me on the cheek. This was definitely a sign, and when I thought about what was going to happen, I couldn’t sleep at all and started to wait with excitement. Even though he knew my interest in him, he opened a door for me and tried to reward me in some way. With her chest slightly open and her hair damp in her bathrobe, looking at me out of the corner of his eye, “Come on, don’t be late!” he called to the door. When the sound of the door closing came, I immediately got up from my place and listened to the door. When the footsteps stopped, I closed both the lower and upper locks and went to the living room and sat down. I had no idea what to do and I was dying of excitement. Then my mother entered the living room in her bathrobe and with a hair dryer in her hand. He was walking calmly around the room. Although he saw that I was awake, he did not say anything, there was no conversation between us. My throat was dry with excitement. I stood up. Taking the first step was really difficult and my time was limited. His back was turned to me. She gathered her damp hair in her hands with her head tilted to the side, just as she was about to make a bun, I approached from behind and hugged her softly. At first he was slightly startled, but he wasn’t too surprised as he was expecting it. Obviously, this was an expected moment for him as well.

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“I missed you so much!” I said. He smiled too, “Look seeeen! You never used to miss me this much!” said. Kissing her neck on the shoulder, I lightly peeled off her robe and it slid down her feet. She was naked in my arms and had no adverse reaction. Hugging her from behind, I cupped her huge breasts and squeezed them. It was very clear that he had reserved this time period for me and surrendered himself to me. His sun-drenched face was white and bright, his green eyes closed. Her smiling pink and full lips were driving me crazy. I quickly took off my shirt and shorts. We were naked and I was hugging warmly. I pressed my whole body against it. She had just come out of the bathroom, and her skin smelled sweet. The closer she got, the more it smelled sweet and arousing. He slowly turned to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. Staring into my eyes and smiling, “Aren’t you ashamed to do these things to your mother?” she said and laughed. Even though he hadn’t finished laughing, I grabbed the back of his head and pressed it against his lips very hard and started sucking like crazy. She closed her eyes and answered me. Our languages ​​were meeting for the first time. It was a strange and insanely pleasurable thing to taste and taste the wetness of his tongue and lips. On the one hand, your lips, tongue, like crazy
As I suckled, I grabbed both of her hips with my palms and lifted her feet off the ground. He wrapped his legs around my waist tightly. “Immm!” she muttered. While she was in my arms, I walked over to my bed and dropped her on my back. Her huge chubby breasts shook a few times at the thought. I got on it and lay down. My dick was between his legs and we were looking at each other, smiling. “There’s something touching me there!” he said, laughing. So I pressed my dick between her legs and dipped it in, “This is it?” I said. Tickled, “Hi hi hi!” she laughed and covered her face with her hands. I parted his hands and pressed them to his lips again. We were kissing incredibly passionately wet and hard. Language of
I was sucking, swallowing the water of my mouth. He was also biting my lips and pinching my hips and back. My mom literally let me taste it.

He spread his legs and took me between him and wrapped me around my waist, then he lay on his side a little and we kissed and ate each other for a long time. Her cunt was very wet and my dick kept rubbing against it. I landed on her breasts, grabbing and squeezing hard, biting and sucking at the same time. He was flying with pleasure, closing his eyes and tensing his neck. I licked his belly and went downstairs and pressed my face to his groin. Her pussy was creamy and chubby. He had obviously just shaved. I reached her cunt by licking and sucking her crotch. He was out of breath and his face was red. First, I kissed a little on the lips of amen. He was very startled. Then I started sucking on a bigger kiss and cunt, sticking my tongue in it. I was licking her clit like crazy. He was growling intermittently and pressing my head against his cunt. We were both choking with pleasure. Then I got up on my knees and grabbed his hips, resting my crotch on his groin. He lifted his ass in the air and pulled his cunt well. Looking into his eyes, “I’ve always dreamed of this for years!” I said. “My love!” he could say. The head of my dick is watered with your cunt
When I touched his lips, he lifted his ass and tried to suck my dick in his pussy. “Look at my eyes!” I said. Closed
when he opened his eyes, I stared into his eyes and inserted my cock very hard, like a stake. His green eyes squinted unconsciously and he started to moan like crazy. He squirmed under me as I shoved my cock into his cunt, pushing his cunt towards me for more of it. For about an hour, we kissed each other like crazy, made love and fucked. Finally, with his hips in my palms, my face between his hands, and his tongue in my mouth, we ejaculated simultaneously, jerking and trembling like crazy. It was the most exciting, provocative and forbidden thing I have ever experienced and will ever experience in my life. Empty, disconnected from the world, we lay in bed, trying to come to ourselves. Then he got up quickly and went into the bathroom. Afterwards, I washed and got dressed. I went and unlocked the apartment door and a
I lit a cigarette and looked out the window. My fathers came, breakfast was eaten, daily routine conversations and so on… We could not even make eye contact with my mother. What we experienced was unbelievable.

I could not even imagine that the dreams and fantasies I created in my head would lead me to this place. I couldn’t come to myself for a few days. We couldn’t see eye to eye as we walked around the house. When our eyes met, we immediately looked away. But it was clear that the way we looked at each other was no longer the same. It was not easy to talk and express what we went through, and there was no opportunity for us to be alone to do this. It was two nights later, I was trying to sleep in bed, but couldn’t sleep. Every now and then I would go out to the window and smoke a cigarette and come back. It was around 03:00 at night, I heard the door of my mother’s room, she was going to the kitchen (probably to drink water). I quickly got up and walked to the kitchen, where we met in the hallway. The satin nightgown she was wearing was stripped off her shoulders, and her rounded shoulder was white. Most of his left breast was exposed. We were very excited when our eyes met. We both looked the same way around, trying to make sure everyone was asleep. And we hugged each other tightly without speaking. I put my hand inside her torn nightgown. His skin would be hot. I grabbed her under her chin with my other hand and lifted her face, her full lips puffing up. First a small kiss, then a harder, wet kiss. I leaned her back against the wall and grabbed her right breast and pulled it out. I hungrily kissed it. After a few minutes of kissing and making out, he put his mouth to my ear and said in a very low voice, “This is not the time!” said. I gave it to him, too. Finally, I knelt in front of her and peeled off the hem of her nightgown, stuck my head in, peeled off her tiny panties and reached for her pussy. After a few kisses and Bites, he stood up and kissed her passionately goodbye and said, “Good night!” I said. He quickly returned to his room.

I had one day left to go. My uncles had invited us to Polonezköy for a picnic. We got ready around 10:00 in the morning and got into the car. My father and brother were in the front and me and my mother in the back. To get closer to my mother in the rear left, I slipped into the middle and started talking to my brother from between the front seats. I slid my invisible hand to the left, onto my mother’s legs. My mom pinched my hand. When I looked back, he was smiling mischievously. Then he took my hand himself and placed it on his knee. So I tucked it in her skirt and took it as far as my hand could reach. I was stroking sweetly over her thin nylon stockings. After a few minutes of this secret and very sweet banter, when I lay back and my eyes met, he asked me, “Did you sleep well last night, honey?” said. “Yes mommy, I slept very well!” I said. My mother is like me
was standing. Without speaking, we looked and smiled. He winked at me. We reached the place where we were going to have a picnic a little later than my uncles. We got out of the cars, the ingredients were carried, the barbecue was set, the salads and so on, everyone was running for something. My uncle said, “We forgot to get cold water!” it was said. So I looked at my mother and said, “Maybe I can find a grocery store nearby!” I said. I was looking after my mom when I got the car keys from my dad. My mother understood my request and said, “I’ll come too, I’ll help you. And we need to get pet glasses or something!” she said. We walked to the car together and got in. He was sitting next to me, and for the first time since we started making out, we had a private conversation. We were both very excited. His voice trembled as he entered, “Son, you know what we did was very wrong, right?” said. “Yes I know. But so sweet!” I said. “I know you’ve tasted it, how many days have you ruined me!” he said with a laugh. We were walking away from the picnic area under the pretext of finding a market. I parked the car off the road, facing the forest, in a spot I decided was secluded enough. When the car stopped, my mother was surprised and said, laughing a little and getting a little angry, “Not here, don’t be ridiculous!” she said. I smiled mischievously without answering and unzipped my dick, which had been piling up since we got in the car. It was the first time he had seen my cock clearly. I smiled mischievously without answering and unzipped my dick, which had been piling up since we got in the car. It was the first time he had seen my cock clearly. I smiled mischievously without answering and unzipped my dick, which had been piling up since we got in the car. It was the first time he had seen my cock clearly.

Opening her eyes wide, she placed her hands on her cheeks and said, “Ooooo, what is this? Why has it become like this now?” he started laughing. “Because of you!” I said, I brought my hand to the back of his head, wrapped my hand in his hair, pulled him to me and placed a tight kiss on his pink lips… Eyes closed, tongues met. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, he left my lips and brought his face to my dick. Grabbing his body with his hand, he placed a small kiss on her head. His breath on my dick was killing me. He was stroking her body up and down, gripping it tightly and kissing it. Then I started to feel the wetness of his tongue on the top of my dick, then the inside of his mouth. I literally gave it to my mom. I was writhing on the sofa with the mad pleasure of both his soft blowjob and the madness of giving it to my mother’s mouth. It runs all over the inside of your mouth, stroking it with her tongue and sucking with all her might. I was also enjoying fucking my mom’s mouth by sticking my dick in her mouth from the bottom up. When he couldn’t take it anymore, I pressed my cock up to his throat and started to squirt while pressing his head against mine. As I ejaculated, my mother sucked and swallowed my semen. When I came to my senses, my mother was sitting next to me, smiling at me. “Is it enough?” she said, and she gave one of those sh*t laughs. And I said, “I’m dying to you!” I leaned down and gave him a long, passionate kiss on the lips. His lips were still wet. Then I started the starter, we searched for the market, we found it, we bought cold water and plastic cups and went back to the picnic area. A collective picnic, conversations, laughter… In short, it was a very enjoyable day. The next day I woke up and was on my way. We were never alone until we left. Then we said goodbye as a whole family at the bus station. While waving to each other from the window of the bus, my mother and I had a different sweet look.

Military service had become much more unbearable than it was now. While everyone was counting the days, I was also counting the day I would meet my mother again. When I called my mother on her cell phone, when I caught her alone, we were having very long and warm conversations. I was telling him how much I missed him and that I was happy with his dream. She, on the other hand, often made fun of my sentimentality and laughed and made me angry, she. Once, in a speech that angered me like this, I told him, “Look, you’re going to pay for this very badly!” I said. “What is my punishment?” she said. And I said, “I’m going to give you a hard, pounding fuck the first time I get my hands on you!” I said. I can’t tell you how big of a laugh he had. “Sacrifice for such punishment!” said. It was very clear that my mother also had a burning desire to be fucked. One day, 3 months before my assignment, my mother called me, “Son, your father has a job in Ankara next week. I will come with him too! ” said. I was crazy with excitement, I was very happy. While I was telling at length how happy I was, my mother said, “But we’re coming with your father, don’t act silly!” he said, laughing. “Okay mommy, just seeing you will make me very happy!” I said…

The day came and I was only able to get a 3-day market permit. My stepmothers came and greeted me at the guardhouse. Hugs, kisses… Then we ate somewhere and wandered around Ankara a bit. My mother became more beautiful and alive than before. Her make-up and décolleté were stunning. I was having a hard time taking my eyes off the breast prong that was visible from his 3 button open shirt. In the evening we went to the hotel where they were staying. We sat and chatted for a while in the room. My father could not go anywhere, we could not be alone with my mother. Then I went back to the barracks. The next day, they came and picked me up in the same way. When I said breakfast together or something, my father told us that he had to leave us for a short time for work and that we should go for a walk. I was screaming with joy. My mother said, “How long will your work take?” she said. My father said, “It will take 2 or 3 hours.” said. My father drove off and we were alone at the restaurant. We were looking at each other with a smile. I said to him, “I missed you so much!” I said. “I love you too, honey!” he said, laughing. “Let’s go to the hotel!” I said standing up. “No bullshit!” she laughed. Then he said, “Never, we’ll get caught! Besides, you promised, we won’t do anything!” she said. And I said, “I can never miss this opportunity, I’m in a very difficult situation, I need you, please!” I said. My mother coquettishly straightened her hair and got up from her seat and started walking behind me, grumbling. “The moon is officially in trouble for me, this kid!” she said. We took a taxi and arrived at the hotel. I took my mother inside with fast steps and we took the key from the reception and walked to the elevator. When the elevator door opened, there were 2 people. When my mother was about to enter, she held her and said to those in the elevator, “You go on! ‘ I said and the door closed. My mother rolled her eyes and laughed, “Not anymore, in the elevator too?” she said. Me too
grinning, “I think you forgot our first moment in the elevator?” I said. As the empty elevator arrived, we dived in together. As soon as I hit the floor button and turn around, I press my mother’s lips to mine. A passionate kiss ensued.

My mother stopped kissing for a moment and said, “You’re going to kill me!” she said. This time I’m both your ass
I squeezed it and started kissing it even harder. When the signal of our arrival at the floor sounded, we immediately packed up. The door opened and we got out of the elevator. We quickly opened the room door and entered. I took off my pants and shirt as I locked the door from inside. I was only wearing boxers. While my mother was standing in front of the full-length mirror playing with her hair, she looked at me and said, laughing, “So you’re saying you don’t waste your time!” she said. I sat on the single seat, sprawled out like a stake, and he had set up a tent in my dick boxer. Looking at my mother, “Come!” I said. Holding the skirts of the thin printed dress she was wearing, she shook it left and right, as if mocking, “Okay, sir! OK sir!” he said and came to my lap and dropped himself into my arms. His soft ass filled my lap and he was crushing my muscular hard cock. I started kissing the fork of her breasts that opened from her décolleté. To me, “Aren’t you ashamed to sit your mother on your lap?” he said, laughing. And I said, “Isn’t he ashamed to turn me on?” When he said that, he gave me a small slap in the mouth. So I caught his slapped hand with my mouth, I started biting and sucking his fingers. As I licked it, he started to put his hand on my lips more.
Then he grabbed my cheeks with his hands, lifted my face towards him, and stuck his tongue in my mouth. As I sucked her tongue and swallowed her wetness, she pulled her breasts out of the dress and pressed her against my face with both hands.
I grabbed both her breasts with my palms and started biting, kissing and licking them. He was moaning softly in my arms. I missed it so much and I was eating like crazy. While she was getting her breasts sucked in my lap, she was moving her ass from side to side and trying to get my dick in her ass. She straightened up a little and took off her thong in one fell swoop. I immediately took off my boxers. As she sat on my lap again, her ass was bare, her breasts protruding from her dress, and it drove me crazy to feel the soft skin of her hips in my crotch…

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While he was in my lap, while we were making out, he slowly turned his body towards me and got on me with his legs apart. His pussy was rubbing against my dick, it was so wet, and we were still attacking each other like hungry wolves. Because of its wetness, the head of my dick was going in and out between the lips of her cunt. After grabbing her hips in my lap and eating her neck, lips and breasts for a while, I grabbed her hips without changing the position, and we walked for a while in the middle of the room. He burst out laughing in delight, “Oops, he’s fucking me, son! Ha ha ha!” she said. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist and we were kissing like crazy with her hands on my cheeks. Our lips were purple from kissing. I leaned hard against the opposite wall and pressed my dick hard into his pussy, but it slipped from the slick and came out. My mom lifted a hand from my face and stretched it down, guiding the head of my dick with her fingers, bringing it between her cunt’s lips. And I quickly suppressed myself with all my might and suddenly thrust my cock hard to the root. My mom clung to the wall and shouted, “Ooffff dick!” she cried, biting my lip. Her breasts were crushed on my chest, I was banging my mother against the wall in series of blows. My mother was rabid with pleasure, pulling at my hair, biting my cheeks and screaming for the pleasure of being fucked. I continued to fuck like this for a long time. Then I walked back to the bed on my lap. His legs were tightly clasped to my waist. We had passed out. When we got to the bed, we both fell on the bed and my dick went deep into my mom’s amen. Now I was fucking my mother, whom I had taken under me, very violently. I was swiping my dick left and right, up and down in her cunt, and I was fucking all over her cunt. Then I flipped it upside down and placed two pillows under his groin. Her ass is up, her juicy cunt is exposed
was out. I rode on his ass like a horse and I shoved my dick again in one blow with very hard pressure. He was screaming like crazy with delight. I used to get support by wrapping and pulling her hair in my hand and pushing it from the root to the root of my mother’s pussy.

The more I hit her, the more she pricked her ass and responded to my pressure… She couldn’t take it anymore, trembling, with a cry that was between crying and shouting, tugging at the sheets. He was completely ecstatic, collapsed in sweat now. But my dick was still like a pile and I had no intention of leaving it that way. While her ass was standing on the pillow, I wet my hand well with the amine juice and ran my finger down her asshole and opened it a little. Then I shoved my screwed dick up her ass in one swift move. While my mother was lying unconscious with pleasure, she cried so much because she was hurt! But I had no intention of quitting, and with my dick in his ass, I clung to him and continued to fuck his ass. Voices echoed across the room as my groins hit her plump hips. And when I’m about to die of pleasure, I put my teeth on the back of your neck
I snorted and ejaculated like crazy into her ass… We lay down and rested for about 10 minutes out of breath. We couldn’t even speak, and we were above the clouds. I glanced at the time from the corner of my eye. It had been exactly one hour. For an hour my mom and I fucked like crazy and we were screwed. My time was very limited, I was determined to make use of every second. I went to the bathroom and filled the tub. I turned around and hugged my mother from the bed and took her to the tub. My mother was still out of breath. “Are you going to fuck me here too, horny thing!” she said and we hugged each other inside. We were caressing each other with sweeter and more perky kisses in the water. My hands were all over his body. I was stroking his cunt, he was stroking my dick and my balls. While I was getting on top of him and rubbing my dick between his tits, he suddenly got on top of me and put his cunt in my mouth. He’s spoiled, We were enjoying ourselves with laughter. He pressed his lips to mine in my lap, “How good you fucked your mommy, my sweetheart!” she was saying. While I was sucking on her earlobe, she said, “I love to fuck you mommy, I can’t get enough of amen!” I was saying.

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This banter caused us to get really angry, and I got my stepmother to stand up and hold onto the shower faucet so she wouldn’t slip. I got really stuck in his ass and fucked him from behind. Twisted, with water dripping from her hair, she was looking back at me with her green eyes, smiling and wiggling her ass. These situations were driving me crazy. After fucking her cunt for a while, I turned her face towards me, grabbed her head and put my dick in her mouth. My mom made her lips look like a kiss and I started shoving my dick between her lips and pulling. Finally, I came close to coming close and I shoved it all the way in, pressed it up to his throat and ejaculated in his mouth. We’re completely done now. It was great sex. We both took a shower and dried off. My mom wore a shorts and bodysuit. I’m a shorts and a t-shirt too. We lay on the bed, smiling face to face. We listened to music and chatted until my father came. My mother said, “I’m dead! What did you do to me like that? What perversions were there in you!” she said. “I’m dead too
I’m done, mom. I am flying with happiness right now!” I said. “Flying is good, but where is this business going? How far?” said. “Who are we harming, mother? Unless someone else knows, I think it’s up to us to experience this taste!” I said. “Look how cunning he is seducing his cunning mother!” she said and held my head on her breasts… We were about to fall asleep slowly when my mother’s phone rang. It was my father who called, his work was finished, he was coming to pick us up, he was asking where we were. My mother said, “I had a little headache, we came to the hotel, I slept a little, come and pick us up in front of the hotel!” she said. We got up and packed up, kissed a loving goodbye before leaving the room and left the room for a long time. We handed the key to the reception and left for them to clean the room. We all had a nice dinner together. We were very hungry. Then they dropped me off at the barracks. The next day, we wandered around Ankara in an ordinary way. Then my parents go back to Istanbul. We never met until the post and the dream of what we went through kept running around in my brain for months…

It had been 15 days since we took the military and returned from the army, and we could never be alone with my mother. However, sometimes we couldn’t get a chance other than short kisses and hugs when we came across doors, in the hallway or something. I was reminiscing about our old full reins of lovemaking and fucking… One day my stepmother was helping my sister with her homework in her room. She wore a loose white T-shirt and a short printed skirt underneath. She saw me as she walked down the hall. I stood at the door of the room and watched him. When he realized I was watching, he bent down behind my brother, who was sitting at the table, and turned his ass towards me and lifted it high. He knew I adored his ass. She kept moving her hips while she faked something about my brother’s homework. I stood there before the magnificent sight I saw and my dick went hard, It looked like he was going to pierce his sweatpants. Then, while she was curled up, she put her hand on her left hip, pulled her skirt off, and her ass was half exposed. Her milky legs and left hip are fully opened. Beneath her, her thong panties and chubby cunt were visible between her hips. She was wiggling her hips like a white cream, while she was gripping her left ass tightly with her red nail polished fingers and digging her nails. My brother was unaware of anything. After a while she let go of her hand and her skirt covered her ass. He who was already in a difficult situation was making me angry, he was trying to drive me crazy. So I immediately went into the bathroom and hung on 31. But I was so horny, I was dying to fuck my mom again. I called out to my mother from the bathroom, “Mom, I can’t find my shampoo!” saying. My mother said, “I’m coming!” she called and went into the bathroom. Once inside, I silently locked the door. Sticking to your ass from behind, “I have to fuck you right here, I’m in such a bad mood!” I said. He came close to my ear and said, “Shhhhh calm down.
Let me see, now is not the time. Besides, I have a nice surprise for you tomorrow!” said. When I heard this
, I went crazy with joy, the adventure was starting again. When I asked about the surprise, he said, “Be patient a little more, it’s very close!”
He tried to get out of the bathroom , but I didn’t let go. I immediately bent it to the sink and pulled her skirt up. I made myself into the position where he was just when he turned me on and pulled down his thong panties and placed my already pile-like dick between Amina’s lips. We both saw each other’s faces and we
could easily understand what we were feeling from our faces. Just as I was about to push my dick for cunt, my mom pressed her ass against me and my dick went deep with the slippery cunt. He smiled sweetly at me from the mirror. I grabbed her waist and started to fuck her hard.

Our time was very limited and we were trying to be very quiet. He was smiling at me in the mirror, sticking out his tongue and making jokes as I shoved it into the amen from behind. It was such a wonderful ambiance. While it was ejaculating, I pressed it hard and while it was ejaculating with pressure, my mother turned her face to me, smiling, in a low voice, “Ohhhhhhh!” she said. As soon as I
came out of my ass, my mother immediately got up and came out of the bathroom. All day I thought about the surprise he prepared for me… It was evening, while the family was having dinner at the table, my mother interrupted. He told my father about the recruitment interview to be held in Bursa by a company known to his friend Leyla in the association and
He mentioned that he was considering putting me in that interview and that Leyla could be a reference for me if we went together. He also did not neglect to add that the interview process takes approximately 3 to 5 days. My father also found it positive after a few general questions and said, “Of course, very good!” said. As my mother elaborated on the subject, it was not difficult for me to understand that there was an opportunity to get away from home and have sex together. As I listened to what was spoken, my joy could not fit inside me, I was
going crazy with excitement. A thousand kinds of fantasies were already developing in my head. The next day, in the morning, my mother and I had packed our suitcases and were ready to go. We got the car key and license from my father and set off at 10:00 in the morning. to the car
the festive mood inside us, our laughter and the pleasant songs playing on the radio… We were sure that we would have the sweetest few days of our lives. My mother went in, “How was it? Did you like my surprise?” she said with a laugh. “Mom, you are the sweetest thing in my life. I’m sure these few days will pass like a movie. I will have surprises for you too!” I said. “Ooooo, frankly I can’t wait. I think the trailer of the movie you’re talking about was the part we shot in the bathroom yesterday, huh?” ‘ he said, and let out another big laugh.

We went to the ring road, we were walking, talking, laughing and singing. Stopping at a resting facility on the way,
We had a nice breakfast in the air. Seeing a secluded wooded area, we walked towards it and kissed and hugged behind the trees. We got back in the car and drove on. We were grieving that we couldn’t be alone for a long time and couldn’t touch each other, we were constantly hugging and kissing. We were back to high school lovers. Every time we held hands turned into a kiss, and every kiss turned into lovemaking. We didn’t have to go to Bursa and we decided to go to a secluded, quiet and romantic environment where very few people could see us. We decided that the most suitable place for this definition is Abant. When our target was determined, I loaded more gas to reach there as soon as possible and we reached Abant in 2.5 hours. Information about hotels from a tourist information office
we got it. We chose a secluded mountain hotel. Being a mountainous forest area, the weather was quite cool and the hotel had a hot swimming pool. It took us about 1 hour to reach the hotel and settle in. The misty forest view from the panoramic window embraced us. The air was cloudy and a blurry romance surrounded the room because of the dew on the windows. We ordered two coffees from the hotel shuttle. We opened a romantic piano concert from the music broadcast in the room, pulled the double seat in front of the window in the room, coffee in our hands, sitting entwined and watching the foggy forest view. We hugged each other because of the cool air. The heat of our skins was mingling with each other, sweetly. We knew that these few days of romantic opportunity we had caught were invaluable and we were savoring every second of it. It was so exciting to be alone with my mother so far from our eyes and touch each other freely. My mother put her head on my chest and I was stroking her face and hair. He was talking softly about his youth, his old dreams, what he couldn’t achieve in life, about everything that was hidden inside him. I was talking about the strange love I had for him since I was little, how much I loved him, the dreams I had about him, and the funny memories. We were no different than two lovers who had just opened up to each other. Out of sight, we were completely free. Our time, our bodies, our soul I was telling my dreams and funny memories about him. We were no different than two lovers who had just opened up to each other. Out of sight, we were completely free. Our time, our bodies, our soul I was telling my dreams and funny memories about him. We were no different than two lovers who had just opened up to each other. Out of sight, we were completely free. Our time, our bodies, our soul
We belonged together, and it was like a sweet, jarring dream. We were stroking each other while we were talking lips to lips. My hands were running through her hair, stroking her face, her breasts, her neck. We were somewhere between talking and making love. It was a very sweet and wet conversation. He tucked his smooth white white leg, which was pulling out of his skirt with sweet sassiness, between my legs, caressing my crotch over my pants, and whispering his lips to my ear.

We had been making love and talking sweetly like this for hours, drinking coffee and wine, and became very tipsy. He had watched me with a sweet smile as I plunged my head into her skirt, took off her thong with my teeth, and gave me little kisses and bites, amina. He had slipped the boxers I was wearing down by stroking my crotch, with little kisses, and tickling with his warm, wine-smelling breath. She slipped into my lap and started wriggling on my dick with her warm, soft hips and pressing her breasts into my face. My mouth tastes of your breasts and skin as my hands roam the most secluded places
was full. We were kissing very wet and full of emotion. He was pressing every part of his skin as he pressed against mine, and he was moaning silently. Our caresses in the room had the rustle of silk and the sound of piano. There was no place on his body that I couldn’t kiss or lick. It was as if we were flying above the ecstatic clouds. We were making love in this love-filled dance of emotion, hugging each other, completely spontaneously. I don’t know when my stiff cock plunged into the amina that was burning like a well-soaked fire. We made love for hours like a rippling sea in the arms of this tide-like love effect. We ejaculated at the same time, whispering each other’s names in our ears, hugging tightly. We slept for a while, hugging tightly and breathing each other’s skin, after the hot, hot ejaculated inside. When we came to ourselves, we had just realized that the sun had already set and it was evening. The indescribable romance we live, We both became like flowers after satisfying lovemaking and sleep. We were also hungry like wolves. We got dressed and went down to the hotel restaurant. It was a romantic and natural environment as well as very elegant. After a long meal, we moved towards the sounds of music coming from the next hall. There was a karaoke party, it caught our attention. People took turns taking to the stage and singing clumsy songs. advancing in the night
It was a very entertaining environment as everyone’s alcohol level increased with the hours. Among the guests, whom the animators thoroughly enthused, there were many lovers who kissed and hugged while standing.

It didn’t take long for us to adapt to the environment. My mother and I were acting like an overt lover. Her calf-leg looks, visible from her short skirt, and her breasts overflowing from her generous décolleté, were the target of many people’s evasive glances. And I was proud of this wonderful woman whom I kissed and caressed in my arms all the time. I kissed and patted the other men who looked at me with envy, driving them crazy. Men who look at us despite their lovers by their side
I was kissing for a long time to make her jealous, I was sucking my mother’s lips, the tongue she put in my mouth, while my hand was on her hips. I think we were the hottest and uncaring couple in the room. Pampered with the comfort of not knowing that we were mother and son, we smothered each other with kisses. The strange excitement created by making love in front of the public for the first time was arousing us. As we got really horny with alcohol, kissing and making out, we couldn’t stand it any longer, and at around 03:00 at night, we threw ourselves into our room. When we go into the room, my mother laughs.
I was staggering, trying to keep myself up in my arms. He was screaming how much he loved me, he was clasping his hands on mine and kissing my lips. I stretched them out on the bed and took them off one by one. He was still laughing and laughing while singing songs at the same time. When we were both naked, I hugged her and tucked her into the fragrant bathtub I had prepared with hot water and foam. Her huge breasts were sinking into the water as she swam in my arms, and my dick kept slipping between her thighs and her legs as she moved. I was kissing your neck by sucking while playing in my lap. I was enjoying your creamy smooth skin to the fullest on my tongue and lips. I was grabbing her tits and fucking like crazy. While he was in my lap, he was having fun by wiggling his ass from side to side and laughing, enjoying the pussies to the fullest. With one hand in her fucking ass, I was dipping her cunt with one hand, and I was pinching her breasts with the other. I was sucking on his neck with my face stuck to his neck from behind and he was starting to turn blue. “Fuck me my love. as much as you want
you can fuck me Fuck me all to your heart’s content!” he shouted and laughed. He straightened himself up in my lap, parted his hips
with his hand, and placed my hard-boiled dick in between. I pushed my cock from the bottom in one swift push. Her laughter turned into raging moans and shouts as she got to her roots. We were alone in a hotel room on the mountain and we were very free. My mother screamed and groaned and fucked me to the fullest in that tub.

While I was fucked, screaming my name, ejaculating swaggering, water overflowing from the tub from getting up and down, the cries of delight echoing in the bathroom were reflected in the room and from the room in the corridors of the hotel. We were like a honeymoon couple. But I was still not ejaculated and my dick was standing upright. I grabbed it and pulled it out of the tub and threw it on the bed. He was lying on his back on the bed, orgasm-maniac, stretching, laughing. Riding on her like a horse, I cupped her breasts and pressed them together. I started to come and go with my dick in between. My mother liked it, too, and she tried to lick my cock, which stretched from her nipples to her mouth, every time she came. After I fucked her tits for a while longer, I got on all fours and brought my cock over her mouth. I just kissed it and licked it into his mouth and lay on it with my crotch covering his face. My dick’s up to his throat, Although my mother was breathing hard, she was crazy with pleasure, cupping my hips and trying to slap my dick more. I kept pushing her cunt like a fuck, deep in her mouth. My mother was very enraged, she had put her nails on my hips with red nail polish. I loved to fuck my mom’s pink lips, mouth and tongue. I couldn’t stand this crazy pleasure any longer.
I ejaculated like crazy to the deepest of them. My mother swallowed it all hungrily. When I got up from it, we were trying to catch ourselves out of breath and it was ringing with pleasure. When we were as light and happy as a feather, we fell asleep together in that cool hotel room, under the blanket, hugging tightly. From the window of the room, the lights of fireworks thrown for an outside celebration lit up the interior from time to time. We slept warmly by hugging, kissing and smelling each other until late in the morning.

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