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We’re working for the finals with my best friend. It’s one of those hot days again . It’s
quite late, we said it’s time for bed, and my friend went to bed
. I took a shower, and since I’ve been doing nothing but
studying for a long time, I thought I’d masturbate and relax. It’s around 3
am. her older sister
Zeyno got up to the bathroom, saw the light and knocked on the bathroom door, but because I couldn’t
hear it, she opened the door and caught me when she came in.
After a short surprise, I tried to explain the situation to her with a bit
of boredom, of course. Zeyno was a very good and young girl
. so he said.
Accept it as a graduation present. He took off his thin nightgown and stepped into
the shower next to me.
I couldn’t believe what was happening. We started kissing slowly, then she got
down on her knees and started sucking on my already ready dick, it
was obvious that she was experienced in this. I immediately jumped into pulling myself out
because I didn’t want to ejaculate in her mouth because it felt like insulting the other person
. I pulled her up and ejaculated and he liked it when I told him the same thing
and said that I deserved more.
He slowly turned around, leaned forward a little,
lifted one of his feet to the edge of the tub, and grabbed my dick and thrust it into that tight cunt
. I was having incredible minutes, squeezing myself not to ejaculate.
it was a lot of pleasure then we both started ejaculating at about the same time

Of course, I immediately pulled back and ejaculated after going back and forth between those gorgeous hips a few times. It was amazing. We took our showers and went out
. I hit the finals the next day, of course, but it was worth it. Then I passed the make up
and I’ll tell you about my prom next time

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