Last summer, I agreed to meet my girlfriend in a bar in
Taksim. I ordered myself a whiskey and waited. 10
minutes later my phone rang. It was my girlfriend who called and she
said she couldn’t come because she had a very important job. I was so angry, I
finished my drink in one gulp and stood up to pay the bill.
That’s when I realized someone was touching my back. When I turned my back,
I saw that she was a 35-year-old woman who was attractive but not beautiful. “What’s wrong, you’re handsome, you
have an angry mood,” he said. And I said, “Yes, I am very angry, but
what about that to you?” “Looks like the girl you’re waiting for won’t come, you can accompany me if you want,
” he said. i actually loved my girlfriend and cheating on her
It hadn’t even crossed my mind, but my anger had to go away somehow
. “Of course why not” I said. her name was ayten. He was wearing a black
bodysuit and jeans underneath. Even though it wasn’t much, her
make-up was easily visible. Later on, our conversation deepened
and we even asked about each other’s private lives. He said that he had just separated from his wife and that when he was bored , it was comforting to
come to the bar and have a drink .
Apparently this woman was wanted and
I was the lucky one tonight. When the clock approaches 12, “Shall we get up now?”
I said. When he said “okay, we’ll continue at my house”, I
understood for sure how little he was. His car was a latest model BMW.
When I saw it, I imagined how beautiful your house would be. He
had a duplex house in Levent. It was tastefully decorated. We walked in and
continued our drinks. The clock was ticking and I was getting impatient
. I snuggle next to him and put my hand on his jeans.
He looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t be in such a hurry, I want to enjoy
it”. I left everything under his control. He suddenly
went inside and came back a few minutes later. She was wearing a short nightgown, and
under the nightgown, she wore black underwear,
lace stockings reaching up to her knees, and a black bra. I couldn’t understand why he was wearing them
actually, but I really liked this view. pantyhose
could only do so much for a human being. I
had just discovered those magnificent
pillars because the beauty of her legs cannot be seen under her jeans . I went over to him and took him in my arms and
asked him where his bedroom was. The bedroom was huge and perfectly furnished.
A huge bed in the middle , huge mirrors around it, elegant colors and that
enchanting scent… one could make love there for days non-stop.

I placed her on the bed and sat at her feet.
I was touching and stroking every part of her feet and legs, starting from her toes, while
watching Ayten’s facial expression. I had no intention of taking off your socks
because I liked that too. there was a full
female in front of me and she was waiting to be mine. especially those breasts.. they were not excessively large,
but I have never seen such a shapely breast in my life.
Despite his advanced age , they stood upright. I started sniffing them over her bra
and licking the edges. it felt like she was about to go crazy underneath me
… but I had to take her bra off because it was blocking me
. Then I started kneading her breasts lightly. how nice is that
That was the feeling.. then suddenly my lips touched his.. it was
sucking me like a suction cup and I was short of breath.
I think we kissed non-stop for about 15 minutes . then he said it was his
turn and undressed me slowly and carelessly. I had nothing left on me and my tool
was already upright. I was standing and he sat on the edge of the bed and
took my dick in his mouth. I was going back and forth like a tight pussy
. the occasional bites seemed to
harden my dick. I realized I couldn’t take it anymore and
I started squirting all over his face out of his mouth.
but he had no intention of missing even a drop of my sperm . put what he couldn’t catch in his mouth with his hand
He was taking it, but he couldn’t stop. He
started licking my body after swallowing his mouth . He was
using his tongue deftly, without missing any detail, as if to say “I lick better than you” . Then our
lips met again and after a long and passionate kissing
session, it was my turn again
. I was slowly
descending. When I came to her panties, I could feel her smell.
I started to press lightly on her panties with my hand . and it had probably
been emptied several times by then. because it was impossible not to feel the wetness.
I was now very curious about the treasure inside. i wear your underwear
It was as if he was squirming under me as I slowly pulled him out. The only sound he
made was hysterical whispers. It was as if he had shaved his peach for me. He looked
so beautiful and sweet that I could
lick him all morning.
I was trying to feel its wetness with my tongue while licking its folds one by one . I got it all soaked up to the back hole
. I thought it was getting better now. my tool was already old
. Ayten also started to beg now, come on.
I started rubbing his head against his cunt’s lips and slowly took my place.
I wouldn’t have believed that a woman her age had such a tight pussy.
It was as if he was grasping my dick and didn’t want to let it go. this is even my girlfriend
It wasn’t that narrow. we had such a good pace that we were both full of
pleasure. You had a little more
time for the second post since I just got off. I said let’s continue in the all fours position. He immediately
accepted. I wanted that position because the view would be better from there
. My dick was making its way to the bottom as my fingers pressed against the doors of her ass
. now his ass was starting to open. I took my dick out and put it on his
back. He looked at me innocently. It was as if he didn’t want to,
but now the arrow was out of the bow.
He grit his teeth as he slowly entered her ass, but he didn’t resist. I was just fucking this sex machine
under me in all its holes. Don’t forget to mix your cunt from the bottom
I wasn’t, I was running my fingers over her soggy cunt. We were both
nearing the end. After a few in and out,
I started squirting all the way down her ass. he was twitching at the same time. He must have been waiting for me
to ejaculate. We were out of strength now and without getting out of her ass,
I just hugged her breasts from behind and collapsed on her. When she
woke me up in the morning, she said she had a surprise after breakfast.
I was looking forward to it. he pulled me into the bathroom and
showed me how he had turned the jacuzzi into a bubble bath. It didn’t take long for her to be naked
. He robbed me completely and we got in the water. He took my tool in his hand and
started stroking it and it was as if he played games until I made it upright. later
“Come on, this time,” he said from behind first. I suddenly shoved my already
slippery dick into her ass.
We had a very beautiful melody in the water . He was throwing his head
back as I hit him. I was not neglecting to get out of his ass and cunt once in a while
. After doing a few posts like this, I was now very tired.
Then she cleaned me up nicely and we went out to eat lunch.
After that, we agreed on the next time and left.

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