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My name is Sevil. I am 43 years old. I’ve been trying to make a living as an escort for 17 years. I said why am I working because I have a 21-year-old son. You know, young people have a lot of expenses. University tuition, pocket money on top of everything else… When I say rent, dues, bills, there is not much left of my income. Where is your husband, I seem to hear you ask. That’s a matter for another time now. Let me stay for now.

And if you’ve passed the 35 threshold, you can’t escape gravity just by exercising regularly. When the buttocks and breasts sag and the wrinkles under the eyes cannot be covered with make-up, you become a permanent customer of Dermatologists and Plastic surgery so that it does not fall into a cachet. Costly so being a rocky MILF.

And Slavs… Little bitches with cute faces, innocent eyes… They grow like mushrooms everywhere. They infiltrate your customer network and take away even 5-year-old regulars. If I could, I would drop atomic bombs where they spawn!

Here is the situation in a nutshell. Age 43, stamp dropped. My expenses have increased. Bulut, my son, wants a car right now. He deserves it, actually, the kid. He is studying Computer Engineering with a scholarship in one of the country’s most respected universities in Ankara. He has friends, Bulut is very popular among them, they are very beings. All of them have the latest model cars. That being the case, you can’t buy a 99 model Hyundai for a kid. You’ll buy a BMW… You’ll get a Mercedes-Benz… Have I drowned in too much detail? When do you expect me to get into the subject with your hand? I will enter…

My goal is to buy a car for Bulut. When you get older in our profession, maybe you don’t have a very good credit score, you don’t have a high premium SSK that you can live comfortably when you get old, but you will have very solid friends. Ferhat is one of them. I’ve been a regular customer for 10 years. Language is easy! We even lived as husband and wife for a while. Moreover, we became very close friends during this time. Their business broke down, I asked for a loan. My landlord fired me, I stayed in one of their houses for months, both did not take rent and gave a stamp. As you know, the closure (!) Ferhat is 54 years old. He is 1.80 meters tall, which can be said to look young for his age. It wasn’t there before, but now it has a light belly. When the men’s hair sheds slightly and the erection is not as hard as it used to be, they tend to stretch the back of their hair and close the gap with a sports car… Hah! That’s exactly those types. There is a contract manufacturing workshop on Tekstilciler Street in Balgat that does a pretty good job. There is money, you see.

By the way, let me tell you about myself. It’s a custom, isn’t it? I’m 1.72 cm. I have 94 64 91 measurements. Thanks to the plastic surgeon, I still find clients very comfortable despite my age, with my nose like an inkwell and lips with perfect botox. I have brown hair, brown eyes, I wear light blue moire colored lenses. I’m bad, you know.

The goal is to buy a car for Bulut. I sent a message to Ferhat. “What happened? Did you forget me one? You are not looking!” I wrote. He replied immediately. “I forget! You plug it. Let’s meet at the house in Çayyolu at 7 pm. You have the key!” I was relieved. I haven’t worked at all this week. It would be very good for me to meet Ferhat. Certain invoices(!)

It was a sex toy known as the Buttplug, which Ferhat called plug. When Nebahat, Ferhat’s wife of 25 years, could not separate her hips and give ours from behind, she started to meet this need from escorts. We also met on this occasion. So he’s an ass fanatic. When we first met, we were also having a normal relationship, but later on, as he saw this as cheating on his wife, we turned into a completely opposite relationship, not cheating the other way around. You’re almost guessing me. If there is a stamp, no problem.

Since we were texting from the morning, I had time to prepare myself well until the evening. I immediately went to the salon I visit regularly and had a complete waxing done. Then I went back home and made 2 enemas in the bathroom. We wouldn’t want one of my oldest clients to get sick, would we? Besides, I wanted this night to be flawless and perfect, since I was asking for a whopping car money. I stopped by the hairdresser and had my hair highlighted. As Ferhat loves. When I said manicure, pedicure, skin care, make-up, sequined mini dress, I looked great again. If I went out to Palestine Street in the evening like a teenager, I would have paralyzed the traffic from the cars in front of me. I guess I’ll try this sometime…

When I got home again I was almost ready for the evening. The only thing we were missing was the buttplug toy. I took the pink stone buttplug out of the box. I rubbed some lubricant on it and slowly slid it in from behind me. He quickly found his seat and sat down. I should point out that buttplugs should be inserted at least one hour before intercourse, in my opinion. They both soften and open the anus for comfortable intercourse, and offer a wonderfully enjoyable experience when you sit on them and travel in the car. This is my advice to women as a professional.

It was 6 pm when I finished my preparations. Cloud could come at any moment, and frankly, I didn’t want him to see me like that. My son is not stupid. Well, he knows what I’m doing. He accepts this with maturity. I mean, I guess so because we never talked. We never really talked. He hasn’t asked me what I do since he lost his mind. He always said “Self-employed” to those who asked what his mother did in middle school and high school. Despite her maturity, I still prefer that she does not see her mother who goes to the customer. I ran out of the house, jumped into the car and set off towards Çayyolu via Eskişehir road. Thanks to the vibration of the car, the buttplug was shaking and making me wet, putting it in mode. When I came to Ferhat’s house, if I had tried a little harder, I would have emptied myself.

45 minutes after I came home, Ferhat opened the door with the key and entered. This 1+1 residence type flat was a complete enclosing house. Waitress, few things you know, big bed and so on. When Ferhat came in, I was already standing in front of the American kitchen and trying to pose for him. He saw me and froze for a few seconds and just stared. He swallowed several times to form a sentence and cleared his throat. I was out of breath again. What should I do, I’m a Leo, I love breathing, let my temper dry.

“Yi- You look millionaire again, beautiful.” Said. As he approaches me and pulls up my skirt with his right hand. It just went into fashion. Without saying a word, I lowered the strap of my dress, took his head between my breasts and pressed firmly. Ferhat started to make the buttplug work back and forth with his other hand. Pulling myself back, I sat her on the kitchen bar stool. I unzipped it and put my hand on his manhood. Oh viagra what are you capable of! The 54-year-old man’s dick, when you try to squeeze the glass cup… That’s how it happened! I started to pull my pants down and put them in my mouth. First, I was massaging with my tiny little tongue. Then I would stick it up to my throat and take it all.

I know it drives him crazy. Pressing on my head, he got a rhythm, a few minutes later he shoved them all down my throat, ejaculating his semen down my esophagus. Normally, I wouldn’t let it ejaculate right away, but since I realized that he was taking medication, it wouldn’t come down anyway. I took Ferhat’s dick out of my mouth and licked my upper lip with my tongue to show that I had swallowed all of his sperm. I lifted Ferhat off the stool. This time I took the stool. Sitting upside down, I stick my hips out. I was now feasting on my hips and the pink stone buttplug in the middle. I looked at Ferhat over my shoulder, his eyes seemed to roll. “Come on.” I said. “Aren’t you going to fuck? Lick it first, but it’s dry.” I said. He immediately bent down and wet the area around the toy with his tongue. Once he was sure he was wet enough, he bit the stony part with his mouth and slowly pulled the toy out from behind me.

He took the toy and quickly put it in my mouth. He bent down again and plunged his tongue into my back hole. As his tongue swung back and forth into my intestines, I was pressing his head with my hand for more of it to go in. I was enjoying it so much that at one point I thought that biting the toy would break my teeth. I was about to ejaculate and I was holding back so hard. I wanted him to shove his dick behind me as soon as possible. I was dreaming of the moment when the muscles of my hole would let loose and fully grasp his cock when I was about to ejaculate. “Please!” I said. “Fuck now! I can not stand!”

Ferhat considered this an order. He stood up quickly, aligning his staked cock against my back hole, and slowly began to thrust the end in. But I couldn’t bear to wait that long. By bouncing the chair backwards, I took it all in at once and started to do it back and forth by powering the bench. “You’re so mad today.” Said Ferhat. He fixed me by holding my hips and suddenly started to go back and forth. He was pulling it up to the tip and quickly inserting it back into his ovaries. Yes, Ferhat was 54 years old, but he was still fucking hard. At one point, I found myself getting angry with Nebahat for not wanting to experience this pleasure.

Ferhat fucked me on that stool for almost half an hour. I wouldn’t say fuck it, it even went through me. I didn’t count how much I emptied during this time. Ferhat finally came out of me by pouring his sperm deep into my intestines. We were both out of breath. We couldn’t lift our heads from exhaustion. When my breathing got better, I asked Ferhat to take a picture of my hips, wondering how wide my back hole had gotten. I added that I was afraid it wouldn’t get better because it was so harsh today. Actually it wasn’t a big deal.

My hips had seen bigger and thicker phalluses, but my goal was to make Ferhat proud of himself. That’s what happened. Ferhat had a relaxed and proud smile on his face while taking pictures of my hips. I was actually surprised too when he handed me his phone to see the photos. My back hole had been drilled exactly the diameter of a large coin. It looked very nice, too. It was like a porn movie frame, but I had to massage it with warm water for a day. Anyway… It was worth it for what I’m about to buy.

We took a shower and got dressed. We prepared a gin-tonic for ourselves, after a little talk, I got to the point:

“Ferhat… Do me a favor!”

“What am I like, Sevil?”

“I need a Merso! But it will be sport!”

“You or Cloud?

“To the Cloud…”

“We’ll handle it.”

(To be continued)

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