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Hello everyone. This story I’m going to tell is completely real, without the slightest
imagination or fantasy. Now sit back and
read. I have had many adventures and
I want to share the most recent one with you. This incident happened to me 15 days ago. I ‘m not bad with the internet
, I’m a 32-year-old handsome athletic young man,
I came home after work and opened icq with a handsome nickname, by the way, while I
was busy eating, someone sent me a “sl” message,
we started chatting by saying hello. We were very sincere
. The only topic of our conversation was group sex, I
talked about the events that happened to me because I had group sex before.
Alev must have been very impressed with this conversation because she said that she wanted to meet me, that
they wanted to do this with her husband for a long time, I said that I
could help them in this matter, and the next day we
went one step further while chatting on the net again and started talking on the phone
, she said she was very horny and a man told her She mentioned that it was not enough
, she also mentioned this to her husband and shared her wife with a man who accepted a room.
There was a couple from Ankara and
I said that I would enjoy it very much because I live in Ankara, then set yourself up for the weekend and
have a nice night with us.
I waited for the end to come. By arranging me on the phone the sat.
He said that they wanted to meet in a bar in Çankaya, so I said ok and
got the address, I took my place at the bar at around 9.30 in the evening, I was wearing black
jeans and a sweater, because I told him I would come in black,
they would come as a couple in white, on the contrary, after 15 minutes
. The couple came in and my mouth fell open. The man was charismatic, and the woman came in
wearing a white mini skirt with a long high heel over the knee
, and a blouse that revealed her big breasts.
When I saw the woman, I praised myself for doing a good job

They looked around and when they saw me, they came to me, said good night
and sat at my table. At the table like a lodge, the woman sat next to me and her husband sat next
to me. We started chatting, starting to talk about fantasies, and
it was a fun chat environment, my eyes were always on the woman’s breasts
that looked like they were going to come out of her blouse, even during the conversation,
I took my hand to the woman’s legs under the table and started to
caress. she was presenting her cunt to me as it was
, chatting next to her husband and on the other hand, my hand that I put between the woman’s legs
went further and
started to caress her cunt over her panties, I even pulled the panties aside and my finger was wet.
I started to sting.. her husband noticed this and
smiled saying don’t be in a hurry, the night is long. We went to their house after we had a little drink. When she got home, the
woman went to the bathroom saying I’ll take a shower, so I
started chatting with her husband, he said that it wasn’t enough for the wife, so I said, don’t worry,
you will enjoy a real dick after tonight, I said everything
will continue according to my rules, and her husband agreed, 15 minutes
later the woman She came to us with her bathrobe coming out of the shower, I suddenly
got up and asked the woman to find me some rope immediately, the room
came with a clothesline looking at my face strangely with a fury, I
tied her husband to the chair there naked by his arms and feet.
And now I said see how a real fuck will be. The woman and her husband were
looking at me with curious eyes, although they were a bit strange. I said to the
woman, now take off her robe . tall, big breasts, a thin waist, the woman’s face was already very beautiful, blond long hair, a wonderfully shaved cunt . I started licking her cunt while my hands were stroking her soft and hard breasts.

, the woman started screaming, “Fuck me please, fuck me”,
so I took off my clothes, my husband’s veins were
exposed, his head was very bruised, he stood upright,
I said take my cock in his mouth first and grabbed the woman by the hair and put my dick in her mouth
, the woman is taking all of my dick in her mouth she was having a hard time, so I
was sticking my big cock up her throat to spite the woman, this time I turned my back and
looked at the woman’s husband, her little cock was standing up trying to touch her,
I liked it, then I took my hard-boiled cock from the woman’s mouth and started
to put it in her fragrant pussy by separating her legs .
I like to look at her husband while doing it.

She was going
_ ejaculated
a few
times, i was still not full and i fucked until the woman said enough
, finally i didn’t feel good, i took my big dick out of the woman’s pussy
and ejaculated towards the man’s face, with this move, the man got aroused, but because
his hands were tied, he couldn’t do anything to himself.
I told him to empty the room, getting out of bed
she took her husband’s little cock in her mouth and emptied it…. After this beautiful sex thing
, we all laughed and drank cold drinks..

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