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Hello, I’m berke, since the first years of our marriage, there is a
passion for her mother -in-law, I want her every time, I think about her,
I went to their house one day, no one was there. Father-in-law
went early, I didn’t want to go in. I just got up from bed and we went inside
He said if you don’t have a room, let’s have breakfast together, I couldn’t break it, I said
and we went to their small mutaq together, I
wanted to help with something, when I turned around in the middle, my 21 took action, I
looked at the bidet while I was passing by and passing by, he realized that he was trying to hold himself against me as soon as he noticed, you stuck
him right from the earlobes.
I was squirming all over him and he started to respond to me and
I sat him on the kitchen marble as I embraced him . He yelled at me because I realized at first, my father-in-law didn’t taste it at all .

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