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koreli kız Slm friends. I have shared many of my experiences with you here before. Most of them were gay-dominated articles. Because I’m bisexual, of course, the Deceptions I have with normal chicks sometimes happen. Today I would like to share my last moment with a widow lady. Our meeting with Burcu took place in June 2014 through a mutual friend. Burcu was a 27-year-old, 163-tall, 54-kilo blonde lady who separated from her husband 2 years ago and lived in opium.In the summers, she came to Isparta and stayed with her aunt for 1 month. The reason why your horoscope came to Isparta was for your cousin Nilda of the same age. Nilda, on the other hand, was a weak 25-year-old girl who had sex with everyone who could be called a slut, in folk parlance, a little shorter than her sign.

We ate, we drank, we didn’t go separately, we’ve known each other since childhood, we’ve known 1 girl at the same time, even without hesitation, we fucked my friend Omar Nilda when he said he wanted to go out and have sex; Nilda could not leave the house alone for a while, when her aunt said that her daughter had arrived, our acquaintance with burcu began with my involvement in the plan that Omar and Nilda had set up.Umar called me and arranged my partner’s chick and we were going to meet in the evening, but he had a cousin at home, and when he said he’d be grateful if you kept your cousin while we hung out with him, I said what am I going to do, len, with the daughter of the hand, Umar got the chick, you looked at his blood, you couldn’t, I’ll do my best for you to fuck him, and when he said, I didn’t want to at first, I accepted his offer without hoping that something would happen to avoid breaking Umari.

I closed the workplace, cleaned my body just in case, and took a shower.When Omer said he was coming, we immediately got together and went to the place where we were going to meet the girls and started waiting.Not long ago, I saw the Nile first, walking on a broken path.If he was with her, there was a blonde disaster. As they approached the vehicle and got on the 2nd side from the back door, Omar stepped on the gas and started driving towards their vineyard house. Nilda immediately introduced the horoscope to us. No matter how comfortable Nilda was and knew what she was going to do soon, burcu, on the contrary, was someone who did not lift her introverted head from in front of her.Obviously, when I saw that it was so cold, I lost a little enthusiasm at first.

When we arrived at the vineyard house, we got out of the car and went inside. Before we even got through the door, Nilda and Omar started making out in front of us.It’s not that I didn’t put it in me to train for babysitting so that he would keep a job with our scoundrel chick.We went inside and opened the beers and started talking, and when Nilda said come on, show me the floor upstairs, Omar laughed at me, of course, let me show it, and when they left us, our quiet conversation with burcu began.When Burcu joined the conversation by answering only my questions, I got stuck after two places.Our silence was broken by the screams of the Nile from above and the moans.

Why were you embarrassed when Burcu was embarrassed and lowered his head forward, because you already know the purpose of coming here, Nil. Is this a need that is not going through at all, when I said to have sex with someone, her horoscope suddenly began to open.It seemed strange when you told me at first, but ours is someone who has been having sex since adolescence, and of course I know what they are doing upstairs.Well, when I asked why you came, burcu shamefully said, don’t think I’m like that, Nilda, you’re a harmless and good person, it’s up to me to have such a thing between the 2 of us, and I couldn’t break it when she insisted Decently on coming.So I mean, the reason you came here is not to enjoy living something, it was just so that nilda could fuck comfortably, burcu, I said either I don’t know, but I’m not thinking about such a thing right now between the 2 of us, he added. Dec. As Nilda moaned from above, Burcu dada began to show change.It was more comfortable than the first moment, but for some reason I couldn’t get in next to him, he was blocking with his words in some way, so our people threw out the first mail at the end of 30 minutes and came to us.

When Nilda immediately said how’s the conversation going, I said that we couldn’t hear each other anymore from your moans with the excitement of our conversations, burcu joined me and said what did you scream, nilda napim, this animal officially split my hole, I had to scream.Umar, if you were a little slow, would we be afraid of you, bro, you’re my confidante, we broke up when the other one said nil.Despite my question as to how it was, the sign was thrown out immediately, isn’t it obvious from the sounds, cousin mashallah, that he couldn’t enjoy shouting, when he said that the nile was painful, but it was great, he added.There’s no position left that we didn’t take in bed, my ass it fell apart when Omar said he has a very big penis, I get sober when I see you, you’re insatiable, my daughter, and thank god euphrates didn’t fuck you, when he said his is thicker than mine, nilda also turned to me in a moment. Nilda and I have been intimate 2-3 times before, she made contact with my penis with her hands, but I didn’t take it forward because there is Omar. Nilda was immediately thrown out, saying I don’t believe in life, and began to put words to me.When I insisted to show it, I need to show it in vain, I need to take down my tool dislocation, will you do it next to Omer, when Nilda turned to Omer and asked for permission, as if.

I don’t think the horoscope can do it when I say why should nilda download it without giving it to Omar, but after all, we are all open for sex, I stood up and pulled down my pants.During the conversations, my penis, which was already in a state like a stake, was officially pushing my boxer. When I put my boxer down, they were shocked at 2 chicks. Nilda came a little closer to me and ohaa, when Omar said that he had stayed in the harbor out of spite, Omar laughed and said that I had witnessed a lot of chicks saying enough while fucking Euphrates asses, it made a big impression on the girls. After a short shock, nilda called the sign and said let’s go to the bathroom, so I put on my boxer.Omar len, maniac, my wife was tav, I’ll fuck you, you scratched your dick, aq, take the chick from my dick, get up, okay, you start now, he said. ormalde would not have had such a conversation in environments with 2 boys and 2 girls, but we were able to talk more easily with the gas we got from the fact that we had been in similar ways with Omar many times and the 2 girls already knew about the incident.Umere, the girl hasn’t even entered into such a conversation for a long time, but we’ve just made our way, wait, there may be something between us, and the girls came. Dec.

When Omar says let’s go out, my love, nilda leans into my ear and quietly wants to be in the sign, but she is afraid. Go on without too much difficulty, I told you a lot, I’ve already softened, and when you said fuck, I realized that you went to the bathroom to talk to burcu.Burcu sat down on the seat next to me again.To be sure of the thought of your horoscope, sorry, if you want me to wear the pants, he said to stay as comfortable as you feel.I said that I was more comfortable naked, and in one move I took off the boxer again and started playing with my penis. Also, when I said I needed to take down the one that got up just now, you didn’t make a sound, and when I said what about the embarrassed horoscope, I realized that I was on the right track.If you are going to do it with the gas of the Nile, let’s not do it, if you want, let’s do it, his sign pulled me down and made me sit next to him before I could say.At first, only duran burcu started to respond to the room moaning slowly thanks to my touches and kisses.

The arrow was out of the bow now.Burcu was ecstatic, kissing lip to lip on the one hand, and stroking my dick on the other.After continuing this for a while, I first took off the shirt of your horoscope and then the bra.She had such beautiful breasts, I still think çıkmıyorlar.Az it was obvious from the steepness that it had been used.I also put my hand on his chest and squeezed it as hard as possible and played. I think it was enough to turn on the horoscope even more by throwing tongue blows at her breasts, which I continued with my hands for a while, biting off the ends and pulling them to myself.After focusing on your breasts for a while with my mouth, it was time for my hands to work.I slowly moved into his jeans and unbuttoned them.When she knelt down on the floor and started slowly pulling on her jeans, which tightly hugged her legs, I was confronted with her lacy black panties.He looked so sexy that I’m sure most people could have ejaculated just by looking at this scene.

I laid the sign on the seat and lay down on it and continued to kiss and make out again.Now he had thrown his timidity in the sign and was responding to me in every sense.After staying like this for a short while longer, I slowly went downstairs, removed the lacy weight as I grasped it, and looked at her magnificent almost untouched vagina for a while in admiration.I felt like eating in front of this image at that moment.When my tongue started touching her clitoris, her horoscope started moving under me.Due to the skillful use of my tongue, the horoscope at first pressed my head well, and then he took it by leaving himself to me thoroughly when I focused on pleasure, he made his first ejaculation tremblingly in front of me.It was great to taste the pleasure waters that came, really, when burcu relaxed and passed out, I went further and walked my tongue in her beautiful pussy, trying to insert my fingers Decently. Incredibly, 2 of my fingers touched her cheeks even when entering, which meant that nothing had entered her pussy for a long time.This narrowness had literally taken me away from me.

It’s been about 10 minutes, I still couldn’t get enough of the narrow sparkling pussy standing in front of me, I was continuing to lick and finger, contracting the sign 2. once I came, I knew it was time to start having sex.The moment I stood up to straighten up from my seat and take off my top, I saw a movement that I did not expect from the sign.While I was taking off my scarf, he knelt down in front of me in the sign and took my cock in his hands and started stroking it.I knew he was a novice at the job, but the fact that he instinctively turned to a kind of sex that he wasn’t used to in order to relax me made me even more crazy.When he put my penis, which he patted with his hand, into his mouth after a while and started pulling, slow down, we’re not in a hurry, don’t force yourself, don’t feel nauseous, although I said that his burcu was accelerating and his hands he put it on my hips, just using his head to go and come, forcing me to take it from me.

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