Hi, my name is Haluk, my age is 23. My wife’s name is Esra, age is 21. I have been happily married for 2 years . Our sex life with my wife is very good. I want to tell a story that I went through with my wife who was
cold to group sex until now . I live in Germany with my wife. brown eyes. I’m 182 height and weight 98. The story is the beginning. My wife and I love to have a picnic when the weather is nice . There are very nice places to have a picnic near the forest here . We both like places away from people very much. When we went this time, there were 2 yugoslav children nearby, they were drinking and according to us They were having fun. We started our picnic without caring about them . My wife’s short sleeved bodysuit and shorts

A few hours later, my wife’s small toilet came and she said can you
come to me, I said let’s not leave the things alone, I said go, I’m here
, the room said ok. It went towards the forest and I lay down against the sun for a little while.
10 minutes later , I saw that my wife had not come yet, I went to the
yugoslavs and said nothing. after a little bit of arms, I heard
shouting sounds from ahead. When I approached, I saw my wife with 2 yugoslavs, she was
holding my wife from behind and the other was shouting. Just when I was about to run, I said I should wait a bit
. The shouting man took my wife’s body as if it were torn. When my wife spat
in his face, he slapped my wife. and in german he said something to my wife. he bent my
wife and squeezed his dick and shouted and said lick it.
my wife hit her back so much that my husband started
licking his
cock . My wife was shouting at first but then she started to moan. I was the one who fucked the other, I shouted and 2 people ran away, then he said he liked it

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