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Hello, my name is Jesus. I am 23 years old. I live in the Muradiye district of Bursa
. My favorite things in life are one drink, two sex.
I believe I did both . I’m going to tell you about a girl’s
ass fuck that might sound a bit interesting to you. Let’s see how you will find it. One day
I walked into the grocery store in the neighborhood where I always buy liquor. This grocery store is my
sincere friend. While we were chatting, 18-year-old Fatma, the protagonist of this fantasy,
entered. I was falling for this Fatma’s big
breasts, especially her wide hips. Fatma left our grocery
store after joking around a bit. While I was looking behind her, our grocery store said, ”
I’m giving him chocolate, he’s showing me his breasts. i can fuck if i want
even?? when he said, my hand went to my dick by itself, ??don’t do it bee!?? I bit my

One day, when no one was home, this Fatma
came to invite my mother to stay at their house. He took Fatma in and said, “The grocery store told me everything
. Either you give it to your ass, or I’ll tell your brother everything?? when he
said Fatma because she was afraid of her brother like Azrael ??Okay?? When he had to say,
“Come on, let’s go to the bathroom in the garden. If someone comes, we say we were collecting plums??
We entered the toilet at the very bottom of our large garden together. As
soon as I walked in, I immediately
started sucking Fatma’s lips and stroking her hips over her dress. After licking her neck a little bit,
I took her breasts out and started licking and kissing. Fatma’s big
breasts smelled of milk. Fatma moans as I suck her nipples, while I
I was trembling with pleasure and my one hand was always on Fatma’s hips . I couldn’t be patient any longer, so I
gathered Fatma’s one-piece dress around her waist and
slipped her panties up to her knees. Her pussy was immaculate. I spit my dick head
and started whitewashing his pussy. Fatima
closed her eyes in delight, biting her lips. Fatma??s earlobe sucking,
??should I put it, girl??? I said. ??Out of there, stick it behind me!?? When she said that, I rubbed my dick a little bit
on her legs and put her hands on the wall of the toilet and curled her up nicely in
front of me. When I spit out the head of my dick and then Fatma’s black hole and
put my dick in her ass hole, I thought my knees were loose
. I was shaking as I stood. ‘Cause in my dreams

I was about to fuck Fatma’s asshole, which I masturbated as much as I forgot . I hugged Fatma tightly and said, ??I’m passing Fatma, are
you ready to be fucked??? I wanted to add a little more excitement by saying.

Fatma, ??Okay, okay… Come on?? When he said that, I endured my dick while pulling Fatma’s ass
in my lap.
My legs trembled even more as I entered the tight hole of Fuck Fatma . I paused for a while with my dick’s head
in Fatma’s warm hole. Fatma, ??Come on??
I stood again. Now my dick was densely in Fatma’s asshole
. I started to fuck slowly, enjoying it.
There was no click in Fatma. He pulls my dick back up to his knuckle, then,
??ooooohh, I’ve had it Fatma!?? I slowly stood up again.
Finally, Fatma said deeply, ??ooooff!?? pulled. I started to fuck fast
. Every now and then it comes out of the fuck hole, hurriedly again
I was spending I delayed the arrival of my waist for so long, but finally I
burst it in her helpless hole. Later, Fatma
started to come on its own. He said I fucked better than anyone else. He no longer
gives it to anyone but me. ??don’t be missing???
I fucked this Fatma so much…

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