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As a woman who likes to go on vacation alone, I arranged a vacation alone in a modest hotel last summer and went with a small suitcase. I’m already working very hard and I have a very busy job in Istanbul, so on vacation I just read books, swim in the pool and sunbathe in the sea, and in the evening I rest in the room and sleep. I really like my relaxing holidays like this. I thought the same thing for a four-day hotel reservation, but on the contrary, it was the craziest holiday of my life. Let me tell you a little about myself, I’m 34 years old, I’ve had a few boyfriends, I’ve had sex with them. Frankly, I have never been such a sexually addicted woman in my life, nor have I had a crazy life. I live alone, if I have a lover, I have sex with him, and as I said, I am not very fond of him.

I went to the hotel, settled in and took my book and went down to the poolside. I noticed a man looking at me by the pool, but I couldn’t be sure because when I looked up, the room was reading a book. Anyway, I went to the hotel’s dining room to eat my dinner and while I was eating, someone asked if I could sit down, when I lifted my head, I realized that it was that man, I wouldn’t accept it at first, but later on I thought he would be my friend on vacation. Obviously, he was a handsome man, of course, I said. He sat down, we chatted a little, we talked about the weather, the room was living in Istanbul and he had come to this hotel to rest his head. Frankly, it gave me good energy and thanked me and went to my room.

The next day, I went down to the pool again and he came to me in the pool, we chatted a little there and started drinking a little. When I start drinking from the daytime, I’m not used to it anyway and it hit me. It was evening and I was blindly drunk, but I knew what I was doing, frankly, I had a desire to do something crazy, I got a lot of good energy from the man, we laughed a lot, we had a lot of fun, why not make my vacation even more fun and sleep with these guys?
After pulling their heads off, I leaned into his ear and said let’s go to my room. He was very excited, he took my hand and immediately took me to the room and kissed my lips and laid me on the bed. I was very drunk, I couldn’t stand up, it was my job for him to fuck me there and he came into me suddenly, we had a nice sex, it came out in a few minutes.

It was empty very early, but I enjoyed it, I was already very drunk, I lay in the room next to me and it was morning. When I got up in the morning, I saw him next to me and I remembered the night we had, I had a good night, I wouldn’t regret it. I woke him up, kissed his lips, we took a shower together and we did another post in the shower. He said he wanted to come in behind me, that is, to have anal sex, but I refused because I had never done it before. Anyway, we went down to breakfast and started hanging out like lovers. He was always kissing me by the pool and saying he wanted to be inside me. We went back to the room and sent another mail in the room. I was having sex all the time in the hotel where I came to rest my head. Frankly, I liked it a lot because I was having an orgasm and the man was good except for the first sex, and we were both drunk. He was making me happy, he was giving me oral sex all the time, making me feel good. Anyway, I think we made love like 15 times during our four-day vacation and it was very good for me.

I came back to Istanbul and he kept calling me in Istanbul, he was constantly coming to my house and was banging me regularly, he even wanted to be a girlfriend but I didn’t want to. Because I was working very hard and I couldn’t spare time for something like this. Later one day he told me that it was a nice party and that he wanted to go together. I did not accept, but he insisted that I would have a great time, I should trust him, I couldn’t stand his insistence afterwards and I accepted. He told me to dress sexy, so I wore a mini skirt, high heels and a blouse with a low-cut bust, revealing my whole body, frankly, I felt like a prostitute, but if he had such a desire, then he knew something.

Then we went to a house and there were six people in total with me. three women and three men were dancing and it was a very different atmosphere because the women were all dressed very openly and were looking at each other, nice sexy music was playing. Everyone had glasses. My man leaned over my ear and said we’re going to have group sex, welcome to the swinger party. All of a sudden I wanted to leave the place, but I had to go through such a frenzy because it was something I was curious about, and I continued to stay there. Although I was very excited, I said okay with cool attitudes, I was shaking and I didn’t know if I could have sex with two men or with a woman. I’ve never had such an experience before, and I’ve never even had anal sex. How would I react if they wanted to toast me?

Incest stories Later in the night, after everyone started to get tipsy, a woman came to me and started kissing my lips, I didn’t know how to react, but the woman was very beautiful, I was going to have my first bisexual relationship. The woman then made me lie down on the couch, everyone else was staring at us, and took off the socks. He started to lick my vagina, he really knew the job very well, it was giving me pleasure as no man has ever given me pleasure. I also liked that other people were watching us. Later, a man came to me and the room started to fuck me while the woman was kissing my lips. The man I met on vacation, on the other hand, was content only with watching us, he had absolutely no intention of coming to me. He was sipping his drink while watching me like that.

Everyone at the party was taking care of me, I became the princess of the place, then another man came to me, two men and a woman in total were only interested in me and they took me among them. One of them fucked my vagina while the other started to fuck me anal. I was hurting terribly, on the other hand, I was enjoying it very much. It was the first time I was having anal sex, but I asked him to apply cream, he applied what I said and slowly entered me. I was toasting between two men and a woman was kissing my breasts and licking my lips. I had never experienced such pleasure before and in a very short time I had a shivering orgasm.

Everyone else was watching me like watching a porn movie. A guy I never knew had fucked my butt before the guy on vacation got it. After they had a very violent orgasm, I expected them to have an orgasm too, I had to respect them, after all, they gave me good times. He ejaculated on my hips and his belly in front of me. Then I got dressed and left without anyone saying anything. What have I done, yes, I enjoyed it very much, but I regretted it a lot. I never participated again, but I never forgot the taste.

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