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sıcak anne filmleri film I am Serdar, 37 years old, 1.75 tall, athletic and I live in Samsun. My wife and I are the same age and we are very good together, it’s like there’s no day when we don’t fuck. Dec. Because my wife is a civil servant like me, we sometimes take my sister-in-law with us to take care of the children, she stays with us for a few months. My sister-in-law is 4 years older than my wife (41 years old), brunette, tall, thin, thin-waisted, slightly wide-hipped, with plump breasts and lips, although she was a sexy person, she was still single. My sister-in-law kept saying, “Daughter, get married now, look, the account of those who are returned before it is opened is heavy!” I’ll hang out by saying. My sister-in-law won’t answer me. Although there would be those who wanted my sister-in-law, but getting married with the men she agreed with would break down a few weeks or days before the wedding.

The last time my sister-in-law’s marriage business broke down, she came to us again, she had a fight with my father-in-law and she was going to stay with us for a while. On his arrival this time, I looked at my sister-in-law with a receptive eye. My sister-in-law was short for her age, her breasts, hips and body lines seduced the man. And I started calculating how to fuck my sister-in-law. Sometimes when I was fucking my wife, I’d say, “If your sister was married, I’d slip up on her a few times now too!” I was hanging out with my wife, saying. And my wife said, “Don’t do something like that and ruin my sister’s life!” he was warning me. My sister-in-law dressed more comfortably than usual when she stayed at our house, because she thought no harm would come from me, she was constantly freaking out, turning me on, laughing at my blistering dick.

One day my sister-in-law and I were playing Ladesh and we made a bet that the cheater would buy his favorite suit. My sister-in-law made several attempts to get me to climb, but I wasn’t fooled. One evening, while sitting with my wife, I asked for coffee. My sister-in-law served the coffee, two buttons of her shirt were open, when I saw her breasts stuck in a bra, my mind went, I forgot about the Ladesh game we were playing and took the coffee. Sister-in-law immediately said, “Ladeshshsh!” he said, “Girl, I fooled your husband!” he got stuck on my wife, saying. And my wife said, “Yes, you lost, Sedar! Go tomorrow and buy my sister’s dress!” said. So I accepted defeat and said, “Okay, I promise, let’s get it tomorrow!I said. My sister-in-law was in the mood for joy, of course.

The next day, my sister-in-law and I left the house to look at clothes for my sister-in-law from the stores. We went down to the bazaar and visited the shops together. Not for the money, but I didn’t like the dresses your sister-in-law liked. The dresses in the store we entered last time were very beautiful, but this time my sister-in-law couldn’t like it either. While the sister-in-law was trying on a dress in the cabin, she said to the lady looking at the aisle, “You can’t fool a customer, if I were your boss, I would fire you immediately!I said. The seller lady said, “Sir, as long as you ask for it, I’ll sell it, how about something?” said. “It could be from sexy and attention-grabbing clothes!I said. After that, the seller took my sister-in-law and took her to another department. When my sister-in-law was looking at the dresses there, the lady said to me, “What is your wife’s style like?”he asked (He thought my sister-in-law was my wife). I said, “If you convince him, he’ll wear everything!I said.

My sister-in-law tried on a few of the open low-cut dresses that the lady gave. It was the first time I saw my sister-in-law’s body so clearly, I felt like going crazy. My sister-in-law said, “Girl, it looks very nice, which one do you want?” when I said, she showed me a one-piece dress with a low back, exposing the top of her breasts. This dress was laced from the waist down. Sister-in-law said, “I like this, but it’s expensive!” said. I was like, “Don’t worry about that!I said. When my sister-in-law entered the cabin, she said to the lady, “Now show me some Sexy underwear too!I said. The lady said“ “To whom?” said. “To me. Isn’t she my wife, I’ll buy the underwear she’s going to wear according to my taste. What do you recommend?I said. The lady took me to another aisle, took a set of underwear from the shelf and said, “New fashion Thongs, ladies prefer it a lot, the six are open.” said. I was surprised, “How is six open?I said. The lady laughed and said, “The vagina part is open, so that you can see your work whenever you want. Shall I show you?” said. I was like, “Show me!I said. I was aroused from good when I saw it!

I selected a suit according to my sister-in-law’s body size, and I bought the same suit for my wife, packed it. After my sister-in-law left the cabin, we liked a dress for my wife together, made two separate packages, paid for them all and left the store. We went to the car. When my sister-in-law wanted to ride in the back, she said, “Come to the front, girl!” I said, and he came forward and sat down. “Goodbye, use it, sister-in-law!I said. Sister-in-law also said, “Thank you, brother-in-law, for the first time I will wear something that emphasizes my femininity!” said. I was like, “Come on… I haven’t seen anything of your femininity yet so far! When you get home, you can do a little show for your brother-in-law now!I said. My sister-in-law was embarrassed, blushed, kissed me on the cheeks, thanked me again, and we made our way home…

When we got home, sister-in-law said, “Try it now so that I can see it clearly on it!I said. Sister-in-law joyfully said, “Okay!” he said and left, he came dressed. With the new dress we bought, sister-in-law’s body looked beautiful. Sister-in-law said, “There were underwear in the bag, did you wear that too?I said. Sister-in-law shamefacedly said, “No, I didn’t wear it, brother-in-law!” said. “Come on then, put it on and let me see!” I asked him to put it on. Sister-in-law, “But Uncle is a shame!” said. I said, “Girl, there’s no one at home, what if I see it?” when he insisted, “Well!” so saying, he went away, put it on, and came. I got up from where I was sitting and untied the front tie of the dress. Her bra was see-through and her boobs were amazing. When I looked down, my sister-in-law’s pussy had not been shaved, her pussy and pussy hairs had spilled out from the open lower part of the jammed panties. “Turn around!I said. Sister-in-law, “It’s like there’s no back, brother-in-law, there’s a thin rope on the back, and it almost got into my ass!” he turned his back to shame, saying…

Really, the string of the thong had officially entered your ass, “What the fuck would you be doing now if I wasn’t married to your fucking sister!I said. Sister-in-law immediately said, “Hoop! Brother-in-law, don’t go too far!” said. “Okay, okay, I promise I won’t go too far, sister-in-law!” so saying, I put my hand on her bottom and patted her cunt. When sister-in-law was startled because she did not expect such a thing from me, she said, “Have you never touched a girl?I said. Sister-in-law said, “I made him touch it, too, but no one has entered yet!” said. “Shall I go in?I said. “No, brother-in-law! No going forward!” he said, and drew himself back a little. “Okay, okay, you know!” I kept groping her pussy, saying. Sister-in-law, “Come on, Uncle!” he was saying. By the way, my dick had become like a stake, I grabbed my sister-in-law by the waist, pulled her Dec, pulled my dick out and forced it into her hand. After touching my dick a little, he pulled his hand away. The sister-in-law kept saying, “No! Don’t do it! You’re my Brother-in-Law!” he says, he was trying to save himself from me. And I wouldn’t let go, I was sticking my finger inside her pussy. The sister-in-law’s pussy was thoroughly wet. With my other hand, I squeezed her breasts and tried to suck a little on the bra. The sister-in-law was very aroused, she had come to the exact consistency to be fucked, fluids were flowing from her pussy. Suddenly, I pulled myself together and withdrew, leaving my sister-in-law in that state, “You can get dressed!I said. (So that he can beg for himself when he wants to fuck).

When my wife came home in the evening, my sister-in-law put on the dress we had just bought, we showed it to my wife. My wife liked it very much, she said she wanted the same for herself. And I didn’t tell him that we bought it too, and then to surprise him, he said, “No, let’s get another model!I said. That night, my sister-in-law showed me her pussy in different positions with her new dress at every opportunity that her sister didn’t see, when her sister passed into the kitchen, she pulled up her skirt and opened her pussy with her hand, she turned me on thoroughly. I went to bed that night without being able to do anything to my sister-in-law, but my wife and I fucked until morning. And what a fuck! My wife said, “What happened to you like this tonight, or did my sister turn you on? Look at me, Serdar, you didn’t do anything to my sister, did you?” said. And I said, “Love, wife, don’t you have confidence in me?I said. “I trust, but still, you can’t tell! My sister is very Sexy in that dress!” said. So I made my surprise and gave my wife the dress I bought and her underwear. My wife was very pleased and immediately put on what I bought. My wife was also very Sexy. That night, I fucked my wife once while she was in her (open part of the pussy) underwear.

The strategy I applied to my sister-in-law was beginning to show its effect. My sister-in-law gives me freaks every day now, but I wasn’t from there. I was sitting at home one day when my wife was at work and I was on vacation. My sister-in-law came to me, “Brother-in-law, has something happened to you?” said. I was like, “What about me?I said. Sister-in-law also said, “The first day you almost fucked me in this dress, now don’t click! Does my sister make you too tired in bed, or does yours not get up anymore?” said. Laughing, he said, “What, sister-in-law, did you suddenly get a dick? Remember when I was your brother-in-law, remember?I said. “I haven’t forgotten, Uncle, and I can’t take it anymore!” so he sat on my lap and started groping my dick. “Stop, girl, don’t turn me on, your sister will kill me, damn it!I said. But my sister-in-law firmly grabbed my balls and said in my ear, “Don’t you want to be the husband of both of us, brother-in-law? Fuck me like you fucked my sister!” said. “Will you, girl? I’ll fuck him to fuck him, you’re a virgin, what happens next?I said.

The sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, my age is 41, who will take me and cause trouble after that? Ask me about the agony of not being fucked until now! I can’t take it anymore, I want you to fuck me!” he continued to play with my dick, saying. As I was doing naz, my sister-in-law was getting very horny. Standing up, she gathered her skirt up to her waist, she was wearing the underwear I had bought (with the part of the pussy open) again. Lifting one of her legs and putting her foot on the seat, showing me her pussy, which she had obviously just shaved, from the open part of the panties, she was opening the inside of her pussy, fingering and officially begging me to fuck. I had already achieved my goal, and my dick had become like a stake. I immediately got up from the sofa, sat our honey in my place, and I got down on the carpet on the floor, on my knees between her legs, and started licking Dec’s pussy. I was also grabbing and squeezing her breasts with one hand. Sister-in-law closed her eyes, waiting for what would happen now…

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