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My girlfriend and I decided to get married after seven years of being together, we’ve been staying in the same house for the last four years, and we’re a couple who have tried all kinds of fantasy and all kinds of sex. You should know that we are very hot about anal, hard and especially oral. But now I want to tell another incident that happened to us. We’re already making good love as a couple, but I’m going to tell you a one-time event here. Two years ago, we had our wedding and we went on our honeymoon. We chose abroad for our honeymoon and went to France. After spending romantic moments in Paris, we settled in a nice hotel. There were two men in our next room at the hotel, one of whom was black, and we became friends with them in the elevator.

Since there was no language problem, we started to travel together. They were French and they helped us travel, we started traveling as a total of three men and my wife. The men were extremely handsome men and they started a nice conversation with my wife and started to be friendly. Then a fantasy of my wife came to my mind, she was always telling me she wanted to make a band, of course I didn’t agree, this came to mind, after all, we were on our honeymoon and we were in a different country, why not go crazy?

I said this to my wife while I was laying in bed at night. I said you always want to have a band, what would you like to do with the two guys in the next room, her eyes widened and she said are you serious, I said yes but we’ll just forget about it when we get back to our home where we live. He was very happy and hugged me, and he thought of something like that, but he did not dare to tell me. The next day, I told the men this, they were a little surprised, they asked if you weren’t jealous, I said no, my wife wants something like this, I want her to be happy, and we agreed for the evening. That day, we walked again until the evening and black waters descended on our feet, we were very tired.

When we got to the hotel, we rested for a while, my wife took a shower, she was very excited and we invited them to our room. They had also showered and prepared, and they entered with nice smells as they entered. My wife was trembling with excitement. Then they asked me if you would join me, I said no, I’m just going to watch, and I sat on the chair across from the bed. Here they were, and all three were standing. One from the front and the other from behind approached my wife and started kissing my wife in front. The black one in the back was kissing my wife’s neck and I was watching them. I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t feel anything like jealousy because I just wanted my wife to be happy. Later they started to undress my wife, she took off her pants in the back and her top in the front.

He started licking her breasts and the back was kissing her buttocks and licking her legs. My wife’s back was turned to me, I couldn’t see her face, I was wondering if she was enjoying it, but she was kissing hotly with the previous one, so she was enjoying it. Later, they put my wife to bed, at that moment we made eye contact and I saw the pleasure in my wife’s eyes, she was really excited and very happy with the situation she was in. Seeing him like that, I immediately pulled down my pants, got an erection, and started stroking mine. Of the two men who put my wife to bed, the black one started licking my wife and the other one put his dick in my wife’s mouth and was squeezing her mouth. He was gagging and the nigger started fingering with his tongue out. My wife is starting to moan now.

And the black one behind him pulled down his pants and he had a huge dick, really at that moment I understood why these black stories were like this. Then he started to rub against my wife, water was always flowing from my wife and started to get into my stomach. His huge cock was having a hard time getting inside my wife, while my wife was dealing with the other penis in her mouth. He was enjoying both the penis in his mouth and the penis that went inside, and his moans had turned into screams. The black one was banging fast with his huge penis, then my wife’s moans increased and she forgot about the penis in her mouth and had an orgasm. She shivered a lot, the nigga got her to orgasm so fast. Later, the man who fucked his other mouth also came to the bed and lay on his back on the bed, took my wife on him and entered her vagina. The black one started fingering my wife’s ass.

His fingers were as big as his penis, and after he inserted two of his fingers into my wife, he started spitting into her ass. They filled both my wife’s holes and I was gasping for the amazing moments. The black one was banging my wife hard in the ass and the other was going into her vagina and they were filling two holes at the same time. My wife was crazy with pleasure at these moments, her biggest dream had come true and with my permission and I was watching her in front of her, I was sure she felt very relieved. Then the black one came out from behind him and lay on his back and my wife sat on him. While he fucked my wife in the cunt, the other one got into her ass and smashed her ass hard again. This time they switched places and started to fuck my wife in the same position.

The guys still hadn’t ejaculated and didn’t intend to ejaculate they were extremely horny and they made my wife stand up, the black one sucked on my wife’s breasts again and went down and started licking her cunt the other one got behind her and bent my wife forward slightly. He started getting in your ass and he was banging his ass hard again and my wife was getting down and trying to keep up with them but the guys were so horny it was like I was watching a porn movie. All of my wife’s make-up was gone, and her eyes were black under her eyes, and her face was full of pleasure. But after a while, I realized that he was hurting, then he told me that it should be over, but the men had not ejaculated yet, I said we cannot say that, the men did not ejaculate yet, my wife agreed and went back on the men. They filled both of their holes again and started banging my wife hard.

My wife came to joy again, she was very wet, her groaning sounds were mixed together. They lifted my wife to her feet and brought her to her knees in front of them and the two of them began to enter my wife’s mouth in turn. they were giving blowjobs but it wasn’t something my wife was directing they had total control they were holding my wife’s head and banging the inside of the mouth. The black one came out of his mouth and the other one went in. After a while, they slapped themselves and ejaculated on my wife’s face at the same time. I couldn’t stand this image any longer and I ejaculated. My wife immediately went to bed and lay still, naked on her face. The men thanked us both and went to their rooms.

Fucking stories I went to my wife and I said how was it, she said it was very bad, I said did you not enjoy it, she said I took too much but this is too much, I also said it will not happen again, at least something you wanted came true, from now on, this incident will stay between the two of us and no one will tell you. I said we will not say it, we will pretend it never happened. Also, seeing my wife like that made me feel horny again. As she was lying face down on the bed, I slid right behind her and started to fuck in her ass that had just been fucked. My wife was moaning from the angle now, but she was going to bring me, just as she brought the two men to pleasure. I fucked her in her ass and I cum inside her I lay on her and we fell asleep. When we woke up the next day, we acted as if these events were a dream and as if they had never happened, and went on with our lives.

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