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My mother-in-law, who went upstairs and showed her rooms, came downstairs and the groom said what does this mean, I said they came for a massage, you were asking a black masseur, I found it and I said I brought it, he said, it’s okay, it’s fine, let’s see what happens. After a while, our guests came down and the black men came down with their white coats and pants, and the ladies only in their white coats. Let me introduce them to you even though they have bags. They had very strange names. I will say Maggy, first of all, these black people living in Turkey came from America and speak good Turkish. The men and women who came in 1995 came a year after them and met from America, they already came with the advice of men, They have no ties, they just live together. Let me start with Danny, this black man, who is 190 m tall, completely muscular and with a triangular body, compared to his height, and probably weighs 95 kg, and when I asked his age, he said 30. He said 30 with muscular arms and legs. Although he did not have a body, he had broader shoulders and wide hips like shoulders, and both of his hands and feet were big, his hair was short, when I asked him, I found out that he was 28 years old. Angelica, one of the ladies, was taller than me and since I am 175 cm, the room must be 178-180 cm. Angelica with big breasts had a round face and fleshy lips like her cheeks, his hips were protruding and his legs were long, probably if his weight was between 85-90. When I asked, Angelica’s hair was longer and straight compared to the other, and Maggy was a little longer than Angelica, but it was noticeable when they came together. It was noticed that she was fat and overweight. Angelica, who is 26 years old, had short and curly hair. By the way, I learned that they were cousins. After a nice five, they said let’s go about our business, we came for the massage and they said we should deserve the money we got, so I took them to the gym, showed them the sauna, the Turkish bath, the shower and the jacuzzi, the gym equipment and the small pool. They were ready, but we weren’t ready, while my mother-in-law took off her cotton pajamas and only wore her thong and entered the sauna, while I went upstairs and took off my daily clothes and went downstairs with only a bathrobe and a swimsuit underneath. Our masseuses had taken out the creams and materials in their bags, my mother-in-law was still in the sauna and I lay on the massage table and two black ladies started massaging me, I called my mother-in-law, she said I’m leaving, and she came out with her thong underneath and there was nothing on her, the room lay on the table and the gentlemen started massaging her thong. Larry was massaging his back and arms while Danny was massaging his legs, but my mother-in-law Larry turns his head wherever he goes, his eyes are always where Larry’s dick is, this time Danny and Larry switched places,
Larry was going to shove it in his asshole, no, he yelled, groan, second fuck, my mother-in-law was now very horny and screaming with pleasure, she was saying “I’m super, I bought both” So while Angelica and Maggy were playing with my dick with one of their hands on my swimsuit, I was very agitated and asked them to take off my bathing suit and play, they did as I was told, and I was fingering their pussy through their thongs. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law, who was toast, asked Larry to take the oil, but Angelica, who was far from the oil, gave it to him and asked him to lubricate his asshole. Danny got his dick out and helped Larry sit down and then lie on his back, he entered my mother-in-law from behind, who was also facing Larry, while Larry was feeding her toasted mother-in-law’s breasts and called me to fill my mouth. he got bored through the hole, when he started to speed up, I took my dick out of his mouth in all three of them, and at the same time, all three of them jerked and ejaculated, saying ohhh, they stayed like that for 2.3 minutes, all three of them were tired, first Danny collapsed on the mat, then my mother-in-law fell on Larry’s other side, liquids were still flowing from her pussy, my mother-in-law, who was right, thanked them both and kissed her lips . The groom told me that they should not go on Wednesday morning, see the places they should not go, and extend their leave for two more days. I gave it okay and of course they were happy too. They will both earn money and I was there with the tip and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law must have been so tired that she immediately took a shower. Now it was my turn already while watching Danny, Larry and my mother-in-law, we were aroused enough already, they were half-naked, I was completely naked in that excitement, black Angelica and Maggy had only thongs underneath, their white thongs were lost between their hips and they were inside their cunts from the front, I had never fucked a black man after Amy. they were taller and fatter than me, their breasts were big but erect, and Maggy’s was bigger. Actually, they were really gorgeous, Amy would be jealous if she read it, but this was the truth. Meanwhile, the men were going to watch us, I guess my mother-in-law would join us after the shower, we were all ready for the three of us, and they both hugged me standing up, one in front of me and the other behind me.
Before I went upstairs, I called the manager of the relevant hotel in Bodrum, I took leave not until Friday, but until Friday night, of course, they would be with us for almost four days, with a big tip to the responsible person. Their plane would take off until 15:00 on Friday and they would be picked up from the airport, you see, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. almost full 4 days of super nights and days but I was only going to attend the nights because of my job. My mother-in-law Angelica and Maggy also helped with the cooking. They learned Turkish food. After the meal, the dishes were washed and the ladies went upstairs and we chatted. Danny and Larry told that they lived with Angelica and Maggy and shared the same house, naturally having sex, and the ladies went downstairs, my mother-in-law is black super dressed in a mini I was between two black women and while my hands were sometimes stroking their breasts from their shoulders and sometimes stroking their legs and crotch, they were both stroking my panty-less dick in my sweatpants. The movie was over with the drinks. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law said do you want another DVD in front of the giant screen TV, when she said no, her back was turned to us. she bent down and took out the dvd movie on the device, while she purposely pulled her butt out from under her mini on her hips and presented her cunt to us like a pumpkin. Meanwhile, while Angelica and Maggy were taking the glasses and plates on the coffee tables, they first entertained the ones on the coffee table in front of us. then this time she turned to us and when she bent over her breasts were dimpled and the inside was magnificent, this time she presented her back to the men and instead she crossed her legs and her hips looked amazing. We drank our coffees. After drinking in coffees, the ladies went to the kitchen with my mother-in-law, after washing the glasses and cups, they returned to us and my mother-in-law
but Danny and Larry are still tough and this time Angelica took the place my mother-in-law left out and Maggy joined them while my mother-in-law came to me He said softly to my lips that I would not be under it. Meanwhile, while Danny and Larry were fucking the wives under them, Larry left Maggy and started to fuck Angelica together. Danny came and got in Maggy’s ass and they came back and forth like that for a while and he sat on Danny, who was coming out of his aroused ass and lying on his side, face down and he took it from his ass, the greasy dick immediately slipped into it and Danny bent down and his ass was in the middle like a pumpkin entering big cock was obvious Larry came and pressed his dick in the same ass when it was hard he tried again his ass was very oily with the dick he ate and after one try he took two dicks and Larry jerked off with Maggy. It was really exhausting for all of us and without bathing like that, between me nigga Angelica and Maggy, We slept between Danny and Larry at my mother-in-law. When we got up in the morning, they stayed at home while I was going to my job, which I had never been to yesterday. Three women and two men could only see what they were doing from the cameras inside the house.

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