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When I got home in the evening, my wife had come home before me and was setting the table for dinner, “Welcome sweetheart!” saying, placing a wet kiss on my lips, “Take a shower, dinner is ready in 5 minutes, my love!” she said and went to the kitchen. When I looked behind him, it seemed that there were no panties in the white tights he was wearing. He was not in the habit of wearing panties when he was at home. I went into the shower. After we left, we dried off, put on my shorts and sat down to eat. While we were eating, my wife asked me how my day was and what I was doing.

I said, “I had a day of intense and sweet fatigue.” When he said that, he laughed and said, “Engin, I love you very much, I never think of leaving you, you are my only man, if you want, I want to experience what we did for excitement, but if you don’t want, no man’s hand can touch my hand from now on!” said. So I told my wife what I was thinking all day, “Wife, I thought a lot about what you did and what we went through last night, if you experience this excitement you want to experience without me, stay where you live and don’t come home, I can’t take it!” I said. My wife got up from her seat and said, “My dear husband, I love you very much, I will not do anything without you from now on, it will be whatever you want, I promise!” and started kissing me…

We ate our food, “Have you had your fill, my love?” she asked. I didn’t understand what I ate yet, when he went to the sofa and sat down and said, “Come, Engin, take off my tights and lick my ass!” said. I was very pleased that my wife said this as if she was commanding me, and without protest I got up, took off her tights and buried myself in her pussy. While I was licking his cunt, he was pressing my head with his hand and feeding me his cunt. After a while it started to vibrate and discharge. After making me lick the pussies, he lay down on the sofa and peeled off my shorts, grabbed my balls and took my dick in his mouth and started to lick it.

So I was poking my wife’s pussy, “Fucking Whore! You are a Bitch! I’m going to fuck you up and enjoy yourself from now on!” saying. All of a sudden, the stars started to spin before my eyes, my wife had ejaculated once again and bit my dick with excitement. When I realized that I was hurt, he said, “I’m sorry my love, I got excited for a moment when you cursed, it happened by mistake while ejaculating!” he said and kissed my dick and loved it and made me stand up again. Then he laid me on the ground, sat on my dick like a horse and started to come and go. I couldn’t stand it either, after about 5 minutes I ejaculated my semen into my wife. Right after me, my wife cums once again and collapses on me. Then, “Let’s go to bed my love, I’m so tired!” she said and picked me up from the floor and wiped my dick and her pussy with her tights, “Let’s not go to the bathroom, let’s sleep like this tonight!” We went to the bedroom.

The next day, our routine business life began. But our sex life got out of the monotony and got crazier, we didn’t have a wasted night. About 20 days passed, my wife called me at noon. The company he worked for was going to give a morale dinner to its staff this evening, and there was no problem in coming with a spouse, “If you don’t have a job tonight, shall we go together?” she asked. (By the way, my wife had previously sworn she wasn’t with anyone at work). And I said, “Okay, let’s go!” I said. “You’re great darling, see you at home!” she hung up.

I finished my work early in the evening, went home, took a shower. When my wife came home, she also took a shower, we took a shower together. We got out of the shower, got dressed and made our way to the hotel where the food was served. We went into the dining room and started chatting with my wife’s co-workers. While the meal was going on, my wife said her phone was out of charge and needed to call, took my phone and went out. After 4-5 minutes she came, “Thanks love!” she said and handed me my phone. As we were chatting, nothing came to mind. The meal was almost over. My wife was dressed so chuch on the way to dinner that I was dying to get home as soon as possible and get her to bed and fuck. “Shall I get up?” I said. “Okay my love, let’s get up.” He said goodbye to his friends and left.

We left the hotel dining room, my wife took my hand and we started walking towards the Elevator instead of the Garage. “No, my love?” I asked. My wife said, “I booked a room at the hotel, let’s stay here tonight, tomorrow on the weekend, we’ll go home in the morning after breakfast!” When I said that, I liked my wife’s surprise. We went upstairs and retired to our room. My wife took a shower, so I called Reception and ordered something to drink. When my wife got out of the shower, “Come on, it’s your turn!” said. I got up, got undressed and took a shower. My wife was drinking Beer when I took my shower and left. I bought a Beer too. We sat in our bathrobes, sipped our drinks and started chatting.

Soon after, I heard the door slam. “No, who is it?” and getting up, my wife said, “You sit down and I’ll look!” he said and jumped up, opening the door. A stunner in a miniskirt and sunglasses walked in. When I looked closely, I recognized it, this was our Transvestite Buse. Surprised, I looked at my wife and immediately stood up, “Welcome, Buse!” I said. My wife said, “How did you like my surprise?” said. Laughing at my wife, he said, “You bitch you, so you took my phone to call Buse, you fucking Whore!” I said and showed Buse a place to sit. Buse said she wanted to take a shower before sitting down.

I liked this surprise of my wife very much, my dick was like a pole. Buse got undressed and got into the shower, and my wife went into the bathroom to take off her bathrobe and give it to Buse, but she didn’t come back. After rubbing my dick for about 15 minutes, they both came out of the bathroom together. They looked like they were having so much fun. My wife dried Buseyi and made her sit next to me. Buse said to my wife, “Give me a Beer too, bitch!” when he said, my wife said, “Of course, baby!” He brought his beer. After sipping Buse Beer, he said to me, “Engin, your wife is a bitch, you know?” said. And I said, “I know, I don’t know! But I love this Bitch so much!” I said.

Buse, laughing, said to my wife, “What are you standing still, bitch, let’s keep doing what you’re doing in the bathroom so Engin can see what you’re doing!” said. Without thinking, my wife knelt down in front of Buse and started licking her dick and balls. Buse told me, “Great licks Bitch, I love this Whore! Don’t keep it to yourself Engin, keep screwing it up! If you can’t find anyone, give it to me some evenings, I’ll fuck it up!” said. And I said, “Okay Buse, I’ll fuck you anyway, I’ll send it to you once in a while, fuck that bitch!” I said.

My wife was ecstatic when she heard words like ‘Bitch, Bitch and Whore’, she fingered her cunt and started trembling and peeing on the carpet. Watching them, my dick was like a screw too. While my wife continued to suck Buse’s dick, Buse clung to my lips and we started kissing like crazy. Buse then stopped kissing me and took my dick in her mouth. It was as if he wasn’t licking my dick, he wasn’t sucking it, he was tearing it off. After Buse licked my dick for a while, she got up and lifted my wife and went to bed. Then he put my wife on the bed and started going in and out like he put his dick in my wife’s wet cunt.

I was watching from the sofa. Buse looked at me and said, “How is Engin, do I fuck your wife well?” she asked. “You’re great, Buse, go ahead, fuck my bitch, scatter the whore!” I said. While my wife was moaning under the bus, “I love you so much, husband!” he began to ejaculate. My wife then laid Buseyi on top of her and said to me, “Engin, Buse can’t find my pussy, help!” When he said that, I realized that my wife wanted me to shove Buse’s dick in her cunt with my own hand. I got up from the sofa and grabbed Buse’s dick and placed it in my wife’s cunt. And my wife quickly sat on him and said, “Thanks, husband!” He then sat up and started to fuck Buseye in this position.

Buse, “Slow girl Bitch, I’m about to cum!” he groaned. But who cares, as my wife continued to sit and stand quickly, Buse snarled and burst into my wife’s cunt, ejaculating her semen. When the semen overflowing from my wife’s cunt started flowing towards Busenin’s balls, my wife got off Busenin and lay next to her. Their legs were apart and they were kissing. Then my wife looked at me and again in her commanding tone, “Engin come here, lick!” said. I suddenly got up and said, “What?” I said. And my wife said, “Whatever you want to lick!” he said and continued to kiss Buse.

I started with the ones that flowed from the side of my wife’s pussy, and I fucked her. It was great, I licked it for a few minutes and cleaned it up. They stopped kissing and were watching me. My wife also grabbed my hair, licked the dirt on my face and cleaned it. Then she said, “Now clean Buse’s dick!” she said. I wanted to get up to get a napkin, but my wife said, “No, Engin! Lick it clean!” she said. When my wife said so, I paused abruptly. My wife said, “Come on Engin! What are you waiting for, lick! You’re licking my dick from his dick, why don’t you lick it?” she said.

My wife was right when she said it, but I started licking Buse’s dick, albeit a little hesitantly. But as I licked it, I felt an unbearable pleasure. Honestly, I never thought I would enjoy licking a transvestite’s dick so much. Not just your dick, I also licked your balls and cleaned them. Buse said to my wife, “You have a wonderful husband, girl Bitch! Appreciate this, do not upset your husband, look, he does whatever you say! Come on now please your husband, bitch!” said. My wife said, “Come, husband!” he faltered.

I got up from the front of the bus and got behind my wife, I started commuting fast with my dick. While I was fucking my wife with passion and pleasure, Buse stuck to my lips and we started kissing. 10-15 minutes later I burst into my wife and stayed in it until my dick went down. Then while I was kissing my wife, this time Buse licked my wife’s cunt and my dick clean.

That night, Buse and I fucked my wife in various positions. After each ejaculation, I did it by licking both their cleanings.

Towards 06:00 in the morning, we hugged each other and went to sleep to sleep.

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