Keby tinder

I’m from cyprus, I don’t need to say much, I guess… Anyway, one day
I finished my work early and came home early.
I live in an apartment and there is an apartment next to our apartment on the same sewer. I changed my clothes, I wanted to open the
windows or something. Just opposite, a woman named Selin was
cleaning the floor with her white short shorts and white

While I was watching her, my dick came to a ready-made shape and
I took off my shorts and t-shirt and was left with only my boxer underwear

Then I started stroking my dick over my shorts and by the way, selin saw me while I was turning, she froze for 1 minute and immediately closed
the curtain of her window .
I was crazy, the 20 cm tool was dead like a nail

When I was going to look again in 5 minutes, I looked at the bidet, the window is slightly ajar
, it is changing the flood, the window was in the bedroom, there was a shower cabin in his room , he took off
the flood and left with thong and panties, he was
aware that I was watching him.

Then I took off my boxer underwear and looked at him and started to jerk off. The
bitch entered the shower and started stroking herself
, squeezing her breasts with one hand and fingering her cunt with the other.

I opened the window completely so that he could see me comfortably. We
ejaculated there looking at each other. The next day, because I was on good terms with her husband,
there was a match and she invited me to their house. So I flew away. I knocked on the door
and she was wearing tight low waist jeans and
a black bady, because she knew I was coming in advance, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

anyway, the clock went on. The first half of the game is over, of course, our beers are over.
I want to drink it tonight. I said, her husband said I’ll go get it from the market and
we said ok. All night, flood was already lying in front of me
and she was making deadly movements that her black thong was officially coming out of her tight jeans
and my upturned dick was evident from my tracksuit.

Anyway, as soon as her husband left, I said flood, I ‘ll show you where the toilet is . I went into the bathroom and started
to jerk off I knew he was in front of the door and suddenly I went to the door and opened the door with my upturned dick
I caught him fingering your cunt what are you doing I said
room in response; I’m very impressed with you, the rough replied “flat me”

I immediately took off his badysin and jeans, clung to his lips. The room
immediately took off my sweatpants and
started licking my mandrel, as we didn’t have much time, we had to be fast
and I immediately put him on the sink and started to fuck him in the dog position.

Selin: “ohhhhhhhhhh hitrrrrr hits my man like my husband can’t hitrrrrrrr, fucks me all
around, while he puts the beers in bags, you put me in my
pussy ohhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhrh ahhhhhrrh my
husband is scared of me
just like
he can’t fuck you, does your husband fuck you like that haaaaaaa,

I was hitting very hard while saying these, the
sounds were almost echoing in the bathroom şlapppp şlopppppp lapççççç…. I took my cock out and put it in your ass ,
my husband should not fuck you sikkkk my lovemmmm manmmmmmm and suddenly the doorbell rang

Since my cock was in sight, he said “Kimoo” in a provocative voice. It
was Selin’s wife, I’m coming, I’m coming, my love, he said, I’m coming, and then I ejaculated.. He
opened the door and his wife asked why you were so late, he said, “I showed you the room and the
toilet,” she said. I went inside and
we started our beers again..

When I looked at his flood, the side of his badys was completely
dripping with sperm, I told him to delete his badysi by making an eye sign, and
he wiped it off without hesitation….

I fucked selin next to her husband without even realizing it

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