Hello, I can tell you about my relationship with
my aunt . Things got out of hand I forgot my aunt I was screaming like crazy as if she didn’t exist I was starting to add my wife’s dick to her name I saw my aunt naked in front of me she was stroking her breast with one hand cunt with the other hand I smelled and fucked my aunt I told her to go with my hand my aunt closed the door and left while I was rooting hard

I got off my wife in a short time, she got out of it, it was too late,
she said let’s take a bath and go to bed and we went to bed, but my aunt’s naked
look did not go away in the morning I got up in the morning I went to the kitchen my aunt fell on her lips
she started making love to pieces and broke me my love she said put my wife to sleep I’m
sweet but I said room easy sleeping pill He said yes,
he prepared breakfast. By the way, my aunt is a thin brunette, 35 years old.
Anyway, my wife got up and we started to have breakfast. After breakfast
she made coffee for us. She took the sleeping pill and drank the coffee. My aunt and
I immediately started to undress and undress me
. It was a place where 4 kids came out but
I still licked and sucked on the skintight hole, I proceeded to the ass hole, I
started to fuck first because I’m sick of the goth, her husband hadn’t fucked at all
, but I said I’ll do it, I said I’ll do it, he messed up the cream thoroughly while he was
living my dick, I stuck my dick in his eye and that big moment
came They forced me to shout , don’t do it, my love
, I was

I collapsed on the couch and took my dick in his mouth and
started to swallow the remaining dollar and he took my dick in his mouth after licking a little he
sat next to me he said I have never enjoyed it so much and he gave me a
kiss at that time the doorbell rang I got dressed and opened my aunt ‘s 16
year old son came and said where is my mother I said no, he’ll come soon,
we went to the hall, while we were chatting, I got bored without realizing it, he still could
n’t take his eyes off his son, what happened, you looked at
me, I said, it’s too big, he said, I took it out, I gave it
to you
then he put my dick in his eye still his son
escaped but it was too late
I started to force him, don’t do it bro, he begged, half of the time, he went in half
of the time, he came into his mother from the corridor, he got his son’s dick and I
continue to pump, my aunt put his son’s eye on him, the room was
opened, he easily put it in his eye, I ejaculated on his son, I pumped until my dick came down, I lay
down on the sofa, his son emptied the room, he slept next to my
mother He was licking our descendants, he was very embarrassed, I said
, after that, I said that both of us are the second one according to him, I said that he was dressed and my wife
was starting to wake up. I am unaware of what is going on and I still continue.
Our relationship with my aunt and her son does not include my wife soon, but she does not

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