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First of all, hello everyone, My name is Pınar. I’ve been reading some sex stories on this site for a while, and I’m enjoying doing that too. But there is a problem; When you read the sex stories a little too much, you can easily understand which is fake and which is real. Naturally, untrue sex stories can annoy people. At first, I wanted to tell my own story, but it was not easy to decide and start. Because my sex story isn’t a fun story like yours.
First of all, let me tell you about myself, I’m 22 years old now, but it’s been 4 years since what I’m about to tell. At that time I was in my senior year of high school and I was 18 years old. In general, I was a tall girl relative to the class average. But I was much weaker back then. I have a more fit and fit body now that I do sports or something. But back then, I was always a pretty skinny girl, and her breasts weren’t fully grown yet, like a goosebump. But the fact that I had brown hair and green eyes would still attract the attention of men. She was usually attracted to men older than me.
When I was 18, I was a pretty naive and ignorant girl. At least those who read sex stories online, especially rape sex storiesI was not one to read. My knowledge of sexuality was only what it should have been. It just knows it’s an activity between a man and a woman, I had no thought of anything more. To be honest, I didn’t have any enthusiasm or desire to learn. I guess I was just a low libido girl back then.
Anyway, I know it’s a long intro. Let me start the story now. When I was 18, I had a cousin who is 7 years older than me, so 25 years old. He was the child who was seen as both the most loved and the most vagabond in the family. For some reason, vagrants are more liked by adults. Or the ones who are most loved by the elders of the family become vagrants, I don’t know which is the reason and which is the result. Obviously it doesn’t matter. This is my cousin I’m talking about; Brother Cemil was a man of average height, dark-haired, always with a scruffy beard, charismatic, muscular, and always spoiled. Frankly, it was very good between us. I loved hanging out with him. It was always a tomato paste for my girlfriends.
On a sunny spring day, we decided to go on a picnic as a large and extended family. Our family, other aunts, wives of my aunts and all cousins, we got up early in the morning because we thought we would have a good time together. We had a program such as having breakfast first, then enjoying tea and coffee, barbecue and alcohol in the afternoon. We youngsters were always busy with activities such as setting up swings, playing ball, sleeping in a hammock. Since Cemil brother was half adult and half child, he was next to adults and one to us. Except for Cemil, I was the oldest of the cousins.
I was trying to play dodgeball with my little cousins ​​when we had our breakfast and started to scatter in the forest. Brother Cemil would come and join from time to time, get bored quickly and go back. Every now and then, he missed our ball and made everyone run after him.
When everything was going so well, something happened that ruined my whole day. There was a long-standing tension between my mother and one of my aunts, and this naturally reflected in my mother’s mood. When my mother couldn’t say anything to anyone, she took her anger out on me. She said that I was a big girl, that I did not help with anything, that I played games like a child, and she got angry and shouted. My mom used to get mad at me as well, but this time, when she shouted in an offensive tone in front of everyone, it was hard for me. I tried to answer but it was so hard that I sat down and started crying. Everyone was suddenly out of luck. My mother alone managed to upset everyone and tense the atmosphere. Brother Cemil said to soften the atmosphere a little bit, let’s take a walk with you.
I started walking next to Cemil brother with tears in my eyes. I don’t know how long we walked, but we were quite far. We went too far for a picnic where no one could come. Naturally, there was no one around. Since I’m still 5 inches long, Cemil’s brother was saying something to make me smile, pushing me, making fun of me. To be honest, he had succeeded in satisfying my mood, but I still continued to be sullen. Because I didn’t want to digest something like that so easily.
Brother Cemil never gave up. We came to the shore of a place like a lake by walking. All of a sudden, brother Cemil said, “If you don’t have a rose, I’ll throw you into the lake.” I was still walking without showing a single gesture. Brother Cemil took me in his arms without any difficulty and took me to the shore of the lake. “If there is no rose, I swear I will throw it away,” he said. It was the worst thing to do to a girl who was sad, scared and crying. While I was shouting “let me go, brother, I won’t laugh, let it go”, he said “you know” and suddenly dropped it into the lake. The water was so cold that it took my breath away. Believe me, whether I shouted or waited silently, I don’t remember anything. I just remember howling like crazy. Jamil was laughing like crazy. He made no effort to save me, nor did he try to calm me down. Then when I stopped struggling, I realized that the water was only up to my chin.
When I walked to the shore, brother Cemil extended his hand and pulled me away. I was crying and hitting him. He was still laughing. He didn’t mind my crying, nor did he respond to my hitting. He said you will be sick, take off your clothes. By the time he said that, he had already taken it off. He grabbed my shirt and took it off. I grabbed it when he put his hand on my pants. He was still saying, “You’re going to be sick, I can’t deal with yours”. He even pulled my pants down even though I held him. At that moment, I realized that I was left wet with panties and a bra in front of Cemil brother. I was trembling at the same time, having trouble keeping my chin steady. He took off his own cardigan, wrapped me in it, and hugged me to warm me. We stayed like that for a while, and to be honest, it really warmed me up. But at that moment I realized that there was a hand between my legs. Cemil’s hand was right on my womanhood and he was trying to caress it very lightly. She continued to hug me even though I said “I want to go”. When I tried to get away, he hugged me tighter and laid him on the ground.
Brother Cemil came between my legs with a few simple moves on me. He folded my hands above my head and grabbed both of my wrists with one hand. With her other hand, she unzipped her own pants and pulled his dick out. That’s when I cried, she. He covered my mouth with his own and pressed so hard that I couldn’t even move my head. He was so professional at this job that he blocked all the ways I could resist. She soon got her dick inside of me, too. I felt as if something had been ripped out of me. Before long, it emptied into me, trembling. It was all over when he released me.
Crying, I quickly put on my wet clothes and started running towards where we came from. I don’t remember how far I ran or how much I cried. When I saw my father, I put myself in front of him and started to cry even more. I don’t remember what happened next. When I opened my eyes, my father said, “It’s okay, my daughter, you fell into the lake and you were very scared, so you fainted”. I didn’t tell anyone anything either. This is the only real rape story I’ve ever had. I’ve been with other people afterward, but they weren’t interesting enough to tell as a sex story . Good day to you rape sex stories lovers. I read with interest what you wrote.

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