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Hello everyone. I will tell you an incident that I lived in Izmir. My name is Selin, I work as a psychiatrist in Izmir. I am 30 years old and lost my wife in the first years of my marriage. I would like to tell you what happened between me and a patient of mine. Murat, who has been receiving regular treatment for 3 weeks, was getting support from me about work stress. Our sessions were conversational and fun. But sometimes talking outside of treatment had a profound effect on me. I was watching and desiring him on the sofa he was lying on.

After a while, the conversation between us went beyond the treatment and we started to get closer. I went next to Murat Bey on the sofa and while I was just looking at him and talking, my hand suddenly gave a fuck. After a short period of surprise, I got on top of him and we started making love. I was so excited. He was in front of me with his big dick out. This time I lay on the sofa, took my legs on my shoulders and started to fuck. I knew I looked attractive because I wore black-rimmed glasses, and I was moaning as he inserted it. It was my first time to experience something like this and it was very enjoyable. My craving for dicks was over. After a hard fuck, Murat took his dick out and ejaculated all over my face. We were out of breath. Now I have changed the treatment method for Murat and I have halved the fee.

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