First of all, good morning, I’m a university student. Anyway, let’s get
to the point, when I was in the classroom, there was a girl who liked me and a girl I was dating
. I quickly brought things to sex with the girl I was dating.

I was stroking and kissing at the cinema, at the patisserie on the roads. But he was always
afraid to give. I was squeezing his cunt with my hand, he was stroking my cock in my

by the way, we met with the girl who likes me, and we got on the elevator together while we were going
to the classroom.
Furkan said, I like you, I can give it to you if you want to work. but I said I’m dating, it doesn’t matter, he
said. By the way, he stopped the elevator and while he was squeezing my dick with his hand
, he stuck to my lips and I started to squeeze his beautiful buttocks and after 5 minutes it was

We didn’t go to the classroom tomorrow and we went to their house, there was no one in their house and he came
to me right away and opened my zipper and took it in his hand and I
was shoving my hand in my fingers. he suddenly grabbed my dick and took me to the bedroom
and started to whine, but when I saw her pussy, I couldn’t stand it
and I drove her crazy with tongue blows.

it was her turn she put me to bed she started to lick my dick I
have never seen my dick that big. After giving a blowjob, he was going to fuck himself, so I said, “You’re not
a girl,” she said no, and she was moaning, my man was
saying fuck, I ejaculated.

By the way, I saw that there was someone at the door, I looked at my girlfriend, we looked and
I understood that the two of them arranged this and I said come on, join in. sex was more
fun. I got out of the way and they were satisfying each other, my
bitches came and licked my scar from one side and the

Then I shoved my dick in her ass and Senki was
screaming as if her ass had been split open. Then I fucked her, she got scared, then the other girl said it would happen, and I entered that tight pussy, the other girl was
licking my dick from the bottom, I emptied my
pussy katula katula. then the other one made my cock upright with a blowjob
and said it’s my turn so I said ok and I ejaculated

then we were together for another 6 months now i am alone girls i am waiting for your

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